Men’s winter outfits: our advice

When the cold season arrives, we let ourselves go a bit to laziness and basically it seems that we have to give up the charm. Nothing could be more wrong, and modern man knows it well. Indeed, winter is a season that tests those who know how to give their best even with fashion . On the contrary, men’s winter outfits are characterized by elegance and charm, which especially in winter allows you to show off men’s clothes and outfit ideas that are anything but sloppy. 

Happy reading from all the staff!

For men, lots of color with sweaters and trousers

The sweater will be the star of winter fashion for him in 2022 . The greatest designers have given the green light to the imagination and have created sweaters with multicolor prints, but also with a mix of different colors. In a nutshell, the colors mix as when using bleach for the “crazy dye” effect. If it was fashionable to create designs and mixes of dyes on summer t-shirts, here the shock effect is doubled because the technique is used on woolen garments!

The explorer-style trousers, with neutral colors and pockets , are the pillars of men’s fashion for the winter together with the revived Denim. These are associated with single-color shirts, preferably dark, to combine with Spencer jackets or camel-colored coats, almost knee-length.

Headdresses are once again a fashion for the modern man. Whether they are traditional caps, berets or colorful wool beanies, the choice is always suitable.

Gloves symbol of elegance

The trouser suit, with tie included, for this year’s men’s fashion could include a truly surprising accessory: gloves. Long gloves, in neutral colors , are proposed by different stylists and do not clash at all with the practicality of the suit – indeed, in post Covid time they combine the practicality of hand hygiene with beauty!

Extravagant and colorful accessories

Confusion between the sexes dominates the fashion of 2021-22. Even in winter women will want to “be men” and male gentlemen will have no problem using accessories that look a bit feminine.

The classic handbag, in fact, can be replaced by a mini handbag, complete with a shoulder strap, which is more reminiscent of her clutch bag than a male accessory. If it is colored no problem, it could match the belts and shoes. These too are colored, and not necessarily elegant under the suit. High and “aggressive” soles go very well as well as oriental-style velvet shoes.

The colors are uncontrollable, often bright, sometimes – as in Louis Vuitton’s idea – with additional prints (clouds, plants, geometries).

Everything is fine, in the winter of 2021-22, as regards men’s fashion, which in this period does not go into hibernation, but rather flourishes again.

Classic and modern mix

Man this year can dare more. With the approval of brands such as Off White or Zegna, he can mix classic (jacket-pants suit) with modern (bright shirts, with or without fringes, even longer than the jacket) . Or even classic but glittery suits for evening outings or at the disco. Or even an open and patterned shirt under the austere suit.

Gambling is never gambling if it has the blessing of high fashion . And this year in men’s winter outfits she has worked hard not to appear lacking in creativity, but always leaving room for charm.

Long live the wool and the leather

Dolce & Gabbana proposed jacket-trouser suits in coarse, raw, knitted wool . The same wool that returns this year with sweaters, with jackets, with blouses. Being the main element of winter, you will also find suits, with trousers in the same “grandmother’s” wool to combine with high-soled canvas shoes.

Leather – possibly black – is the immortal element of men’s fashion and also in this winter it is present and imposes itself. Not only jackets and coats, but also trousers, gloves, unlikely vests accompanied by a fur coat  and obviously footwear. Some versions can also be in suede. Because man is not afraid of anything, not even in the choice of his winter wardrobe!

Fashionable colors for winter

The fashion colors for winter 2022, both for him and for her, will be the cold ones. Blue and light blue dominate the female scene, while for men the colors blue , green, but also gray and beige, in its various variations, as well as camel will be fashionable. Black is well tolerated, while on the other side it is a party of colors of all kinds, with the patchwork that distorts every rule, both on her clothes and on the men’s sweaters. In any case, her fantasy is the mistress in both cases.