Each city has its own history, its own architecture and its own charm, but there are cities that are generally quite unpleasant. We have compiled a list of the 10 ugliest cities in the world, those that you should avoid seeing on your travels. Believe us when we say that there are much better options.
The list is based on various subjective and objective rankings, which take into account factors such as population density or crime rate. If you have lived in one of these cities, you may not think the same, but everyone has their tastes.

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The 10 most horrible cities in the world
These are the places that have been described as the ugliest in the entire planet, both for tourists and for its inhabitants. 1. Amman (Jordan)
45 minutes by car from the point on the Jordan where, according to tradition, Jesus was baptized, stands the capital of Jordan. Aman has been described on many occasions as one of the ugliest cities in the world, and the blame for such nonsense lies with poor urban planning and the dirt that spreads throughout the city.
Although the city has been modernized in recent years, it does not have particularly beautiful architecture. If what you are looking for is an exotic place, things change, and getting lost in the souk (flea market) located in the center is a unique experience. It is also curious that a few kilometers away is the city of Petra, one of the most beautiful enclaves on the planet. 2. Chisinau (Moldova)
The capital of the Republic of Moldova has inherited the worst of the Soviet Union , at least as far as its architecture is concerned. Chisinau lacks great attractions for tourists, since it is a mostly industrial city, although it also preserves some neoclassical monuments. The neglect of the monstrous Soviet apartments gives it a cold and gray air.3. Freetown (Sierra Leone)
You may not have heard the name in your life, but Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. In general, large cities in underdeveloped or developing countries have a chaotic infrastructure and do not stand out for their beauty , but the case of Freetown is very worrying.
Although it currently enjoys a certain political stability, in the 1990s the city was involved in bloody clashes, so apart from being one of the most unpleasant cities in the world, it is also one of the least safe. 4. Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)
Like many Central African countries, the history of the Republic of the Congo has been marked by turbulent events. Brazzaville, the capital, is no exception, although in recent times the city has been plunged into a kind of tense calm. Almost as horrible as its history is the city itself, which has no special attraction for tourists except for the Basilica of Santa Ana , with a curious green roof. 5. Caracas (Venezuela)
Although the country has considerable oil reserves, Venezuela does not stand out as one of the most prosperous nations. The fact is that its capital, Caracas, is a city without any urban planning, which causes huge traffic jams every daywhere a few kilometers can mean hours.
Despite housing one of the tallest skyscrapers in South America (the Torres de Parque Central) and a huge national park like Waraira Repano, the rest of the streets and buildings are messy and lack aesthetics. 6. Bucharest (Romania)
Bucharest may be one of the ugliest cities and also one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is precisely this duality that makes it special. Some buildings such as the Colteo Hospital or the Romanian Athenaeum are really impressive, but the rest of the city has inherited the particular Soviet style that has done so much damage to the east of the continent.
Since the fall of communism in the late 1980s, the city has modernized a lot (the evolution is especially significant in the northern district), but still it remains a gray place that few tourists choose as a destination. 7. Luanda (Angola)
Luanda is one of the most prosperous in the country and may experience a complete face lift in a few years, but for now it is one of the most horrible cities in Africa. Paradoxically, Luanda is also one of the most expensive locations compared to the standard of living.
Aerial view of Luanda, in Angola. | Image by: Bradway Malyman. 8.Detroit (USA)
In general, the Houston area does not stand out for its beauty (the city of Houston is narrowly saved from being included in the list), but if there is one place that takes the cake, it is Detroit, and great blame for this lies with the delinquency . In fact, the city has lost almost a quarter of its population in recent years, and its inhabitants prefer to move to quiet neighborhoods on the outskirts. 9. Mexico City (Mexico) Mexico
City is another of the American cities with a very high crime rate, although this may be due to its population density. The tourist areas are quiet and have beautiful buildings, but the outskirts are not recommended for almost anyone. The monstrous city extends for kilometers inlow houses and of little architectural value . 10. Puno (Peru)
If you decide to visit Lake Titicaca, don’t even consider staying in Puno. Although it is the commercial epicenter of the region and has been recognized as the capital of Andean folklore, in general terms it is one of the towns with the worst urban fabric .
Accommodation is some of the cheapest, but there isn’t much to see except for the Baroque-style cathedral and a 19th-century steamboat. All those tourists who are not accustomed to heights will notice that they are short of breath, because Puno rises to more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

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