How to become a model?

It is a question that many girls often ask themselves, aspiring to be part of the world fashion system, and many of them would like to become top models, parading at fashion weeks and participating in advertising campaigns of important companies in the sector.

To become a model you need very specific physical and character characteristics, but also adequate preparation and a plan B. Here are some tips to realize your dream of becoming a supermodel.

Must have measurements of a model

Physical characteristics are essential for a model, especially for a top .

In addition to a height between 1 meter and 72 and 1 meter and 81, you need a size 38-40 for the “canonical” top models and a maximum of 52 for the curvy model. In addition to these parameters, the face must be unforgettable. He must know how to tell. 

So, agencies are looking for a face without imperfections , but with an original stroke and a strong personality. Better still if you have a great relationship with the public, empathy and a sure footing. In some cases, courses in bearing and in English and French languages ​​are taken, useful for getting ahead. 

A common mistake is to show up in photos where you are already wearing makeup. In reality, the big agencies focus more on soap and water faces, to understand if that face can really be what they are looking for.

Then, in the advertisement, the company will decide which make-up to use to enhance its message.

How to introduce yourself and how to prepare for this profession

To become a model , how you present yourself is as important as respecting your physical characteristics.

We must not be presumptuous: strong personality means self-awareness, not the idea of ​​being superior to others. In addition, the photographic books presented must be professional, made by a photographer and aimed at enhancing their characteristics.

Finally, the supermodel adapts to everyone’s needs: she smiles even if she is sad, she moves quickly, arrives on time or early and follows all the tight ladders.

The first shooting is essential

If you manage to get a meeting with a foreign fashion agency looking for new talents, or to get shots of a well-known photographer in the world, you are already on horseback.

A model must always take care of her image: eat healthy and try to do physical activity in her free time. Often, beauty pageants or castings are the first avenue of entry, but they are easily dismissed.

It is estimated that 70% of castings end badly and that, after a while, you are no longer contacted because you are no longer a new face.

It is not convenient to be “good” in showing off only certain clothes

A model must be unique and versatile, able to communicate any slogan necessary for a company.

Another important point is to secure a diploma: precisely because many people are discarded, a plan B must be guaranteed, as happens in the entertainment world.

To become a model , the sacrifices are many and only those who are truly able to face this complex world and its challenges pay off. Therefore, it is worthwhile to turn to a qualified fashion agency, who knows how to create the perfect portfolio and provide the right contacts.

For safety, when you travel (and top models travel a lot), it is always advisable to keep in touch with many people: you never know who will name the company that will be your turning point!