Tommy Merlyn, the best friend of ‘Arrow’ star Oliver Queen, and the evil Prometheus, were an essential part of the story for a while, then left, and came back for a fleeting time. Now, before the expected premiere of the final season of the series, the producers announce that the actors Colin Donnell and Josh Segarra return to ‘Arrow’ and reveal new details.

All about the return of Tommy Merlyn and Prometheus to ‘Arrow’
In the first season of the superhero series ‘Arrow’, actor Colin Donnell played Tommy Merlyn, son of a billionaire and the best friend of the protagonist, Oliver Queen. In the penultimate season, the actor returned to represent Oliver’s conscience and urge him to break the cycle of violence in his family. Now the return of him in the last season of the series has been announced.
This will not be the only return. Josh Segarra, who gave life to the character of Adrian Chase , also known as the evil Prometheus, will return in the eighth and final installment of this superhero fiction created by Greg Berlanti , Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg . This also returned to the series: it was in the sixth season and in the form of a hallucination due to a drug trip.
In fact, the showrunner of the series Beth Schwartz has confirmed that both actors will return to the series but not in the way we saw them, but changed . ‘Adrian Chase flies in a different way. We’re very excited because he’s one of the four favorite villains,’ she said, adding that Donnell ‘doesn’t come back as the Tommy we knew.’ How they will return is something we will have to discover.

What will the last season of ‘Arrow’ be about?
In ‘Arrow’, the adaptation of the DC comics, Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who is presumed dead after a violent shipwreck and rescued five years later on a Pacific island. His family and his best friend perceive that he is a different person, and while by day he tries to keep up appearances by going about his usual life, by night Oliver Queen becomes a hooded superhero fighting evil .
Josh Segarra in the role of Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus | The CW
Although we still don’t know exactly the role that Tommy Merlyn and Adrian Chase will play in their return to fiction, we do know what the last season of ‘Arrow’ will be about: the producers of the series have advanced that Oliver Queen will facehis most challenging battle yet , he will discover what it truly means to be a hero, and leave the multiverse hanging in the balance.

When does it premiere? It will be
next October 15 , when the last 10 chapters of the series are scheduled to premiere on the American channel The CW Network. Before, however, new details of the end of the series will be revealed in the most anticipated event for fans of superhero series, the San Diego Comic-Con, next July 20.

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