How many of us can say that they have never watched at least one of the episodes of Beautiful ? According to recent surveys, the soap opera is followed daily by over 300 million viewers around the world and has already celebrated its thirtieth birthday .

Of course, the number of characters and actors who have alternated in this soap since 1987, the date of the first airing in the United States, is really very long but some of them have been the undisputed protagonists since the beginning and are still remembered by the great public as members of the Forrester family .

Beautiful, indeed, beautiful actors who have aged with us , always remaining fascinating and very elegant in their appearances on and inside the set.

A large family that, since the first episode of 1990 in Italy , does not bore us yet and that, with its incredible Hollywood-style misadventures, continues to be followed by many different generations. In more than 30 years, here ‘s how you became the most beloved actors in Beautiful :

1) Eric Forrester

The head of the family, founder of Forrester Creation and Eric Forrester played by Jhon Mccook . This character is the patriarch of the family. He has married almost all the women on the soap and the script demands have given him 7 children. He loves Stephanie, then marries Brooke but also doesn’t mind the company of Brooke’s sister Donna. A constant push and pull but in the end his only true love is his lifelong partner, Stephanie.

2) Stephanie Douglas Forrester

Manipulative and also quite bad but one of the most loved protagonists by fans. After 25 years on the set of Beautiful , in 2013, Susan Flannery, the very bad matriarch Forrester, decides to abandon Beautiful , leaving viewers dismayed. Many fans of her stopped watching the soap after her “death” in the arms of the bitter enemy Brooke, with whom she made peace before her last breath. However, her presence remains undisputed of Stephanie in the soap opera. In fact, in the Forrester house, a portrait of her stands in the middle of the room; as if to signify that she is still vigilant about the family.

3) Thorne Forrester

Ridge’s younger brother is played by Winsor Harmon from ’96 to 2016. In the series he has always been the second choice for his brother’s women, falling in love with both Brooke and Taylor. In the soap she then finds the love of his life: Darla. Her marriage to her gives her a daughter and a little serenity until the tragic death of her wife and, in 2015, also of her daughter Aly.

4) Taylor Hayes

Hunter Tylo , the interpreter of Taylor Hayes, is one of the undisputed protagonists of the adventures that have taken place over the years. The doctor in the first episodes is treating Caroline , Ridge’s first girlfriend. Taylor has always enjoyed the support of Stephanie but this was not enough to make the marriage with the beloved Ridge, always contended with Brooke, last. Her character, who passed away in 2014, reappears on American screens in 2018 with a sensational change of look, blonde like her eternal rival Booke.

5) Caroline Spencer

The death of Ridge’s first wife, Caroline Spencer, who fell ill with leukemia, was one of the soap’s first big griefs. Played by actress  Joanna Johnson , Caroline left the series after three years only to return, twist, as her twin sister,  Karen Spencer . Johnson, who is still beautiful today, returns to the Beautiful set as a guest star playing the ghost of Caroline or Karen, depending on the script needs.

6) Brooke Logan

Katherine Kelly Lang and the beautiful and beloved Brooke eat her soap opera men. She has always played the role of an eternal lover of love, there is no man she does not know how to seduce; including those of her sisters and her daughter. A truly unique but never predictable character. The true love of her and Ridge with whom she, between invalid ceremonies and divorces, she has already married 8 times.

7) Ridge Forrester

Even though Ronn Moss , after 6000 episodes, was replaced by actor Thorsten Kaye, for us Ridge will always remain him. The super handsome and rich playboy and the favorite son of countless siblings. He has always been disputed between the love of the blonde Brooke and that of the brunette Taylor. Over the years, of course, he has also become the best known jaw in the world, while always remaining very charming even with gray hair.

8) Pamela Douglas

This character, played by Alley Mills made her soap opera debut in 2006. She is Stephanie Forrester’s sister. Pam is a secondary character who only takes over when her sister decides to deal with her past and the violence suffered by her father during her childhood. Precisely for this reason, however, she is a key character in the series and has allowed the public to better understand the character of the matriarch Stephanie.

Pamela Douglas played by actress Alley Mills; Source: Facebook – Pamela Douglas

9) Bill Spencer Jr.

Bill Spencer Jr. and illegitimate son of the character Bill Spencer, a publishing magnate who was part of Beautiful from the first series until 1994. From 2009 he became part of the soap, arriving in Los Angeles after the death of his father to make his own dream: to steal Forrester Creations from Eric Forrester. Bill Spencer is an unscrupulous calculator, Ridge’s rival in business but also in love. Since his first appearance Bill is played by the charming American actor Don Diamont .

Bill Spencer played by Don Diamont; image source on the left frame from the video “Bill Spencer May 12th 2009” , YouTube channel SpencerPublications; source image on the right Instagram – Don Diamont

10) Katie Logan

Katie Logan, previously played by Nancy Sloan, and the character of actress Heather Tom since 2007. She is the younger sister of Brooke and Donna Logan. She has been the protagonist of numerous central events in the development of the plot of Beautiful , even particularly dramatic ones.

Katie Logan played by Heather Tom; left image source Instagram – Heather Tom; right image Facebook – Katie Logan Spencer