When planning your wedding, one of the most difficult and burdensome tasks for the bride and groom is to choose the original wedding favors. It is in fact an object that represents a real memory for all the participants, and therefore must be chosen with great care. The alternatives are really many, and you can choose favors of any shape, size and color. 

Wedding favors, a problem to face

Wedding favors represent a very important custom in Italian culture and precisely because they are a symbol of marriage itself, and it is particularly difficult for the spouses to opt for one rather than another. Often we look for something original, which perhaps has a low cost and that can really be appreciated by the guests, also because in centuries of marriage everything has already been seen, from the porcelain figurines to the silver object passing through the frames and the seedlings. In recent years, the habit of choosing wedding favors that are in solidarity has become more and more consistent, that is, whose proceeds from sales go to noble causes, from the fight against child hunger to the protection of the environment, etc. And the case of Save the Children wedding favors.

The delicacy and poetry of solidarity wedding favors

Choosing a solidarity favor for your wedding is an act of generosity, but also a delicate and poetic gesture, especially if you have the ability to identify a just cause for which to benefit. Thanks to solidarity favors, in fact, the money destined for this expense item present in the wedding budget does not go towards the purchase of objects that act only as knick-knacks, so to speak, but subsidizes very important humanitarian causes such as the reforestation of hill areas. or in the mountains, a vaccination campaign for children in need, a school for the most disadvantaged and so on. Each wedding favor kit usually consists of a box with sugared almonds and a small attached certificate explaining how the corresponding amount was donated for that specific purpose. It is a way, therefore,

Why choose Save the children

One of the most active realities in the field of solidarity and the protection of children is certainly Save the Children, the association that for over 100 years has been committed to concretely helping children from all over the world, including in Italy, to access essential rights such as food, health, education. Save the Children also offers the possibility of choosing solidarity favors for weddings, providing many solutions that can satisfy anyone’s needs. In this way the spouses and all the guests will be able to contribute to helping the little ones of the countries that need help most. The guests will receive a box with sugared almonds or a small bag, a note that remembers the name of the couple and the date of the wedding,