Giving the right gift to your children or those of loved ones is never a simple thing. On the one hand there are the expectations of children , on the other hand the needs of parents who, for various reasons, may not like certain toys.

So how do you navigate this dangerous minefield? Certainly the first thing to do is to listen to both bells and, in particular, to have the children write the famous letter for Santa Claus in time. Once the wishes of the little ones and those of the parents have been discovered, the difficult work of research begins. 

However, if the indications are vague or not at all, then it is better to choose the gift based on the age, the versatility of the object and its characteristics. In fact, every game tends to stimulate the child’s imagination, dexterity or learning in a fun way.

Here is a list of 15 original gift ideas for boys and girls:

1) A handmade doll

We start our harvest with the little ones. For newborns, there is no better gift than a handmade doudou. Doudou are small animal-shaped puppets, with a soft and flat body, similar to a small blanket. Their shape makes them easy to take and not bulky in the bed. This is the first transitional object,so-called because it accompanies the baby in the first months of life. The doudou can become an inseparable friend, able to calm and reassure its little owner on any occasion. There are many on the market but, if you want to give one handmade, make sure that the materials are safe and up to standard. Eyes, noses and details, for example, must be in fabric, simply embroidered, not in applied plastic.

2) Accessories for the bath

Cute bathroom accessories such as pets, colored pipes and objects that move with water make a great gift for babies between 6 and 24 months. Often, in this period of time, the relationship with water can become complicated, suddenly passing from excellent to total rejection. Having some fun bath toys available could certainly help.

3) Musical instruments

Giving away a musical instrument is something that can scare parents a little, especially when it comes to percussion. In reality, however, it is one of the best gifts to give to a child for several reasons. In fact, learning to produce sounds with an instrument increases the ability to listen, improves eye / hand coordination and is important for the social and psychic development of the child. From the first months of life, you can give away rattles, maracas and small percussion instruments and then move on to xylophones and keyboards. After the age of 4, more complex instruments such as wind or string instruments can begin to be introduced. For a truly complete Christmas gift, together with the instrument we could also include a trial lesson with a teacher.

4) Illustrated and interactive books

If at Christmas you don’t know what to give, the answer to all your doubts are books. Young children love picture books, interactive books and fairy tales. In addition to being very beautiful, books help us introduce important topics in the life of children. Whether we talk about emotions, friendship, conquering the potty or the first bike without wheels, you will certainly find what you need in the bookstore.

5) Teepee

Children love to make a custom house and hide inside. It is an absolutely natural tendency and full of symbolic meanings which are fundamental for the correct psychic growth of the child. Within his own ‘den’ the child is ‘the boss’. He decides what to do and how to do it, manages his emotions and his time independently, reflects, thinks, plays with his imagination, far from the world of adults. Growing up, that refuge also becomes a meeting place between siblings or friends and is transformed from time to time into what is needed to play. That’s why giving a child a teepee, a tent, a small castle or a canvas house is definitely a great idea.

6) Materials for handling

Whether it is clay, plasticine, clay or magic sand, the materials for handling are perfect from the age of 3 (first it is better to opt for the more natural homemade salt dough because the little ones could put it in their mouth). Manipulating is a very precious activity for children because it helps them to refine their finger movements, develops concentration, creativity, self-esteem and relaxes the nerves. 

7) Books on animals

As children start to be a little older, they go through a phase of unconditional love towards the animal world. Everyone chooses their favorite animal or favorite habitat and in this period, it is useful to give dedicated books. Publishing offers a very wide range of options ranging from the simplest illustrated books dedicated to the jungle, the farm or the oceans, to the more technical and scientific ones that explain the alternation of the seasons, photosynthesis or the life cycle of animals.

8) Walkie talkie

The walkie talkie is a vintage object that can still be an original Christmas gift, especially for today’s digital natives to whom the magic of radio waves can also be explained. A nice pair of walkie talkies is perfect for children who are just starting to explore the world, to have an adventure in the garden or to take on vacation. For only children this is a precious game also to increase the affinity with their parents, to become even more accomplices and to break down the generational barriers.

9) Colors for the body and hair

All children like to dress up, but girls in particular love coloring their face and hair. A little for fun, a little to emulate their mother, little girls often try to get into the bathroom in search of brushes, lipsticks and nail polishes. However, cosmetic products are not suitable for their skin and could damage it. For Christmas, therefore, you could think of a quality palette of colors for the face or hair , easy to use and wash away. There are often also nail polishes on the market which, unlike ours, are water-based and can be washed off with a little soap.

10) Construction

To stimulate creativity there is nothing better than a construction box. For the little ones, up to 3 years old, medium-large bricks are ideal, colored but without particular details to stimulate the creativity of that age group to the maximum. Growing up, the child becomes more and more demanding and searches, in the construction sets, references to his favorite characters, new challenges of difficulty, increasingly detailed environments.

11) Board games

Board games were very strong in the 80s and 90s but, even today, they can be a great Christmas gift if chosen well. The advice is to choose it based on the age and interests of the child but not forgetting the role of the adult. For example, if we were big fans of a particular game, we could try to give it to our children. The explanation of the rules and the matches would become an important moment of sharing.

12) Scientific Kit

For children aged 7/8 years, scientific exploration of materials is an important aspect of learning. There are many scientific kits on the market to carry out guided experiments, create crystals or build small greenhouses. They are challenging games that usually require a certain amount of space and time but which will certainly teach them something new and fun.

13) DIY drone

This gift idea is certainly very demanding and expensive but, if given to a really passionate kid, it will ensure success. Giving a DIY drone as a gift means giving a fun object to assemble that, once assembled, can fly and be piloted. Giving a drone as a gift also means ensuring your child trips and moments together to make him fly, something not taken for granted nowadays.

14) Classics for kids

Treasure Island, Little Women, Journey to the Center of the Earth and many, many others. The great classics of children’s literature are always a great gift idea. Although some of them have been written in past eras, these books are still able today to talk to teenagers about their dreams and fears while always remaining current.

15) A unique experience

The latest gift idea we want to recommend is an experience. Often, overwhelmed by things to do, we tend to give away many objects, forgetting that what matters most is time. If you don’t know what to give to your children, we suggest you try it with an experience. Tickets for an amusement park, for the aquarium or for a show and even a parent / child course, a trip to a special place, a go kart race. The gift will run out in a few hours but the memory will remain forever.