For reliability (around 97%), it is considered that the male condom is the most comfortable and safe contraceptive method, that is why we have asked ourselves what are the best brands of condoms that we can find in the market , those with the best designs and what They are also very reliable.

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10 best brands of male condoms
Whether they come in different shapes or colors, these are some of the best brands of condoms that will allow you to fully enjoy good, safe sex.

10. Lifestyles
We open the list with what is the favorite condom brand in Chile and Australia. Over the past few years, Lifestyles have specialized in making condoms that are ultra-thin, so they are barely noticeable to the touch.
There are different ranges within Lifestyles, all highly valued by both men and women, thanks to their sensitivity and lubrication . We highlight the latest novelties of the “Skyn” type: Skyn ​​Large, Skyn ​​Intense Feel and Skyn ​​Extra Lubricated.

9. Kimono
The Americans have chosen Kimono as what is for them the best brand of condoms. Of all the companies, Kimonos are the thinnest in the country (its strength has been proven in several studies), which has always positioned them among the highest rankings by consumers for more than 25 years.

Using the latest technological developments in Japan in terms of comfort and durability, the latex of these prophylactics is of the highest quality, in addition to being ecological and without the use of animals, milk proteins, spermicides or parabens. Special mention for the Kimono Micro Thin and the Kimono Special.

One is considered one of the best condom brands as they try to involve their customers in developing new ideas to make their products more attractive.
For its part, the One Pleasure Plus, stand out for their striated touch, being a claim for homosexual and heterosexual couples , because they facilitate greater enjoyment by stimulating the G-spot very well.

7. Trojan
Within this American brand, the Magnum are a variant of condoms that come extra lubricated. For those gentlemen endowed with a good prodigy of nature, they are the best option, since their measurements exceed those of other standard prophylactics and guarantee greater safety thanks to a narrower base for a better grip at the base of the penis.
Tested to ensure your confidence, they are made of the best latex to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies, as well as STDs.

6. Iron Grip
If we translate it into Spanish (“Iron Grip”), we understand what the name of this firm is due to. For those who often have trouble finding a brand that makes condoms that don’t slip , the Iron Grip is your solution.
Thanks to their soft texture and the lubricant that covers them, they allow relationships to last longer. Their popularity has made them sell very well, both in the United States and across the sea.

Many X-rated movies have used Crown condoms to shoot their scenes. These rubbers are characterized by their maximum resistance, although their extra-thin thickness may lead you to think otherwise.
Both men and women consider this to be one of the best condom brands, due to the extreme sensations that its super light design allows you to experience, as it increases the sensation of contact and closeness between the two lovers.
For virile members with size above average, they are a good alternative, in addition, they are odorless and flavorless .

4. Beyond Seven
They have been perfecting the formula for more than 80 years to find the thinnest, strongest prophylactics that transmit the best sensations in bed.
Combining the most advanced materials without sacrificing maximum pleasure, Beyond Seven is the fourth largest condom company in the world. Of all its repertoire, it is worth trying the Beyond Seven Studded, Beyond Seven Aloe and Beyond Seven Skinless, which for many are the kings of the brand.

3. Prime It
may not be one of the most renowned, but Prime offers a wide range of products, for different sizes of penis, with or without flavors and different touches.
The Prime Flavours, the SK-70 or the Nuda are some examples of why it is undoubtedly one of the top companies in prophylactic design.

2. Control
Silver as the second best brand of condoms goes to Control, which has more than30 years helping to multiply the sexual pleasure of couples with its revolutionary design condoms and also trying to minimize risks.

At Control they do not hesitate to adapt to consumer tastes , which is why they have created different series of condoms, each with its own unique features: Originals, for the most traditional; Sensitivity, for those looking to maximize the experience; Stimulation, for those who want something different; the Essence, flavored and the Latex Free, made with polyurethane.

1. Durex
We come to the end of the list by naming Durex as the best brand of condoms for men that currently exists.
Throughout 80 years,Durex has been able to innovate in the creation of condoms for all types of users , all of them dermatologically tested and of supreme quality, thus avoiding any leakage or breakage.
Among all its products, it is worth mentioning the Sensitive, Real Feel, Heat Effect or Prolonged Pleasure.