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Summer makeup trends

What are the makeup trends for summer 2021 ? What to bet on? Use make-up just like an artist, a painter: give yourself a special imprint. Show off your personality, focus on trendy colors, but don’t forget that the great summer must-have is freedom. For this year, make-up has chosen to challenge prejudices and stereotypes, giving breath and great inventiveness. From nude to natural , from glam to inclusiveness , the trends not to be missed.

The nude wins over everything

Since the nude was cleared as a trend and almost a lifestyle , we women have had greater freedom of choice. And this is precisely the watchword for summer 2021 make-up : focus on your must-haves , obviously without forgetting the most fashionable patterns and colors. Among other things, the make-up becomes more and more inclusive with the passage of time. The nude make-up – known as invisible make-up – is not only as natural as possible, but is suitable for the hottest days, when overdoing it with eyeshadow, lipstick and blush is not exactly ideal.

GLAM touch? It must not be missing

Do you know that the main trend, beyond nude and natural, is GLAM & Blur ? Mainly, this type of make-up goes very well with the eyes: a lively, magical touch, which releases sensuality and beauty. Among the shades not to be missed, we certainly mention the metallic , suitable for an evening at the disco or for a gallant outing. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and win over everything: aim for an expressive make-up , add mascara to the formula and make the metallic nuanced, almost suffused, as the Blur wants.

Inclusive make-up (express yourself)

It seems that summer 2021 women’s makeup wants to focus on greater inclusiveness and freedom. Make-up has always represented mystery and sensuality for women, a way to express themselves and not to be tied to stereotypes and prejudices. The creative trend is an indispensable must: aim for makeup just as if it were an accessory. Black eyeliner has been cleared through customs on the catwalk: a real art, which stands out for the eyes. For the eyeshadow , definitely aim for pastel , almost delicate colors, while for the lips, don’t forget to be daring.

Go for Natural (and win)

The natural base and the great winner of summer 2021 make-up. However, it is necessary to give a very light charge: adding bronzer and illuminating , in such a way as to create a particularly suitable play of light . Why not add a touch of blush too ? Provided it is light, it fits well with many complexions: choose the best one obviously based on your tone. Finally, another great classic is the monochromatic look , in which you will have to skilfully combine lipstick and eyeshadow. In addition to make-up, don’t miss out on women’s accessories for summer 2021 : you will be more fashionable than ever.