For all those who are looking for a graphics card but do not have or want to invest too much budget in acquiring a new one , we have compiled a list of the best graphics cards for PCs on the market for less than €100.
There are quite a few options that we find for a limited budget, however, not all of them meet the minimum requirements to ensure a good experience when we play on the computer.

The requirements that the graphics must have
For the type of graphics in this price range, what we ask is that it offers us a good multimedia experience, since these have not been specifically designed to play video games and cannot offer us superior gameplay.
The graphics cards that make up the following list have a good capacity to play light games , for example popular F2P games, old games and indie games or those that have few resources. Thus, it must be taken into account that the following graphics cards will work well with this type of titles.
This type of graphics is usually of interest to PC gamers who have old computers and equipment that do not provide them with sufficient and good performance to play other video games that require more graphic resources. They are also a claim for small entertainment stations.
Thus, the graphics of this price range are usually of a poor profile in capabilities and that are designed to play titles that do not require too many resources or that are already a few years old.

List with the best graphics cards
Below we detail a list with the best graphics cards that we can buy for less than €100 and all their characteristics and technical details , as well as their strong or weak points.
RadeonRX550 | AMD

1. Radeon RX 550
The Radeon RX 550 is considered the highest quality graphics card that we find in a maximum range of €100. Its specifications are:

  • Nuclei: 1,408
  • Base/Turbo Clock: 1,530 – 1,785MHz
  • Memory: 6GB GDDR5
  • Bandwidth: 192GB/s
  • Consumption: 120W
  • GFLOPS: 5.027

Certainly, graphics cards for less than €100 on the market are quite scarce and the products offered to us are very limited. However, among all the existing products, AMD’s Radeon RX 550 is the one that offers the best performance and capacity.
This graphics card was released in 2017 and is a relaunch of the RX 450, to which a little more extra power has been added. Although it still has the same amount of VRAM, a scant 2GB; and the same consumption, this graphics card can give a good performance at 1080p, with medium and low qualities in even current games . It is designed for modest equipment or with a few years old.
Vega 8 | AMD

2. Vega 8 (Ryzen 3 2200G integrated GPU)
The Vega 8 is a GPU that is built into the Ryzen 3 2200G . For those who do not have too many demands, it is a good option. Its specifications are:

  • Cores: 512
  • Base/Turbo Clock: 512 – 1,100MHz
  • Memory: Shared with the system
  • Consumption: 65W
  • GFLOPS: 1.126

This graphics card is integrated into the R3 2200G processor, with 8 cores that are based on AMD’s Vega architecture. They have been designed to be able to provide an integrated solution superior to those we can find to date . Although it does not have dedicated memory, using a part of that available for the processor; and its power is limited, the 8 Vega cores of the R3 2200G support light games in 720p or 1080p resolutions, and offer low quality in more or less new titles.
GT1030 | Nvidia

3. GT 1030
This is the cheapest and most affordable graphics card from Nvidia that is still a good option for those who are not very demanding. Its specifications are:

  • Nuclei: 384
  • Base/Turbo Clock: 1,530 – 1,785MHz
  • Memoria: 2GB GDDR5
  • Bandwidth: 48GB/s
  • Consumption: 30W
  • GFLOPS: 1.127

The GT 1030 graphics card was launched in 2016 and since then it has given a lot to talk about in the low-end of this type of product. The reason is its incredible power for a graph of this category and with these characteristics. It replaces the company’s previous GT 730, which hadn’t released a card since 2014.
However, this graphics card recently underwent a remake with slower DDR4 memory, instead of GDDR5, which severely limited graphics performance. the GT 1030. However, luckily the manufacturers decided to differentiate the two models and nowadays it is quite easy to find the GT 1030 graphics card with GDDR5 memory for less than €100, which makes it possible to include it in this list.

Final conclusion of the analyzed cards
Of all the graphics cards for less than €100 that have been exposed in this article, we have to emphasize that the Radeon RX 550 is the one that offers the most power, and the one that has the most capacity to cover more games . recent with greater ease and ease than the rest of the options analyzed.
It should also be noted about the GT 1030 the great difference between the original model, with GDDR5 memory, and the newer one with DDR4, so it is important to keep in mind that we will obtain much better results with the original than with the newer one.
If we decide to choose the Vega 8, with R3 2200G, we must know that the Vega 11 version with R5 2400G presents a much better result .However, its price already exceeds €100.

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