Finally, the day has come for your first date with him . You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that you’re at it, you just don’t know what to wear and what to wear. In this guide we limit ourselves to offering you tips on makeup , so as to direct your attention a little at a time on the most important things. So we’ll cover first date makeup. If they are roses, they will bloom, but with the right make-up we will help you to make it happen. To look her best, sometimes a girl tends to tread her hand a bit , overdoing the beauty products. The end result is often too flashy and this generally doesn’t value much, especially in the case of a young girl. 

But let’s go immediately to see together our makeup tips for the first date, for the usual space dedicated to the Mind & Body category. Welcome back to our portal!

Tips for perfect make-up on the first date

The purpose of makeup today is not to hide but rather to enhance the strong points of our face. And you know, guys don’t like girls who go overboard with their makeup. Surely they prefer those capable of enhancing themselves but without overdoing it. Let’s start our tips with the foundation.

Pay attention to the foundation

You’ve already figured it out at this point, and it’s forbidden to overdo it . So let’s start by saying that the foundation must be applied as a light layer. When you use too much, it shows and the effect is not the best.

Therefore, focus on a good quality foundation , with a delicate and not overly opaque texture. To hide any small flaws you have to use the concealer. 

Obviously choose the foundation based on the complexion. Many people have the bad habit of using it as a coloring cream to immediately appear more tanned. Obviously this is not the purpose of the foundation. Its task, in fact, is to even out the skin. 

Depending on whether you have dry or oily skin, you will then have to opt for a liquid and moisturizing foundation or a powder one, which removes some excess fat. 

Use the right lipstick

Unless it’s really your style or the particular occasion calls for it, avoid very provocative colors . The first date is always very important and ideal and try to show him how you are and, because remember, you cannot pretend a personality that is not yours for too long. 

So yes to a nice fiery red only if you really are the type of girl who knows how to wear it. In general, the suggestion is to use a good quality lipstick, not too flashy and one that lasts a long time. 

How to make up your eyes

Are you a fan of smokey eyes? Once again, unless it really fits your style and you have not chosen a nightclub as the place for your first date, it is better to focus on something more sober, so as to acquire a little more charm. To intensify the look, the right touch of eyeliner is fine together with a little dark eyeshadow on the edge . Not even too bright eyeshadows are recommended and the reasoning behind it is always the same. To avoid excesses, at least for the moment.


Finally, when you are choosing makeup for a first date, avoid things that could stick to him: so no glitter or glitter. After all, he might not find the idea of ​​spending the whole evening covered in “woman” things with you too pleasant. Otherwise enjoy your first date with him and always remember to be yourself. There is no better “trick” to conquer it!