Today we propose 50 fun questions to laugh, either being alone at home without knowing what to do or being accompanied by our trusted friends.
This battery of questions intends to have a laugh knowing those aspects about our childhood or about our most embarrassing moments.

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50 fun questions to laugh and have a good time
Don’t worry, no one will be left here without asking and everyone will have to answer. 1. If you hadn’t been named, what would it have been?
Starting with a fun question like this always helps to break the ice. Not always our first name is the one our parents wanted back in the day… 2. If your life were a movie, what title would it have
Putting a movie title on our lives can be somewhat comical. 3. If your life were a movie, who would you want to star in it?
Okay, we already have a title, but have you thought of a familiar face to play you?4. Do you know by heart any dialogue from a movie that you are able to interpret here
A fun question to laugh and that involves making one of the participants interpret a short famous dialogue from a movie. Let’s see how the acting skills of those present. 5. If you were an animal, what would it be?
Do you have a favorite animal that you would like to become?
They are real and imaginary. 6. What did you want to be as a child?
Comparing what we aspired to be as children to what we have ended up being can be as funny as it is tragic… 7. What was your most embarrassing moment
Have someone talk about one of those moments of more embarrassment by this funny questionto laugh out loud at the anecdote. 8. If you could fight bare-knuckle with a celebrity, dead or alive, who
would it be? Suppose you were given the opportunity. Who would fight on the other side of the ring, against you ? 9. If you were a food, which would you choose?
Salty, sweet, bitter, indigestible or digestive. You will see. 10. What was your craziest dream? You can ask fun questions about the craziest dreams someone has ever had. Some are authentic dream jewels. 11. If you had to sell yourself as a supermarket product, with what slogan would you sell yourself so that we would buy you?
Let’s see how good business marketing is. 12. Have they ever told you if you look like a famous person?We all have a twin lost to the world , or so they say. 13. Would you dare to tell us about your craziest night?
The nocturnal anecdotes give rise to a good interrogation from which you can get very funny questions and better answers. 14. Have you ever been sitting in the back seat of a police car?
The craziest nights sometimes have unexpected outcomes. 15. Have you ever caught someone you know in bed with someone
? Have you had a coitus interruptus moment that they have you to thank for ? 16. Have you ever caught your parents in bed?
A funny laughing question that everyone has been asked at some point time and that is probably one of the most awkward moments ever experienced.17. Have you caught an acquaintance masturbating?
Amusing question for those who ask it, not for the unfortunate person who witnesses such an event, since these types of images make you want to gouge your eyes out with a coffee spoon. 18. Have you been caught masturbating
Okay, I’d rather have caught someone giving themselves a tribute than the other way around. 19. Have you done anything in the shower other than taking a shower?
Many fantasies are washed away, find out if any of the participants is responsible for ending the reserves in the water reservoirs with his practices. 20. Have you ever fallen asleep in class or at work
Classic funny question to get a laugh, addressed to the narcoleptics of the group.

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21. Is there any superpower that you would like to have if you could
? What would you use it for?

This question about what we would do if we had the powers that we yearn for from the characters we see in comics or in today’s films cannot be left out. 22. If you visited a psychiatrist, what mental disorder would you be diagnosed? Let
‘s see who gets wet and gives us the most original answer. 23. If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your past ‘self’
In general, we all wish that some moments of our lives had not gone the way they did. 24. Do you remember your first love
Childhood memories and experiences give rise to many questions like this .25. What was your favorite little toy
Cars, action figures, dolls, dinosaurs… We have all had our faithful companion in our leisure time being dwarfs. 26. What do you think is your first memory
It is difficult to evoke our first memories, so let’s see who goes further. 27. How and when did you stop believing in Santa Claus? There are very curious true anecdotes about how this traumatic truth was discovered . 28. Did you have a nickname at school
This is a very funny question if we consider that some nicknames are really creative. 29. Have you ever gone without underwear and nobody has noticed
Something without a doubt very comfortable, but who admits it30. Star Trek or Star Wars
Some fun questions like this can lead to a good geek debate. 31. Do you think Luke did the right thing by abandoning his training and going to face Darth Vader
It seems not, but it’s a fun question for fans and has caused a lot of controversy. After all, Luke never finished his studies as a Jedi and had to become self-taught. The first of the Galaxy ? 32. Have you ever run into a famous person?
There are people with a strange magnetism who have run into well-known celebrities throughout their lives. 33. In summer, hot or cold water in the shower
Despite the high temperatures, many people come out of the shower steaming even in summer, proving to be made of a special paste. 34. Have you farted and wrongfully accused someone else
? The questions to make us laugh are not confined to being lurid. For sample, a button. 35. In what other era would you have liked to live
They give you a choice of decade and you choose, giving the reasons. It’s that simple. 36. Would you be able to imitate Donald Duck
With questions like those that involve testing the imitation skills of the staff you can have a good laugh. 37. What has been your greatest daring?
There are people for everything, let’s see who committed the greatest madness.38. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk
? As we said, nights of alcohol go a long way. 39. What is your funniest anecdote at school We all have beautiful memories of our time as schoolchildren , which one do you prefer? 40. With what sentence said by a teacher you couldn’t help but burst out
laughing moments of the most laughter. 41. Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone you’re embarrassed to admit Question as funny as bawdy . Attention to the answers. 42. Have you ever been taken for homosexual being heterosexual
Or vice versa, it also works.43. If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?
Many religions believe that the soul is transported from one being to another. What do you think you will have to be in your next life ? 44. What is the most extravagant meal you have ever prepared?
Gluttony sometimes awakens our culinary creativity. 45. When was the last time you thought “Earth, swallow me” An out of place comment or to the wrong person …Life is full of these moments. 46. ​​Have you proposed to someone and said person has told you that he had a partner
This funny question would serve as a moment “Earth, swallow me”, without a doubt. 47. How is a perfect day for you
Suppose you have no obligation and can choose. Describe it to others. 48. What has been your most uncomfortable moment with a person from abroad?
Another way to ask if you have sent someone in the opposite direction to the place they asked you to go . 49. What movie would you have liked to star in
? The pornographic ones are not worth it. Or well, yes. 50. Your ex-partner tells you to come back because she misses you. Yes or no
Fun and engaging question that poses a moral dilemma. Better alone than in bad company, right?

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