Did you think that Kit Harington was finished ?
Well no, here comes one of the most anticipated films of the beloved actor of the television fiction of ‘Game of Thrones’. A murky drama about the world of entertainment and about the dreams we pursue and how hard it can be to achieve them and what we end up becoming once we have achieved them. With all of you, one of the most anticipated movies of last year: here is the trailer for ‘The Life and Death of John F. Donovan’.

What is the new Dolan about?
The film deals with an eleven-year-old boy who is admitted to a schoolmasculine, in which he is the victim of the rest of the children in the class, laughing at him and harassing him for being the weak link. The only person in the world in which the little one can take refuge is in his favorite actor, John F. Donovan, whom he idolizes and with whom he initiates a correspondence that will shake the actor’s already more than damaged career.
We will verify that this child is already a young adult who is telling this story to a reporter who wants to know the story about his correspondence with John F. Donovan, and the reason for the controversy that arose at the time, because his mother (Natlie Portman) also forbade her to have contact with him again, despite the fact that the actor had ended up responding to her letters.
Kit Harington stars in ‘The Life and Death of John F. Donovan’ (2018) | IMDB
Many are the critics and reviews that speak of the character of John F. Donovan (Kit Harington) as an alter ego of the director, Xavier Dolan (‘Mommy’), and that one of the problems of the film is precisely this: the self-justifications that the Canadian enfant terrible looks for when his characters act in one way or another.
This editor does not see it that way, although from a trailer one cannot say much more about it, one would have to watch the film in its entirety to be able to understand to what extent the author portrays himself or where the fiction begins. In this case, I consider that this is John F. Donovan, and taking into account his admission to a detoxification center a few months ago,it is more an alter ego of Harington himself (‘Pompeii’) than of Dolan.
The worldwide success of a fiction like ‘Game of Thrones’, which has placed it at the top of the wave in the world of fame and in the global entertainment industry, is not something that everyone is capable of dealing with; and in this fictional F. Donovan’s portrait, there is much of Harington.

The rest of the cast
He will be accompanied in this dramatic adventure in search of oneself, a cast of luxury interpreters: the winner of the Oscar, Natalie Portman (‘Song to song’), Susan Sarandon (‘Feud: Bette and Joan’) and Kathy Bates (‘A Question of Gender’), Jacob Tremblay (‘The Room’),(‘The King’s Speech’) and Thandie Newton (‘Westworld’).

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