It seems like an eternity has passed, but it wasn’t until long ago that chats like Messenger (and even before that, Terra) held hegemony in the field of instant messaging by computer for years.
However, with the proliferation of smartphones and their dominance in all areas of our lives, users demanded to be able to use WhatsApp on PC, currently the leading company in the sector , which has millions of users around the world.

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Using Whatsapp on the PC is possible with Whatsapp Web
Many requests that during the first years of life of WhatsApp were heard and recorded in Internet forums on technology, were about how useful it would be to have a version of the application that could also Use on desktop and laptop computers. It is difficult to find someone today who, either for studies, for work or for entertainment, does not use these devices; so the lawsuit made a lot of sense and could prosper.
Years ago, if someone wanted to chat through WhatsApp, they had to download the app on their mobile device and always have it with them. Although the phenomenon of carrying our mobile phone with us at all hours has not stopped (we would dare to say that it has increased), thanks to this innovation it was possible to install WhatsApp on PC, laptop or tablet. From that moment, it was already possible to be working with the application open to chat with our contacts .

What is WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web is nothing more than a mirror version of our WhatsApp account for any mobile device. It works by synchronizing with the history of contacts and chats registered on the phone, so it is possible to connect to the same account from several devices that have downloaded.
Using WhatsApp on PC is very simple, since it follows the same procedure as with our cell phone. By giving access to our personal account, it allows us to send and receive messages, which will reach any of the terminals where we have downloaded WhatsApp.
One of the advantages of this novelty is that it is compatible with all operating systems (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia), something that facilitates the increase in the number of people who benefit from this convenience.

How to install WhatsApp on PC in 3 steps
In the following lines we will detail step by step how to install WhatsApp for PC, some instructions for use common to any of the operating systems mentioned above.
Remember that you have to have your smartphone with you during the process, to synchronize it with the other terminals in which you are going to download the web version.

1. Update WhatsApp
It is always better that you have the latest WhatsApp update on your mobile installed, so you will save any complications or bugs that have not been solved in previous versions. If the application on your smartphone is still pending renewal, we advise you to do so before continuing .

2. Enter the web ‘’

Using any Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari browser on your Mac , you can access the company’s website from the computer or tablet on which you want to install WhatsApp.
To avoid fraudulent links or links that contain spam, here is one that we hope will help you, as it contains the installation instructions :

3. Open WhatsApp Web on your phone
This option is found in the menu WhatsApp, in the “Settings” option, located in the configuration buttons; and is represented by an icon of three dots arranged one above the other.
When you click on this menu, several alternatives will be displayed, among which you will have to click on the one that says “WhatsApp Web”, which will open the phone’s camera. Next, we bring the camera closer to the computer screen, where a QR code reader should appear after starting the WhatsApp page from the same PC. This reading code will be scanned by approaching the phone.
With this step, we will be synchronizing our account between the two terminals, duplicating the history of open conversations. By installing Whatsapp on PC, we will benefit from the same opportunities that the application offers when we use it from the mobile phone.

What advantages will we enjoy if we are going to use WhatsApp on PC
In essence, the features of WhatsApp Web will be practically the same as on the phone. Thus, we can:
1. Send messages for free to registered contacts, both in individual and group conversations.
2. Make voice calls or video calls also free , since the minutes used do not consume our rate. As a useful recommendation, if we want to comfortably use the desktop version of WhatsApp on a laptop, we’d better put it on a flat surface where the device remains stable.
3. By having it on the computer, it will be possible to share files that are savedin the memory of the device: documents in any format, PDFs, images, emails, and a very long etcetera.

WhatsApp web is a reflection of the WhatsApp account on your phone
Due to the link that occurs between your WhatsApp accounts, you have to keep in mind that this version depends on your main account, that is, the one you have downloaded on your phone intelligent. So, if you delete the app from the phone memory, you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on your computer .
Likewise, it seems thatThere is still no way to install WhatsApp on a PC or laptop if we do not previously have it on our mobile terminal, so this prerequisite is essential. Unlike competing companies like Telegram or Line, WhatsApp Web still requires the phone’s connection to the Internet, either by Wi-Fi or through the use of data, in order to be used. We hope that in the not too distant future these obstacles will already be solved.

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