The models made in Venezuela have in fact won the title of Miss Universe 7 times in their history , and compete for the primacy together with the American models (who lead the ranking with 8 victories) and the Puerto Rican ones who follow with 5.

In this post we will see some of the most famous and beautiful Venezuelan models, some of which parade on the catwalks around the world or take part in the entertainment world. 

Aida Yespica

Aida Maria Yespica Jaime , simply  Aida Yespica , is a Venezuelan model born in Barquisimeto on July 15, 1982. We all know her here in Italy because it is here that she participates in various television programs, as well as being testimonials for different brands, only in fashion but also in beauty and makeup.

Today he regularly participates in the television world, not only in Italy but also in Spain and the USA. She finally appeared in some calendars, especially those of Maxim, GQ and Fox.

Valerio79 derivate work autor Veronidae, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Diana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza is a Venezuelan model born in Caracas on July 29, 1986 and made famous for having won the Miss Venezuela 2008 national competition in the same year, to which is added the victory of the Miss Universe title held for the occasion in Nha Trang, in Vietnam, in front of Miss Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Over the years she has participated in some television programs, some of which are dedicated to the world of fashion, and is represented by major fashion agencies.

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Stefania Fernandez

Stefania Fernandez as the colleague who preceded her, and became famous for having participated and won in the same year Miss Venezuela 2009 and Miss Universe 2009, crowned by Dayana Mendoza. That edition went down in history as the only time where two models from the same country won two consecutive editions of the beauty contest. The beauty of this Venezuelan model lies in the mix between Mediterranean and South American beauty (her father’s family has Spanish origins) with that of the East (her mother’s family instead comes from Ukraine and Poland). In the same year Stefania Fernandez also won the titles of “Miss Elegance”, “Best body” and “Best face”.

Earth Infrastructure, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Maria Gabriela Isler

Maria Gabriela Isler was born in Valencia, a Venezuelan city, on March 21, 1988, and was the last Venezuelan model to win the Miss Universe contest in 2013. In fact, since then no other local model has managed to win the coveted prize .

In her modeling career, Maria Gabriela also appeared as the star of a Yamamay campaign dedicated to swimwear in 2014.

Francisco Javier Touceiro Rodriguez, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thalia Olvino

Thalia Olvino is the last Miss Venezuela , crowned in August 2019. She also participated in the edition of Miss Universe 2019, where despite failing to win, she was placed among the top 20 in the world. Which is no small feat.

Born in 1999, Thalia is one of the leading Venezuelan models today, but not only: she studies Management and Administrative Sciences and is a professional swimmer, practicing synchronized swimming.

Source: AFP photo

Isabella Rodriguez

Isabella Rodriguez is a Venezuelan model born in 1993 and , like her other colleagues, has in common the fact that she won the edition of Miss Venezuela in 2018. She also participated in Miss World in the same year.

In her life, Isabella studied Industrial Security at the Antonio Jose de Sucre University Institute of Technology in Caracas. So not only beauty but also a great desire to learn and turn from a professional point of view.

Other famous Venezuelan models

Below we show you the other famous Venezuelan models, in alphabetical order.


Niurka Acevedo
Consuelo Adler
Tiffany Andrade Roche
Marlene de Andrade
Ana Karina Anez
Sara Angelini
Gioia Arismendi
Aymar Aristiguieta
Goizeder Azua


Norkys Batista
Chantal Baudaux Dayana
Jennipher Bortolas
Natascha Brandt
Alexandra Braun


Maria Lourdes Caldera
Goddess Canales
Genesis Carmona
Susan Carrizo
Migbelis Castellanos
Andreina Castro
Ana Cepinska
Charyl Chacon
Polar Girls
Gabriela Concepcion
Diana Croce


Wanda D’Isidoro
Dayana Garroz
Jessica de Abreu
Christina Dieckmann
Hildaly Dominguez
Natasha Dominguez
Susana Duijm


Gaby Espino


Gabriela Fernandez
Gabriella Ferrari
Valentina Figuera
Maria Luisa Flores


Anyela Galante
Paola Galue
Barbara Garofalo
Sheyene Gerardi
Flavia Gleske
Andreina Gomes
Sthefany Gutierrez
Federica Guzman


Mariam Habach
Alyz Henrich
Ligia Hernandez


Carolina Izsak


Mariana Jimenez
Melissa Jimenez
Ly Jonaitis


Daniela Kosan


Claudia La Gatta
Jeinny Lizarazo
Veruska Ljubisavljevic
Maria de Luz Da Silva


Marjorie Magri
Jossie Nikita Marques Spear
Rosmeri Marval
Debora Menicucci
Alexandra Mey
Andrea Milroy
Yuvanna Montalvo
Daniela Morales
Keidy Moreno


Daniela Navarro
Nathaly Navas


Desiree Ortiz


Monica Pasqualotto
Valentina Patruno
Adahisa Pena
Vanessa Peretti
Ligia Petit
Emmarys Pinto
Rosangelica Piscitelli


Hannelly Quintero


Veruska Ramirez
Ivonne Reyes
Karina Rivero
Carla Rodrigues
Isabella Rodriguez
Thalia Olvino
Laksmi Rodriguez
Sheryl Rubio
Mariangel Ruiz


Maritza Sayalero
Veronica Schneider
Corina Smith
Alix Sosa
Karen Soto
Marjorie de Sousa
Monica Spear
Ainett Stephens
Claudia Suarez
Vanessa Suarez
Francys Sudnicka


Carolina Tejera


Ana Carolina Ugarte


Ivanna Vale
Dominika van Santen
Adriana Vasini
Patricia Velasquez
Mariem Velazco
Susej Vera
Gabriela Vergara
Osmariel Villalobos
Jictzad Vina


Patricia Zavala