The time has come for him too: that of choosing the best swimsuit , which is just around the corner. Men seem to have simpler tastes than women , but fashion teaches us that this is not always true. For the new bathing season, even the “gentlemen” want to be treated with attention and respect, as happens to their companions. And here is that stylists from all over the world have set to work to think which men’s costumes might like the man who finds freedom in the summer .

What are parameters? What characteristics should men’s swimwear possess for next summer, which is now upon us? What models to wear?

Men’s costumes, the choices

First of all, let’s see together what are the main trends related to men’s swimsuits for the summer of 2021. Specifically, the trend of briefs will continue even if the boxer shorts will return strongly in fashion in the choices of boys; then there will be the rediscovery of colors and patterns also in man’s choices.

Let’s see immediately what are the main summer trends for men’s costumes:

  • Boxer – at first glance, it seems that the trendy 2021 costume for men will be the shorts version. Not really Bermuda shorts but almost. A boxer but more sexy than usual, certainly more comfortable, wide, which allows you to completely relax;
  • Tight-fitting briefs – if you prefer briefs instead of boxers, be ready for the catwalk. The 2021 models are very tight and leave little room for imagination;
  • Colors and patterns – the colors of the 2021 men’s swimwear will be more vibrant than the women’s models. Space for bright colors, preferably in contrast with each other and accompanied by geometries. The ideal seasonal fantasy will be the ethnic one, with tribal or animalier designs and various symbols. Geometry still holds up, while tropical floral patterns never fade;

The most sought after costumes for him

Respecting the parameters just described but adding much more based on the designer’s imagination, the fashion houses are offering really interesting models for men’s summer 2021.

Here are the most sought after by style lovers:

  • Zebra – is the ideal choice because it combines the animalier, geometric and ethnic patterns in a single solution. He proposes it in great Intimissimi style, also in the version in which the zebras are not symbolized by the stripes but just happily reproduced on the whole costume;
  • Solid color – it will be easier to find tight-fitting solid color briefs. Blue, green, brown, black and red are the popular colors to highlight “certain” shapes as Yamamay and Diesel well know . Here you don’t need fantasies to distract from the view!

Source: Diesel

  • Boxer Marinaresco – wide boxer, with marine themes, or only with colors that recall that style – white, blue, light blue. Sometimes intertwined with patterns, sometimes in geometries, but always very sexy, according to Calzedonia;
  • Extravagant and showy – giant logos, symbols such as roses or skulls that cover almost the entire surface and a few touches of vintage and instead the proposal for Effek brand men’s boxers. Same idea for Armani and Dsquared , who mostly aim for immediate impact. For this you need above all shorts costumes, therefore boxers … even better if they are real Bermuda shorts;
  • Sporty – microfibre is always the best to define the sports costume, which can be both briefs and boxers, with darker colors and much simpler patterns, because what matters – as in the case, for example, of Tezenis – is the feeling on the skin in water;

Our post dedicated to the hottest 2021 men’s costumes ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to beach fashion, by our portal!