Cold, plummeting temperatures: “well” winter is back ! It is now time to cover up and hold out until next spring to enjoy the mild temperatures and the sun that warms the soul a little.

Most of us dream of heat even in winter but, to be able to find it, we must decide to take a trip to the other side of the hemisphere and not too long ago, this required some more economic effort.

One of the search engines for flights has just analyzed the most popular destinations to enjoy the heat and summer even when it is winter here.

Good news for everyone! Many exotic destinations are very far from us but, economically, within everyone’s reach .

The Maldives, the mysterious Zanzibar and the hot islands of Indonesia will no longer be exclusively holidays for an elite audience. 

10) Zanzibar

One of the destinations that has significantly increased tourist traffic, up to 188%, is Zanzibar. No wonder that the island of Tanzania boasts many points in its favor. In fact, it is easily reachable with only 7 hours of flight and only 3 hours of time zone compared to Italy; a point to keep in mind when returning from vacation. The summer temperatures, the blue sea of ​​the tropics, the white sand and the drop in the cost of the ticket (from 2015 to 2016 an average drop of 30% was calculated), have contributed considerably to making this splendid island located in the archipelago of Africa. The magic and beauty of the place are the result of the encounter between different cultureswhich are reflected both in the culinary tradition and in the architecture of its capital.

9) Bali

Bali is one of the most visited islands of Indonesia during the winter. Tourism is mainly concentrated in the southern coastal areas and the Kuta area, thanks to the lively nightlife, and nicknamed the Ibiza of the East. The city of Denpasar , the closest destination to reach, is the administrative capital of Bali. This island is also very famous for its handicrafts. In fact, they are experts in stone carving, wood carving, silver working and fabric production, including the famous batik . To reach this hot spot, the average ticket cost is estimated at € 566 per person.

8) Bad

The capital of the Maldives , Male is the smallest capital in the world. In fact, its island extends for only 2 square kilometers and almost a quarter of the population of the Maldives lives here. Male ‘is a city with tall buildings and paved streets and the main streets are lined up and include offices and shops. One of the characteristics are the very small streets inside the center: so narrow that a vehicle may have difficulty in passing in the presence of a few more people. This splendid tourist destination is easily accessible with an average ticket cost of € 440.

7) Auckland

Auckland, located in the north of New Zealand , is the largest and most populous city in the country with over 1.4 million inhabitants. The city is located on a narrow strip of land between two ports and is surrounded by very long beaches . If you are a lover of nature and silence, you cannot help but visit the fascinating rainforest . The cons: a long journey, + 12 hours of time zone and the cost of the higher ticket, around € 800.

6) Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria, located in southeastern Australia , and is nicknamed the ” Cultural Capital of Australia ” and ” Garden City “. Furthermore, it has been named, after Edinburgh, a ” Literary City ” by UNESCO . Perhaps not everyone knows that the first feature film in the history of cinema was produced in Melbourne, the capital of Australian cinema. A metropolitan city with a multi-ethnic spirit that still manages to keep itself more than livable.

5) Sydney

Sydney is the most populous and multicultural city in Australia and in the whole of Oceania. In addition to the man-made architectural wonders such as the famous Opera House , you can enjoy the long beaches for surfing, visit the natural bays and the well-kept parks. For animal lovers, the Taronga Zoo will be the perfect place to admire 2,900 exotic and native species of this land. Also for this destination the estimated price for the flight is about 800 €.

4) Santiago

Santiago de Chile is the metropolitan city at the foot of the Andes . The strength of this destination consists in combining the colonial-style cultural and artistic heritage with the beautiful naturalistic background. Do not miss the Maipo Canyon : a canyon full of breathtaking landscapes and an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The cost of the ticket for this destination has been reduced by 36%, around € 530 per person.

3) Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the most populous city in southern Africa . With just one more time zone and a very low cost of the flight, around 370 €, it makes it a favorite place to migrate to the warmth during the winter. After long years of apartheid , the city is facing a period of renewal in which the wealth of the old white city can still be seen contrasting with the poverty of the degraded suburbs.

2) Mahe

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago , located in the north-east of the nation and home to the capital Victoria with its 70,000 inhabitants. Various plants such as rare orchids and the indigenous ” jellyfish ” plant are typical of these enchanting uncontaminated coasts . To enjoy its landscapes, the flight will cost around € 560.

1) Dubai

The cheapest and most desired destination in winter? Dubai with an average flight price of 33o € per person. A super modern and avant-garde city that hosts boutiques of famous brands and clubs frequented by VIPs from all over the world, where oriental culture marries the best of the western one .