If we think about the concept of “animated series”, the most likely thing is that the first thing that comes to mind are examples of the type The Simpsons, Family Guy or his cousin-sister, Father Made in USA; Probably the most recognized and most famous.

These are series that make use of acid humor (and, often, hooliganism) to criticize the American lifestyle, represented by middle-class families that live in all kinds of situations, often related to current political and social issues. from the country.
However, despite their irreverence and although they have great chapters and characters, the aforementioned cases are child’s play next to the following animated series for adultsthat we have compiled for our top today. Although less well known, they are much more brazen.

The most shameless animation series for adults
If you like the politically incorrect and even so, it falls short and you want something stronger, here is a selection of cartoon series aimed at the adult public with more bad milk:

12. Archer (2010 – today)
This American television series was created by Adam Reed for the FX network. It was recently renewed for an eighth season that has already aired.
Initially this series is set in a spy agency in New York and starring the egocentric and narcissistic international spy Sterling Archer. His mother is the head of the agency and his ex-girlfriend is a field agent.. The series also has an anachronistic setting in which elements are mixed more or less subtly from different eras.

Violence, sex, politics and drugs are just some of the controversial issues that the series deals with, all of them revolving around his peculiar character and his need for greatness.

11. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (1999 – 2000)
From Japan comes this adult animation series, in which Professor Onizuka, a former juvenile delinquent, must be in charge of teaching a group of troublesome kids like he was one day . Through unorthodox methods, the teacher should try to reach these children to overcome their difficulties.

10. Bojack Horseman (2014 – Present)
The main character of this series is Bojack, former star of the 90’s show called Horsin’ Around. This particular character with the head of a horse and an anthropomorphic body come to less , has proposed to recover the fame that one day he had by publishing his autobiography.
However, while he is writing, he will have to face different headaches caused by his ex-girlfriend (with whom he has a stormy relationship) and other characters who live in this world of anthropomorphized humans and animals.

9. King of the Hill (King of the Hill, 1997-2008)
A series of nineties drawings, which, like many others, portrays the American lifestyle.Through the Hill family, headed by the patriarch Hank, a devoted family man who lives with his wife Peggy and son Bobby in a neighborhood in Arlen, a fictional Texan town.
In King of the Hill, this family of home customs will try to deal with the adversities that its members live , while Hank tries to educate his son according to his conservative and traditional values.
A series that, although it has a more serious tone than many others, considering its status as an animated series, does not deny the satire and social criticism of some American values .

8. Rick and Morty (2013 – present)

An alcoholic, inventor, scientist and intelligent grandfather, and his 14-year-old grandson, “short-minded” and submissive, create the perfect cocktail for the fashion series of recent years among lovers of this genre.
The insults, the rudeness, the interdimensional trips, the gore, the contempt for the family and almost any social construction, are just some of the secondary ingredients of this magnificent series.
Actually, the main course, unlike the rest of the series on this list, is to show how absurd and insignificant human existence is and how its characters, despite living adventures in many universes and realities, are nothing more than another group of humans suffering their existence.
We do not place Rick and Morty in a higher position on the list, because today, it has a long way to go in which to demonstrate that its madness remains as brilliant and surprising as the first day.

7. Super jail! (2007 – present)
A maximum security prison located in an alternative world, which houses a wide range of highly dangerous prisoners, is run by an eccentric warden (Willy Wonka style, both in its aesthetics and in its forms) and his also nothing particular group of officials.
We are facing a series that almost borders on illegality, one of those in which laughing at their gags almost generates discomfort. This is not just any product: Superjail! not suitable for the average viewer; and it is not especially so for those who do not tolerate black humor at all.

6. The house of drawings (Drawn together, 2004 – 2007)
Cartoon to the world of reality shows, in which eight opposing characters live together in this contest. The particularity of the program is that it deals with subjects of completely disparate origins, whose lives will be filmed and broadcast throughout the world, according to the standards of this type of program.
In The House of Drawings, there will be no shortage of jokes of dubious taste, scenes of sexual content and even mockery of religion , so you are warned of what you are going to find.

5. Beavis and Butthead (1993 – 1997 / 2011 – present)

Beavis and Butthead are a pair of lazy bums who regularly skip school just enough not to be expelled; and who like to watch television at all hours, listen to heavy metal music and flirt with girls (something in which they have no special ability).
The misadventures of these two friends of laziness and pure hedonism were so successful that their series was resumed years after a first batch of episodes. For now, it looks like Beavis and Butt-head are here to stay.

4. Big Mouth (2017- )
A cheeky new animated series that just premiered this year. In Big Mouth we meet agroup of friends who fear and distrust the changes that puberty brings them . There will be no lack of explicit references to sex, drugs and the use of profanity. Anyone who has gone through this stage will feel identified with Big Mouth’s approach to adolescence.
As a curiosity, mention that the anguish of these preteens materializes in the form of horrifying monsters.
Good news for those who are interested: you can currently find it on Netflix .

3. Kevin Spencer (1999 – 2005)
Smoking and drinking are two of Kevin’s favorite hobbies, a young man who has grown up in a dysfunctional home, with a neglectful and alcoholic father.; and a mother who spends her time sleeping with all the men in town except her husband.
Suffering from an evident lack of values ​​that allow him to live according to the rules, Kevin has no other motivation than to do what he pleases at all times , without considering the consequences of his actions. “Allen the Magical Goose”, his only friend who lives in his head, is in charge of helping him make the decisions in his life.

2. Ugly Americans (2010 – present)
A very illustrative title for this show that uses all kinds of fantastic, horror and science fiction creatures, as a reflection of the multicultural American society. In Ugly Americans,We are presented with an alternative New York City in which these beings of different natures and problems will try to find a better life thanks to Mark, a social worker in charge of finding them work.

1. South Park (1997 – present)
When it comes to hooliganism, South Park is a pioneer in it. From 1997 to today, we have been getting to know Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny, four young people who live in the town that gives the series its name. South Park is not just a small town in the state of Colorado, but the stage where all kinds of brawls take place between its diverse inhabitants.
South Park has been placed several times in the center of controversy, due to itsexcesses in the treatment they have made of certain very sensitive issues (such as homosexuality, caricatures of Mohammed, his criticism of the Catholic Church and abortion, among others).
However, neither smear campaigns, nor the attempts of its detractors to remove it from the television grid, have been able to with this series. For this reason, due to its coarse language, its irreverence and its lack of complexes and censorship , we believe that it deserves first place in this ranking of the best animated series for adults.

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