We have danced and we have moved with them. We remind you of the most beautiful songs about friendship, both in English and Spanish, so that you evoke the best moments with your friends and rediscover the true value of friendship.
In this selection you will find slow ballads with deeper lyrics that invite you to think about friendship in a more intimate and transcendental way, and lively and canary friendship songs that reveal the union between friendship and happiness. Enjoy them.

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1. Songs about friendship in Spanish.
2. Songs about friendship in English. The most beautiful songs of friendship in Spanish
Singer-songwriters and groups in Spanish have written and sung the most beautiful songs that speak of loyalty, sacrifice, nostalgia and generosity. We offer you a selection of the best songs to share with friends, from slow ballads to rumba and rock. 1. A million friends (Roberto Carlos)
Although it is not a waste of poetry, the effective lyrics and catchy melody of this song make it one of the favorite friendship songs of the general public . Here is a snippet of the song. 2. Friends forever (The Manolos)
It’s sung at every party, it’s still played in many clubs, and we keep giving it our all every time we hear it. Without a doubt, one of the eternal hymns to friendship made popular by the Barcelona rumba group Los Manolos .
Sarah Brightman and Josep Carreras made a more emotional version that will move you. 3. Amiga mia (Alejandro Sanz)
This is one of the most popular songs of Alejandro Sanz’s musical career. It was released in 1997 as part of the album Mas, and it is a deep declaration of friendship that the singer-songwriter wrote for his friend Irene Chamorro.
In the verses “you only live for him and you know it too” he refers to Antonio Flores, with whom Irene Chamorro was madly in love.4. Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demas (Amaral)
With Amaral’s direct, young and fresh style, the song “Son mis amigos” tells the story of a call at six in the morning and other everyday situations that demonstrate the true value of friendship.
The best, the chorus and a rhythm that invites you to dance and think of your friends with a smile and a touch of melancholy. 5. Lesson of friendship (Rosario Flores)
The best thing about this song by Rosario Flores is the lyrics, a true song of friendship that emerges from the verses of gratitude and generosity . This theme was released in 1994 on the album Siento, and here we leave you a fragment for you to enjoy. 6. Nobody like you (Van Gogh’s Ear)
Listening to “No one like you”, by La Oreja de Van Gogh, we all envy such a sincere, authentic and close friendship . This song, contained in the album that launched this group to fame in 2003 (What I told you while you were sleeping), reveals the intimate style of the group and the warm voice of Amaia Montero. 7. Amigos (Enanitos Verdes)
One of the most beautiful songs is this “Amigos” by the Argentine rock group Enanitos Verdes. With a slow rhythm, an acoustic background and deep lyrics , this song is moving and manages to convey a transcendental message: that a friend is a light shining in the dark. 8. Although I can’t see you (Alex Ubago)
The velvety voice of Alex Ubago sang to friendship in one of his ballads for teenagers with emotions on the surface. A very nice lyric that speaks of a friend’s determination to help his soul mate in times of difficulty, and that conveys the feelings of generosity and unconditional loyalty. 9. When we were the best (Loquillo) Loquillo
‘s rogue rock always hid a tender and hurt heart, and among his repertoire there was room for this song about the nostalgia of past experiences with friends . This ballad was released in 2006, and in it there are verses that are pure Loquillo spirit. 10. Traveling (The Planets)
With its particular mix of rock, indie and pop, Los Planetas invites you to take a trip through outer space with your best friend to forget about the problems that make you unhappy in this world. Evocative music and inspiring lyrics for moments of melancholy that claim a gap of optimism.

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The most beautiful friendship songs in English
Some of the best hits related to friendship have been written in English. Below we offer you the most beautiful songs about friendship in English, some of which are part of those lifelong themes. 11. Friends will be friends (Queen)
Who else but Queen could compose such a solemn song with such artistic height in the field of friendship, happiness and optimism. The song was released in 1986 on the album A Kind of Magic, and forever became an eternal hit.
Next, a fragment of the lyrics that speaks of the value of friendship as unconditional and permanent loyalty . 12. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel)
A more melancholic and sad song, but just as beautiful and with an interesting message, is this Bridge over troubled water by Simon&Garfunkel. These always had a pseudohippie residue very much in keeping with the decade of the sixties in which they triumphed.
It is impossible not to see a tear appear when you hear the voices of these singer-songwriters explaining the value of friendship when everything seems lost: the presence of a friend like a bridge over troubled waters. 13. Count on me (Bruno Mars)
The title of the song says it all. One of the current world pop phenomena like Bruno Mars has this song in his repertoire, Count on me, which expresses in a cheerful way, with rhythm and self-confidence, the importance of having friends who come to your call when you need them.14. I’ll be there for you (The Rembrandts)
Friendship can also be a promise full of good intentions. “I’ll be there for you,” say the Rembrandts, in a theme that will ring a bell because it’s the theme song for the hit series Friends . 15. Road Trippin (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Here is one of the most beautiful songs for friends, to the rhythm of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, found on their reference album, Californication. In this theme you will find his hallmark: devilish and ingenious lyrics with funk and rock rhythms .
A song to friendship that is, at the same time, a song to youth and seize the moments. 16. Umbrella (Rihanna)
Another well-known great song, this time with a remarkable point of originality, corresponds to the singer Rihanna, who offers you her umbrella where you can take refuge when you feel alone and overwhelmed by problems.
Nothing better than listening to Rihanna’s voice and this catchy song to make you smile in bad times. 17. Best Friend (The Drums)
An encrypted lyric that makes you think: in this song by The Drums where it is not very clear what it refers to, but it conveys the feeling that friendship is something so strong that it can remain even after death . Even if it’s just a metaphor… 18. Wannabe (Spice Girls)
Friendship is always a magnified value in the hormonal stage of adolescence, where the meaning of good friends has the carefree and happy flavor of the innocent music of the Spice Girls.
Among their repertoire, this group of girls that marked a before and after of teenage bands, was this song, their debut single, which talks about how short love can be and how long a friendship is . 19. Friends (Ed Sheeran)
But if someone knows how to touch the heart like no other, it is Ed Sheeran, and in this case he plays with the borders of love and friendship to bring us another of his caramelized evenings that make emotions fly. In this song you will feel identified if you have ever wonderedIf so much love can come from someone who is just a friend . 20. With a little help of my friends (Beatles)
This song was written by four hands by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and performed by the Beatles since it was released in 1967. Rolling Stones magazine rated it as one of the 500 best of all time and is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful songs about friendship of all time. Do not miss it.
You can also hear it in a more bluesy version with Joe Cocker’s broken voice.

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