He makes fashion but does not like fashion, in the sense that he does not feel obliged to follow the “trend” of the moment.

Today the unpredictable and talented Olivier Rousteing and the leading designer of the French fashion house Balmain can enhance tradition or break it suddenly .

Its rules are to always be elegant, even in originality . In fact, a woman can be classy even with a raincoat if she has the right colors and design, while a man can be more daring with colors without being defined extravagant.

And with her magical hand, Balmain follows these new guidelines and gives classy touches and original breaths to the world of international fashion.

In this post by our magazine we will talk about Olivier Rousteing, Balmain stylist, still very young but already on the crest of the wave for many years. Over time it has become one of the leading exponents of French and world fashion.

From Bordeaux to the Ville Lumiere: the beginnings of Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing was born in Bordeaux in 1986 . The son of a couple of African descent, a Somali mother and an Ethiopian father, he was adopted as a child by a wealthy family and for years he believed he was a bloodstain, due to the fair complexion of his skin.

After school, the very young Oliver moves to the French capital, Paris , where he discovers two new worlds.

His homosexuality is his first discovery in Paris, and it is a difficult world that he accepts with all its consequences, soon becoming proud of it. The second intuition of him is the virtual world , especially that of social networks. Internet sites and forums become his daily bread, preparing him for the future of communication and making him a pioneer.

The career in fashion

His outstanding gifts in design and style were noticed in 2003 by Roberto Cav all i and for this maison, Olivier, then seventeen, began his climb to success in the world of fashion. In fact, he becomes director of the women’s sector and is noted by Balmain, who wants him in the team in 2009 .

He becomes director of the same fashion house  only two years later, at just 25 , and from here begins his change in the way of understanding the entire fashion system. After an initial rapprochement with the French tradition, he moves on to Italian design. Finally he reinvents everything, launching himself into proposals initially defined as shocking, excessive and even at times “vulgar”.

His intense life on social media, although much criticized, has opened many doors for him. In particular, it opened the collaborations and support of other young original designers , such as Kim Kardashian, but also stars of the show such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Kenye West.

He often takes care of his own advertising campaigns himself , taking pictures in first person, spreading his ideas freely without the need for permission or interpretation.

The risk is high, but the numbers of Olivier Rousteing’s worldwide success return money, but above all great credibility. And today the Balmain fashion house can no longer do without him, for his collections.

Career as a director for the French designer

Multifaceted and enthusiastic, Olivier Rousteing has gone beyond fashion to shoot a documentary about his own life where he  also brings into play the “old-fashioned” stylists he admires and challenges at the same time. “Valentino, the last emperor” – the title of the film – already says it all. Behind the camera there is always him, Olivier, and also in front of the spotlight, in a role that suits him particularly. 

Her fashion, which already invades social media, becomes a cinematographic manifesto and together with her life becomes the challenge for the fashion of the future.

After all, this boy is only 34 years old and the road ahead of him is long and fruitful.

Our post dedicated to the French designer Olivier Rousteing ends here. See you next time from the world of fashion and from our usual column dedicated to famous designers.

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