We all have shoes, which have been preserved for years without ever being used.

But why not put them back to use and give a second chance to life to these shoes that have been bought with so much love?

Tips for a great renovation

In order to have a valid renewal of the shoes you have to keep in mind some important points otherwise the work that will be done will not lead to anything.

The points to be taken into consideration concern the technique to be used: the polishing wax.

The polishing wax does not:

  • it is enough to change the vision of an erroneous and crazy purchase;
  • it hides the signs of wear on the leather and the scratches that are present: you will need to use a pigmented cream ( shoe paint ) specific to the use to be made.

These dyes are also used to make the patinas.

The flag dye was used by all the most important shoe polishers in the world because it was the most valid dye: it was able to color shoes in a fantastic way and had a great ease of use.

Give your shoes a second life with simple DIY moves

To repaint your shoes yourself you need to follow some suitable steps that will make it fun too.

Let’s start to see what it takes:

  • great paint;
  • a brush;
  • an adhesive tape.

How to continue:

  • make sure that the areas that do not need to be redone are insulated with adhesive tape;
  • make sure it is fixed perfectly and straight to get a clean color line;
  • uniform layers must be applied for the color to be compact;
  • if the surface to be treated is large, go over the dye several times on the same area, for greater coverage;
  • paint in one direction only and do not fill the brush very much with color: in this way you will get a uniform coverage;
  • once the desired color has been reached, allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before using them.

Instructions for Use

Before having old, beautiful and renewed shoes, it is necessary to continue with some important phases so that you can get to have old shoes that have been renewed but fantastic.

There are three phases:

  • Cleaning : use an excellent product such as the ” Preparer & Degreaser ” which has been specially created to thoroughly clean both new and used shoes. The cleaner the surface of the shoe, the better the color fixes;
  • Coloring : choose the ” Angelus ” color according to taste and mix well before using it. Be patient and carry on with the work to obtain an excellent result;
  • Finishing and protection : after the last coat of color, finish the job with the ” Finisher ” that will keep the work done beautiful and make the shoe waterproof.

Some ideas for renovating old shoes

Now it is necessary to understand what ideas could be applied.

You can start, in addition to the restyling painting , even with simple embellishments such as applications of a crochet work , color suede shoes giving it a new look, or add beads on old espadrilles or pictorial decorations on leather shoes , even better to add details to completely “overturn” those old shoes that have been kept in the shoe cabinet for years.

To transform the decollete :

  • repaint black the much loved decollete to change the original color and add a red sole to transform them into the ” Louboutine “;
  • use the airbrush to draw pop art on the shoes. Airbrushing is a new art form to be used also for the renewal of shoes.

Renew the sneakers :

  • renovate and transform your sneakers with a pencil with eraser and paint. Dip the rubber in the color and dab the colors one at a time onto the shoes to create round polka dots. Make sure you clean the eraser every time you change color (or have lots of pencils for all the colors you want to use). If you need to repaint even a second or third time depending on the intensity of color you want to give (or because you can still see the old color of the canvas).

Creativity never puts limits on the imagination …

Where to buy paints?

To purchase the colors for shoes to use, contact the site: paintperpelle.it where you will find, in addition to many valid products, also many advice for purchase and use based on the type of leather.

Verniceperpelle.it ” represents the company “ Angelus ”: a fast and economical way to buy shoe paint . It is a wide range of high quality products – a quality brand for generations.

Furthermore, they have an important and solid knowledge of colors and products for the treatment of any type of leather and objects to be renewed: shoes, boots, jackets but also chairs and armchairs.

The “ Angelus ” colors are very valid and convince everyone because they are simple to use: water resistant with excellent grip.

What kind of leathers can these paints be used on?

They can be used on all types of leathers including suede ones.

It is known that suede leathers are not always easy to treat, especially if they are stained: the “Angelus” products are ideal for coloring suede shoes , they are the best solution on the market.

The suede color allows all suede articles to return to being shiny and with a uniform color.


Dedication and imagination are the basis of reuse and… why not apply it also to shoes and their renewal? They will “thank us” and be “happy” to return to a new life.