The death of a family member or a loved one fills us with great sorrow and sadness that makes us feel that we will never be able to recover from this pain. When you have to give condolences for a death, it is best to know a series of phrases of condolences and condolences in order to look good, without sounding too forced or that it can make the other person feel violated. To find those words that you do not know how to say right now, even if you feel them, we have prepared this list for you. At this time it is necessary to meet with the people we love most to have stronger emotional support.

Sympathy phrases for a funeral

  • This recent death has left us in awe. We accompany you in the feeling.
  • My deepest condolences. You can count on me for whatever you need.
  • Faced with these difficult circumstances, I can only pray for you to be comforted and not to despair any more due to this irreparable loss. You can count on me for whatever you want and I send you my most sincere condolences.
  • Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
  • I just found out about the unfortunate death. God help him endure such a great absence.
  • The reason for this message is to express my deepest condolences for the recent death. I wish that her soul rest in peace and that they soon find resignation for such a huge loss.
  • It is sad, although it is the law of life, death comes when we least expect it.
  • How light is life, the least expected day everything ends, so suddenly. I am very sorry for your loss, Rosa and I send you my deepest condolences. A big hug.
  • I send you my condolences for the death of your father, I am very sorry for what has happened and I send you a big hug in these difficult times for you, you know that you can count on me for whatever you need.

Phrases of condolences for a family funeral

  • Friend, count on my help when you need it, remember that you will always be in our memory.
  • I can’t imagine the sadness you must be feeling right now, but I’m here, you can count on me
  • You don’t know how I would like to remove those tears from your eyes and from your heart so much pain that you feel for having lost your nephew. I want you to know that the angels are passing through on earth and he left us pleasant moments that we will always remember. Take care friend and be strong.
  • I think of you and wish you comfort and peace.
  • When someone loved dies there is no way to avoid sadness and sorrow, but we have the peace that knowing it gives us in paradise with God.
  • I send you my deepest condolences. Affectionately greet those closest to you, and you know that now, more than ever, you can count on my faithful and sincere friendship.
  • I only ask God to give you strength to cope with this loss.
  • I am very sorry for that great loss and I sincerely accompany you in the feeling. Courage and serenity and count on me for whatever you need.
  • I was already very old, but it’s always a shame when someone dies, I send you my condolences, I’m sorry.

Condolence phrases to a friend

  • There are no words to describe how sorry I am for your loss.
  • I am very sorry for your loss. I’ll always be here for you
  • I know that right now it is inevitable for you to say goodbye to a person that you loved a lot in life, but sometimes human beings are somewhat selfish and we do not realize how much they are suffering in life.
  • I will not forget your father’s smile and great sense of humor. He made every moment fun and enjoyable.
  • The memory of a feeling can last a lifetime, and I will not forget you.
  • It’s a shame, but he’s in a better place now.
  • A very good person has left us, I feel the death of your mother and I send my condolences to you and to the whole family in these sad and painful moments.
  • I am very sorry for the death of your father, although he was already very old, it is always a shame that such a dear person leaves us, my deepest condolences and I accompany you in the feeling.