Puerto Rican Bad Bunny entered the world music scene about two years ago, after recording his own songs and rising to fame with a collaboration with Arcangel. It should be made clear that Bad Bunny has undoubtedly been the greatest exponent of Trap in Latin America, and surely, in all Spanish-speaking countries, from which endless Bad Bunny phrases come out , each one better.

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30 phrases of Bad Bunny for history
As he himself relates, his name comes from a costume that he had to wear to school when he was younger. This name that may seem so childish and innocent, is among the 50 most listened to artists in the world, with hits that have managed to get more than 20 million views in less than two weeks.
Trap is a musical style that mixes many different subgenres within it, and from here comes the great variety of styles that we see and hear when we listen to the South American’s discography. Apart from the musical style, the lyrics stand out in many of them, most of them written by Bad Bunny himself, who, as we are going to see in Bad Bunny’s best 30 phrases, is quite a poet.

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30. And the tree is planted, the flower returns and grows, we are the star that shines, even if we are without light for six months. (My Puerto Rico)
Recalling his homeland with his songs, this phrase by Bad Bunny tells us about the love towards one’s roots. 29. I swear I felt dirty when I touched another. I don’t even know why. She was the one who came to me, I didn’t provoke her. (Sixth sense)
In this phrase by Bad Bunny we see how the singer explains his feelings to his love. 28. I’m not for love for months. I’m not for fights or stupidities. Find someone else to kiss you, none of those bastards looks like me. (I’m worse)
You’ll never find anyone better.27. I am not affiliated with the street, but I have the benefit of having them killed and not having to go to trial. (Freestyle)
In its Hip-Hop aspect, this Bad Bunny phrase reminds us of rap . 26. Go down the hill, I’m with the orchestra, bastards the basket, I’m never down in the bets. (You don’t live like this)
As Bad Bunny makes clear in this phrase, he never loses. 25. If you want to leave I will understand, you have a thousand reasons not to return. It scares me not to see you again, but it’s what I deserve for being unfaithful. (Sixth sense)
In this phrase by Bad Bunny, he himself understands his mistakes. 24. Last night I slept with another, woke up in another bed without clothes. Sex and drugs, a crazy night, your sixth sense is not wrong. (Sixth Sense)
He feels guilty. 23. Time passes and I still don’t get the shot. Money is the only thing that inspires me. I don’t look over my shoulder at anyone. I don’t even look at them. (Freestyle)
When you are the best and you know it, as this phrase by Bad Bunny makes clear . 22. Everyone wants to try you, what they don’t know is that you don’t get carried away by anyone, and everyone wants to try you, what they don’t know is that today I’m going to look for you. (Mia)
One of Bad Bunny’s best phrases, making his superiority clear. 21. Follow your path that without you I’m doing better. Now I have others who do it better for me. If before I was a son of a bitch, now I’m worse. Now I’m worse for you. (I’m worse)
Similar to the mythical “I wish I had never met you”.

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20. They tell me to be careful with what I write, when I die I don’t know if I’m going down or up. (I don’t give a damn)
This phrase by Bad Bunny rules out that he cares about other people’s thoughts . 19. You want an old man, are you sure?
I promise you a million adventures and in bed you last what he doesn’t last. (Older)

Why do you want an old 18? I want you to feel like I feel. I want to be like you, without feelings. I would like to get you out of my thoughts. I would like to change the ending to the story. (Amorfoda)
One of the artist’s most sentimental songs. 17. I don’t understand why we’re just panas, if we have too much desire to do more than eight poses in bed. (One Night Lovers)
Existential doubts of the artist. 16. Baby, obviously you’re not the first, but you’re the real one. With which I mix love and mischief, with which I spend what is generated. (Pa’ ti)
In this sentence by Bad Bunny he explains that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. 15. Another platform that I climbed with a lump in my throat. They say that God doesn’t send tests if one can’t stand it. That’s why I know that Puerto Rico rises from this. (My Puerto Rico)
Another sign of her love for her country , as we see in Bad Bunny’s phrase . 14. I don’t want anyone else to talk to me about love. I’m tired, all those tricks I already know. (Amorfoda)
We return to one of the most sentimental and out of style songs of the artist, which has captivated many.13. I don’t know if you’re going to love me tomorrow or if after today you’re going to lose yourself. (Sensuality)
Do I mean something to you 12. I’m not old but I have the account as one, if you want to bed I’ll bring you breakfast. Like me none, a gentleman with twenty-one. (Older)
Making his virtues clear, Bad Bunny stands out from the competition. 11. They imagine what you have already seen, envious because I undress you. They write to me and I leave them in seen, for you I resist temptations. (For you)
You are the best of all flowers, as one of Bad Bunny’s most spectacular phrases makes clear .10. Baby, I know I have a bad reputation, but bad things call you. You are the one you choose, Cancun or The Bahamas. If you want France, then we end up in Punta Cana. (Dance me)
Let’s go wherever you want, I’ll give you everything. 9. I have the power to divide the fifty states. Relive Saddam and carry out four attacks. Build the towers, knock them down again. Revive Pablo, let’s traffic. (Biggie’s T-shirt)
I am god. 8. Nobody is going to recognize your face anymore, it’s not having the town, bastard, it’s moving it. You hate my life but it’s because you want to have it. Because we live cool, we live well, because there are plenty of bottles and hundred-dollar bills. (Chambea)
Envy eats you up inside. 7. I am afraid of dying and being reborn, and that you are not there. (Returns)Life without you is not life . 6. I know that you want to and you haven’t dared, what if they kiss and touch me in what I guide. (Fantasia)
Bad Bunny recounts in this phrase how he plays Celestina. 5. She is crazy with marijuana and codeine, she gets wild and climbs on top of me. She has everything that dominates me. (Crazy)
Don’t take drugs guys. 4. I will be a millionaire before thirty and that is agreed. A deceased person who is connected to me told me. (Biggie’s T-shirt)
Not only is my present bright, so is my future . 3. If you don’t want to be with me full time, you tell me and I respect that. He calls me whenever he wants and I’ll put it in for you. (Last time)
Let’s be friends with benefits.2. I swear to you that I am faithful, my past is already a thing of yesterday. It’s not going to be a honeymoon all the time, but all I buy you is Gucci or Chanel. (
For you) I’ll do whatever it takes for you, explains this phrase by Bad Bunny. 1. Last night I slept with another, your sixth sense is not wrong. He always catches me when I lie to him. It wasn’t intentional, baby I’m sorry. (Sixth sense) Adultery does not imply a lack of love but of respect . Bad Bunny in this sentence apologizes for it.

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