‘Mindhunter’ has just released its season 2 in the catalog of the streaming giant of the red N. The criticism seems to have given it a better reception than its first season, which already promised that we were facing a powerful series.
It seems that Joe Penhall’s team is already working on the criminal minds to tackle in his season 3, so we will proceed to give a generic review of who will be the candidates to be analyzed later.

One by one and in alphabetical order

The first will be the cousins ​​Bianchi and Buono, or more popularly known as ‘The stranglers on the hill’, murdered ten people over four months between 1977 and 1978. Both were interested in prostitutes, until they also began to go after ordinary women, to kidnap them, rape them and kill them. Does your signature?
Leave the corpses in the hills surrounding Los Angeles.
Angelo Buono Jr. (left) and Kenneth Bianchi, ‘The Hillside Stranglers’ | All That’s Interesting

Ted Bundy is second on our list.Nobody ever believed that behind the facade of applied and handsome law student, was one of the most ruthless and twisted killers in recent history of the United States. I end the lives of, to date, 30 women, whom he raped, beat, tortured, sometimes decapitating them and even practicing necrophilia with their corpses.
Ted Bundy in one of his first trials in the late 70’s | However
, in third place on the list of possible in season 3 of the Netflix series , is Robert Hansen.He was nicknamed “The butcher baker”, for the exercise of the first profession, the second part of the nickname will surely become one of why it comes to him. Hansen used to kidnap prostitutes whom he later took to a cabin to torture and hunt them like animals: he murdered 17 women between 1977 and 1983.
Hansen tried to agree with the authorities to go to a Federal Prison | LifeDaily
The fourth is neither more nor less than the second most massive serial killer in the history of the country. Gary Ridgway, paid prostitutes to whom he indicated that he wanted to have sex with them, to kidnap and strangle them. He habitually returned to the place where the corpses were to practice necrophilia; murdered 61 women.
Ridgway has been serving a life sentence since 2003 | Tacoma News Tribune
The fifth and last is the abominable John Wayne Gacy, known as ‘The Killer Clown’ and who had a film in 2003. Wayne’s case is another of the most disturbing of those previously exposed: model family man, but from a harsh childhood, physically and psychologically abused by an alcoholic father; Apparently Gacy went unnoticed as a successful salesman and a man committed to the community.
John Wayne Gacy, model family man, worker and serial killer | Chicago Tribune
He created a character, Pogo the clown, with whom he offered himself for birthday parties, to later incite young adults to go to his home to take drugs and have sex, to later rape and strangle them. Gacy buried them in the basement of his house : the police found 26 bodies of the 33 murders he committed.

Praised for its truthfulness and rigor

Netflix may have achieved with ‘Mindhunter’ the new star product that its catalog has been clamoring for for some time. The rigor of each case, as well as the concise and analytical nature of the script, make the series a product that is difficult to resist.
We will have to wait for season 3 of the series to make sure of these appearances | Netflix
Not because it also breakswith the apparent logic of investigation typical of ‘Imperfect Crimes’ (1996-2011), but because despite being fiction, the portrait of the criminal minds to be addressed is so detailed, and the work of the interpreters so elaborate, that it steps on the realm of cinema verite.

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