Those who grew up in the nineties cannot fail to have taken the test at least once: “What Spice Girl are you?” in some magazine. Yes, their importance was so great that they created fashions and destroyed them in a very short time. The Spice Girls have marked the youth of many of us and they don’t seem to be missing a beat.

And a few days ago, in fact, the news of their possible reunion (the second after what seemed to be the definitive one in 2007 and the brief appearance at the London Olympics). In fact, in 2018 it seems that the group wants to restart with a new album and some parallel projects , including TV.

A few hours after the announcement, however , Victoria Beckham made it known that she will not participate , due to the many commitments related to her new career in fashion. The Spice Girls then find themselves again in four and not in the original formation. Not bad for the fans, who have been hoping for an almost definitive return for years.

It must be said that a lot has changed since Spice invaded the world of music, five very English girls and their nicknames: Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Posh have changed the way we perceive style and cleared girl power. !

Mel C.

Melanie Chisholm was perhaps one of the most gifted singers within the group. Her solo album has achieved excellent results and her career has seen important collaborations such as the one with Bryan Adams. Melanie C’s debut album “Northern Star” was a 4 million copies hit worldwide. In the Spice Girls she was also known as “Sporty Spice” due to her love of sports and athletic physique . Here is how she was … and how she is today!

Mel B

Melanie Brown is perhaps one of the best known television personalities even today. In the Spice Girls she was known as “Scary Spice” due to her exuberant personality. Mel B’s solo career has materialized in a relatively successful piece: “I want you back”, but it is on TV that Mel B has found its true consecration. He has taken part in America’s Got Talent, X Factor and many other music and dance related programs . Melanie Brown has three daughters, one with actor Eddie Murphy.


Bitter tears welled from the eyes of the group’s fans when, in 1998, Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls for good . After a period of pause, Geri returned to music and immediately obtained a huge success, thanks to the first album “Schizophonic” which contained hits like “Mi chico latino”, “Look at me” and “Lift me up”. Today Geri Halliwell, known as “Ginger Spice” has released the fourth album after a long hiatus and the single “Angels in chains” dedicated to the memory of George Michael .


Emma Bunton , known as “Baby Spice” represented the angelic part of the group. Much loved, especially by her very young girls, her clothes were always in line with her character. After the creation of three albums, with a pop and dance style and some experiences on TV and in the theater, today Emma is a radio speaker and conducts programs for various channels, always with a musical theme or dedicated to dance. Here’s what it was like with the Spice Girls and what it looks like today!

Victoria Adams

Today known as Victoria Beckham , the most “stylish” of the group has become a fashion icon. She is not only the muse of several designers, but she has founded a brand that is now distributed all over the world and appears on the most important catwalks . Victoria has always maintained a more daring style over time, but recently she has been able to completely change her appearance and dare with a contemporary and urban chic style.