One of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the last century is found in Osho, an Indian speaker who has been able to revolutionize the way of thinking around the world thanks to phrases full of love, peace and wisdom. Here you will find Osho’s famous quotes, being able to see in them some of his teachings, prioritizing above all things love, friendship, the suppression of fear of failure and the motivation to risk living life as we have always wanted. , fighting for our dreams, since, as he told us, no one is going to do it for us. With these Osho phrases you will learn a lot, so sit down to think and reflectwith each of them, and enjoy sharing them with your friends. Once you read them and internalize them, they will inspire you and feel that you are capable of everything in this life.

Osho phrases love

  • The real question you should ask yourself is not if there is life before death but if you feel alive before death.
  • When you start to see the beauty in life, everything that seemed ugly disappears. If you start seeing everything with joy, the sadness vanishes.
  • Be realistic: start planning a miracle.
  • When fear ends, life begins.
  • To be able to see the stars a certain darkness is needed.
  • You will not find the absolute truth on the outside, nor can a teacher or a book give it to you. The truth is found in you, and to get it you must look for it in yourself.
  • Nobody is able to take two steps at the same time, first take one, and then the other.
  • They usually say to think twice before leaving, but I say to jump first, then there will be time to think.
  • You need a state of alertness to discover and see around you. Life is like a great cosmic laugh.
  • No one in this world is here to see your dream come true. People are here to fulfill their own dreams, their destiny, their reality.
  • I base myself on two principles to live my life. The first is to live as if today were my last day, the second principle, to live as if I were going to live forever.
  • To get to see the truth, you must not hold any opinion, neither against nor for.
  • You have to walk so that the path is created, you will never find a path made. You have to create such path of truth by yourself, without anyone. It’s like the sky and the birds, when they fly you don’t see the footprints they leave, they simply have to follow and create their own path.
  • You don’t have to choose, you have to accept life as it is.
  • If you like flowers, don’t pick them. Remember that if you pick them up they will die and therefore cease to be. If you really like a flower, let it be. Love should never be possession.
  • The purest love is friendship. It is a love where nothing is going to be asked for, no conditions are set, and you fully enjoy giving without the need to receive.
  • If you can bring your consciousness, your intelligence into the act, if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for any religion, life becomes itself in religion.
  • Life should be a constant balance between movement and rest.
  • Life must be experienced in all possible ways. From good and evil, sweet and bitter, light and dark, summer and winter. Take the experience of duality. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because the more experience you get, the more mature you will be.
  • Existence wants you to be a kind of festival. When you are unhappy, you will spread happiness around you.
  • When you are capable of being alone, you will be capable of love Only people who are capable of being alone, are capable of loving, of sharing, will be able to go to the most intimate of another being, without the need for possession, being independent of the another person.
  • The secret of happiness is simple. Whatever you do, never let the past get in the way, but never let the future bother you either. The past is no more, and the future is yet to come. You can’t live in memory, but you can’t live in imagination either.
  • To be in love with life is to have creativity. You can only have it when you want life, improving it, making it more beautiful, with a little poetry, dance, music, completing it.
  • In this world we all have a specific destiny, something we must achieve. You are not here by accident, you are here for a reason. Behind you there is a purpose that you must seek.
  • You feel good, you feel bad, and those feelings bubble up from your unconsciousness, from your own past. No one is responsible except you. No one can piss you off, and no one can make you happy.

Osho quotes loneliness

If you have already read the short Osho phrases that we have selected for you above, you will have felt a change in your way of thinking , having a more positive mind can achieve many more achievements than you thought. In these phrases you will find many teachings about love, which you can apply in your daily life, especially to live a cleaner and purer relationship, without possession. In the same way, it will show you the true meaning of the word friendship , in addition to giving importance to other aspects of life. If you liked these Osho phrases, we invite you to share them with your friends, either on social networks or by showing them to them, since the knowledge that each of them brings will inspire more than one person.