Valentine’s Day is upon us: what better occasion to celebrate together with our beloved or our beloved, perhaps with an unprecedented and unique gift , handmade by us? Here are 10  original ideas to pamper us on the day of lovers, 10 ideas for DIY creations that will give space to our creativity in an ecological, passionate and unique way, escaping from the idea of ​​an approved Valentine’s it is imposed and “spend as much as you can”. We will be the ones who will spend very little, undoubtedly being the most romantic and original!

10) The message in a bottle

What’s more romantic than a bottle with a love message for your loved one? Choose a nice bottle and write a message in the center of a sheet of plain printer paper. Then roll the sheet tightly and with a flame burn the ends of the paper cylinder. Finally, place the open sheet on top of the lit stove, far enough away for it to heat up without burning. Pass a candle over the paper and you will see that a very thin layer of wax will seal your words on the paper. Finally put the rolled message in the bottle and close it with a cork or decorate it with ribbons and flowers tied around the neck.

9) The tea of ​​love: personalized sachets!

Take the bags of her favorite tea and remove the original paper tabs . Then replace them with tabs made by you, in the shape of a circle, heart, flower, cat: cut out the shape you like best and maybe enrich it with its name, with a dedication of love or with a message of good morning or good night.

8) The clay molds

For a unique dedication, take a stick of clay in DIY stores and roll it out with a rolling pin, obtaining a thickness of about half a centimeter : cut it into a heart, oval, flower shape and engrave the message with an awl or toothpick. for your loved one. Finally bake it in the oven  and color it or decorate it.

7) Homemade chocolates

The procedure is very simple: melt his favorite chocolate in a bain-marie and enrich it with the flavors he / she likes: chopped almonds, pistachios, chopped hazelnuts, raisins, dried fig strips, chilli and so on and so forth! When the chocolate is melted, pour it into the heart-shaped silicone molds (or whatever you prefer) and you will get beautiful and good chocolates.

6) The CD holder with your photos and special songs

Starting from a normal CD holder (preferably with a photo window in which to insert your most beautiful photo), fill it with the CDs of your favorite songs  or the soundtracks of your travels or the most beautiful moments. Collect even the most romantic and exciting shots and put everything inside the CD holder with a dedication to your loved one.

5) Scented candles for a relaxing massage

For a hot and romantic Valentine’s Day, get the wicks and neutral wax in DIY stores, enriching it with warm and sensual scented essences. Create the candles in glass jars or small glasses and let them cool. For a truly crackling effect , accompany this simple gift with a card for an invitation to an evening of pampering and… passion!

4) DIY accessories for your bicycle

If your partner is a very active person and loves cycling, this is the right gift idea for you. Among the countless accessories you can create, the most beautiful is certainly the bag for cyclists : just start with a simple beauty case. Attach two or three Velcro strips on the beauty case in this way: fold the velcro strip in two and identify its central point, then sew it with a needle and thread to the beauty case in strategic points, or one or two on the side that you will attach to the barrel and one or two on the side that you will attach to the seat tube, that of the handlebar.

3) His special hand-decorated mug

For an always special good morning throughout the year, you can start by having a romantic breakfast found  on Valentine’s morning: take a simple white ceramic cup and ceramic markers to embellish it with a drawing or a message of love for him or her. .

2) A warm handmade cap

Very simple and always appreciated, a handmade knitted or knitted hat is what it takes to convey love and warmth on cold winter days . For those who are not a champion of knitting needles, you can work simply like a scarf and then join the edges once you have reached the length equal to the circumference of her beautiful head.

1) The do-it-yourself case for your pc, tablet or smartphone

The current technological design comes to meet us: all these tools are very flat and rectangular in shape and can be protected with a simple keepers , even padded, to be made in the fabrics we prefer. For larger iPads or tablets you can opt for jeans!