Spanish models: the most famous in the world

The Spanish model is synonymous with Latin woman and is often linked to an uncomfortable and ancient stereotype. In fact, the Spanish girls in our imagination are seen as the classic brunettes , curvy, with curly black hair. But perhaps it would be appropriate to look beyond and open your mind to an increasingly global world , where “classic” beauty is no longer classic. Not at all . And then the Spanish models no longer strictly respond to certain aesthetic standards and can surprise, really leave you speechless.

White Padilla

Blanca Padilla does not differ too much from the Latin myth. Born in 1995, this brunette beauty from the province of Madrid began her career suddenly, surprisingly winning the “Female Model of the Year” competition at the 59th edition of  Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week , won not only for her beauty and poise, but above all for its elegance. She conquers with grit and passion in the way of wearing local but also international designer clothes such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Max Mara, Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Elisabetta Franchi, Moncler.

At the moment he is one of the best known and most sought after faces of European fashion.

Africa Penalver

Born in 2000, it is certainly one of the freshest faces of the Spanish catwalks. Her exotic face, almond-shaped eyes, and her long black hair make her alluring in a whole new way to Spain and her cliches. Perhaps this is also why she is a star of fashion and social media. 

Marina Perez

Thirty-five years old, slender, angular physique, enchanting blue eyes, Marina Perez has been on the catwalk since she was 12, but only after a long apprenticeship in New York did she become a true Hispanic supermodel, the pride of her Barcelona. Over the years she has walked the runway for authoritative brands and international fashion houses, such as M oschino, Giorgio Armani, Mango . She also appeared on the covers of Vogue some time ago .

Gala Gonzalez

Born in La Coruna in 1986, she stands out for being very eclectic. In addition to fashion, her work leads her to write on blogs and direct radio shows (and also a fairly successful DJ) or social channels of great impact. She gala Gonzalez and today is therefore a model, influencer, blogger, stylist and DJ. She and she are also considered by many to be the first Spanish fashion blogger. In her private life, she and the granddaughter of the Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez.

Angela Huete

This very young face of Spanish fashion was born on Instagram, where he dealt with clothes, describing and wearing them. Smile as a child, black hair, teenagers love her and big fashion winks at her.

Monica Anoz

Born in Madrid in 1996, Monica is the main rival of Instagram stars Gala Gonzalez and Angela Huete.

Very elegant, with that Nordic air and blond hair, she breaks the classic rules of the curvy and brunette Spaniard.

A whole new and special beauty, which surely makes its way among the most beautiful Spanish girls and loved by the public.

Blanca Miro Scrimieri

Actually, she works as a stylist but on her Instagram she doesn’t have any problem wearing her most particular fashion creations first. She is attentive and original, she greatly influences the choices of young Spanish women when shopping.

Rocio Munoz Morales

Today she is most famous in Italy as the second wife of Raoul Bova, but Rocio began her career as a model and actress very early. Since she was a teenager, in her Madrid.

Although today he only dedicates himself to cinema, many of his fashion shows and photos remain for the major fashion magazines in the world.

Lucia Lopez

Veteran of Spanish models, Lucia Lopez – now forty years old – still shows an enviable physique and in some areas it is highly sought after by stylists all over the world.

Penelope Cruz

The historical face of Spanish fashion, and also that of world cinema, is Penelope Cruz. Still in the ranking, still beautiful despite the passing of time, and testimonial of many fashion brands, including Italian ones.

In this period, in addition to Carpisa, he was also the testimonial of Costa Cruises, one of the most important cruise companies in the world.

Sita Abellan

Sita Abellan was born as a fashion influencer, but over time she transformed into a model, also appearing in numerous dedicated magazines, such as Glamor. She was born in Murcia, which is located in the Southern Spain region. She defines herself as a free spirit and loves fashion and feeling free to wear what makes her feel good.

Eva Gonzalez

Eva Gonzalez is a Spanish model, who won Miss Spain in 2003 representing the city of Seville, and has since walked the catwalks around the world and participated in television broadcasts.

In the past she was romantically linked to the Spanish goalkeeper, world champion, Iker Casillas, while in 2018 she had a son with the bullfighter Cayetano Rivera.

Mireia Lalaguna

Mireia Lalaguna is a Spanish model and actress, born in the province of Barcelona in 1992 and became famous for having won the title of Miss Spain and Miss World in 2015 in the same year, thus becoming a popular face throughout the Spanish country. Her beauty led her to be the face of the Intimissimi brand.