Diets and sporting activity are essential for losing weight, but those who do not have time (or desire) to work hard can opt for a valid alternative: even the choice of clothing  can help hide the extra pounds and appear more in shape than ever. Where to start?

To reshape the shapes with the right clothes , the ideal starting point is undoubtedly underwear, an essential element that is too often underestimated. Even the bra and the panties, in fact, can make you slimmer without too much effort, you just need to know how to choose the most suitable sizes and the right models.

To hide the “rolls”, it is therefore better to focus on the shaping effect underwear (or the ” modeling ” one, with the help of culottes for example), of which there are many variations on the market, both in specialized shops and in large chains of low cost clothing.

There are so many other ways to slim down with clothing! Let’s find out the  12 best tricks to look slimmer :

1) The fabrics

The choice of fabric is as important as the model of the dress. To look slimmer, fabrics that appear less smooth to the touch are particularly suitable. Before buying a garment, therefore, it is better to touch the product firsthand and favor fabrics such as crepe silk and linen, which help to create a slimming effect.

2) The colors

The colors are equally fundamental, as is the choice of the shades of the clothes. For those who want to hide the extra pounds and the slightly abundant shapes, it is always better to avoid white and light colors, which tend to get fat, preferring black and, in general, darker colors, such as dark emerald green. , blue, dark ruby ​​red, brown.

3) The fantasies

In some cases, using patterned clothes can help you look slimmer; but you have to be careful to use the right ones. As for the clothes, it is better to prefer lateral patterns, which follow the lines of the body. If you are using pants, avoid those that have shading or color changes on the thighs and calves. But above all, never forget: the eye follows the line ! To look slimmer, it is better to use garments with vertical lines that tend to lengthen and slim the figure ; horizontal lines on the contrary widen.

4) The folds

The creases, yes, but in the right place and when they are really needed. In fact, these wrinkles or additional decorations create thickness, giving more volume to the figure . That’s why, if you want to use them, you have to choose those that are not too bulky and know how to place them in the right areas. If you want to mask the abdomen, the ideal would be to use dresses with folds or drapes placed under the breast; but always be careful not to choose them too voluminous or curled.

5) The neckline

Like all the other elements listed so far, the neckline also plays its part in reshaping the woman’s body, streamlining the shapes. In the case of abundant breasts or extra pounds, it is better to prefer V-necklines or pronounced necklines on the back, but also those that produce a ” I see I do not see ” effect.

6) Belts and high waist

It is very important to know how to hide the “critical points” and highlight those in our favor. For this reason, opting for high-waisted dresses (such as skirts and jeans) or using belts can be an excellent idea for a slimming touch to our silhouette. In the slightly cooler periods of the year or on rainy days, a nice trench coat is just the thing for us.

7) The sleeves

To hide too big arms or with sagging skin, it is always advisable to avoid tight-fitting shirts and all those garments that excessively mark the shapes. The advice, if you want to hide any defects in the arms, is to opt for sweaters with three-quarter sleeves, which leave the wrists (one of the thinnest parts of our body) uncovered; alternatively, batwing sleeves .

8) The pants

Again, it is best to avoid models that are too tight . In fact, skinny pants are more uncomfortable to wear and difficult to remove, especially when there are a few extra pounds. Furthermore, these patterns are harmful to health as they cause water retention and intimate inflammation. The flared trousers are perfect , as they streamline the silhouette and shift the attention towards the lower part of the leg, and those in the palace.

9) The shoes

Shoes are able to slim the body if chosen with care or, on the contrary, accentuate its defects. To appear thinner, heels and wedges are the right choice, even if not always the most comfortable. Today, however, with plateaus it becomes much easier to look slender without losing your ankles!

10) Yes to the heel, but some reservations

It is true that heels can make us slim but, be careful, not all shapes or models are right for us. For example, we avoid those that have the strap around the ankle because they soften the line of the leg. Prefer a simple decollete, perhaps flesh-colored that lengthen the legs to no end.

11) The physicist

Each body is different and each woman has her own . Before following advice to the letter, you need to study your body and understand what it needs, what its critical points are and which ones to enhance. If, for example, you have nice legs but a little thick waist, an idea could be a nice high-waisted skirt, which reaches above the knee. Covering up defects as much as possible often has the opposite effect: accentuating them even more. The secret is not the baggy sweater or the big jumpsuit; it’s just a matter of understanding your body and what clothing is really suitable for it.

12) The trick

Allow me this play on words: the trick is also in… Trick ! Yes, because maybe we may not have a supermodel body but maybe Mother Nature has endowed us with plump and seductive lips or deep and doe eyes . Therefore, it is enough to focus on the eyes or a beautiful color of lipstick to be gorgeous.