It will surely have happened to you too to try to guess the age of famous people , Italian and otherwise. Of course, with some help from Mother Nature and a few tweaks, whether declared or not, it is increasingly difficult to guess the true years of the VIPs.

Some of the characters of the show that we will see in this gallery seem much older when compared to their peers . White hair, a few extra pounds, certainly doesn’t help make you look young.

Even though many will never admit to having sought the help of the plastic surgeon, they really seem to have a completely different age than the chronological one .

Ambra Angiolini , Lorenzo Cherubini aka Jovanotti , the beautiful Monica Bellucci how old are they? Do they look younger or older than their peers?

Let’s find out together the 30 VIPs in comparison who have the same age but do not show it >>

15) Marion Cotillard e Drew Barrymore

The first couple of stars in this gallery not to seem of the same age is the one formed by Marion Cotillard and Drew Barrymore . Actually Cotillard and Barrymore were born in the same year, 1975 . As can be seen from the images compared, their appearance is noticeably different. Sara for Drew ‘s troubled past and a few extra pounds of her which, when compared with her colleague, makes her look much older . On the contrary, Marion, who has also passed the threshold of 40, appears as a little girl. Her hair is flowing, her skin is radiant and she looks much younger and more sparkling.

14) John Travolta e Ron Howard

The second couple of stars that we are going to analyze, this time, is made up of 2 very famous men. Have you ever imagined that John Travolta and Ron Howard were born in the same year? In fact, both are from 1954 and you wouldn’t really think so. Despite his age, Travolta still remains a very charming man , well groomed and without a shadow of wrinkles. The same cannot be said of colleague Ron. In fact, for him the years that pass are an obvious sign. The few hairs left of him are now all white and on his face there is something more than the dreaded crow’s feet.

13) Penelope Cruz e da Kate Moss

The couple formed by Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss are also fully part of this VIP gallery. In fact, they were both born in 1974 even though Kate really looks younger. Despite too many excesses of her, made of alcohol and drugs, not exactly healthy for her physical appearance, Moss is still in perfect shape and being over 40 does not seem like a problem. On the contrary, Cruz looks a little too thin and tight compared to before her but she is still a charming woman.

12) Rihanna and Adele

The following couple of Hollywood stars are very young indeed. In fact, both Rihanna and Adele were born in 1988 . Both are very beautiful, but they seem to be of different ages . Sara for the more chaste look but Adele looks much older than her colleague. Rihanna , in fact, likes to change her hairstyle and hair color often and this makes her look decidedly less old than she really is.

10) Sting and Pedro Almodovar

Another couple of male VIPs who seem to be of different ages despite being born in the same year is the one formed by singer Sting and director Pedro Almodovar . As you can see from the photos in comparison, Sting looks much younger than Almodovar but, in reality, they were both born in 1951 .

9) Bar Refaeli and Lana Del Rey

Bar Refaeli and Lana Del Rey are also of the same age. Both were born in 1985 but it doesn’t really seem like it. The super supermodel Bar is truly a woman to be envied . Her perfect skin, toned body, despite her having children one after the other. The singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, on the other hand, despite being the same age, definitely looks a few years older.

8) Ambra Angiolini and Micaela Ramazzotti

Among our VIP personalities, who have the same age even if it does not seem like it, we find Ambra Angiolini and Micaela Ramazzotti . In fact, both actresses were born in 1977 . Unfortunately for poor Amber , time doesn’t seem to be on her side. Although she has found her serenity thanks to her love story with Allegri , the actress is a bit aged in her face. Instead, Micaela Ramazzotti, a splendid 40-year-old, looks like she is little more than a 20-year-old.

7) Gisele Caroline Bundchen e Christina Aguilera

Among the peers who do not show the same age we also find the beautiful model Gisele Caroline Bundchen and singer Christina Aguilera . Both were born in 1980 but the difference is really evident. Needless to say, Gisele is really in great shape : no wrinkles, perfect complexion and fabulous body. Against her it is easy to lose!

6) Tom Cruise e Ralph Fiennes

Another couple of male VIPs, who are of the same age even if it doesn’t seem like it, is the one formed by Tom Cruise and Ralph Fiennes . In fact, both the Top Gun actor and the troubled protagonist of Red Dragon were born in 1962 . As you can see from the images in comparison, the handsome Tom looks much younger and his smile excites and still conquers the hearts of the younger fans.

5) Monica Bellucci ed Elle Macpherson

The age battle between these 2 stars ends in a draw . In fact, both Monica Bellucci and Elle Macpherson were born in 1964 . Both beautiful and changed very little, remain fascinating women in which the passage of time is only an advantage that works in their favor. Both, despite being over 50, are the envy of much younger women.

4) Al Pacino and Nick Nolte

And who would have thought that Al Pacino and Nick Nolte were also born in the same year? Born in 1940 for both actors who are really very different. Al doesn’t appear as time-stamped as his colleague. In fact, Nick Nolte with a few extra pounds and all white hair does not seem to have the same years as his colleague.

3) Ornella Vanoni and Sophia Loren

Ornella Vanoni and Sophia Loren are also peers. But Sophia seems to have made a deal with the devil! For her, age is just a personal fact . Because, despite being from 1934 like Vanoni, she looks 20 years younger.

2) Jared Leto e Julian Assange

Really incredible to think that Jared Leto and Julian Assange were born the same year. Yet both are from 1971 even though Jared Leto looks like a kid .

1) Jovanotti and Vincent Cassel

Both Jovanotti and Vincent Cassel were born in 1966 . However, the Italian singer seems to have remained at the time when he sang My bike .