Her face is an amazing mask . A clay face ready to be molded, transformed and changed according to the needs of the script. Robert De Niro is definitely unforgettable as “Al Capone” in the film The Untouchables , yet so far from the humble worker in Lettere d’Amore or the confused patient in Awakenings

A master of acting , a sacred monster of American and international cinema that can be summed up in eight Oscar nominations – two of which he won , and dozens of Golden Globe nominations, of which two won. Fascinating, with the Latin gaze that conquers American women, he has nevertheless been able to immerse himself in all kinds of roles without sticking to certain stereotypes. He was able to mark an era and teach acting to thousands of young actors who imitate him all over the world.


  • An early and lucky debut
  • The overwhelming success
  • Movie Robert De Niro
  • Italian citizen

An early and lucky debut

Robert Di Niro was born in New York in 1943 . Due to a spelling mistake, the surname of his father, an Italian worker from Campobasso, will forever become De Niro .

At a very young age he tries to enroll in the courses of the Actors Studio and is admitted. He was only 20 when he got an important part in the film Oggi Sposi (1963). The heavily censored film was released only seven years later in theaters, delaying a success that could have been much faster.

Robert De Niro is therefore only discovered thanks to a French film, Three Chambers in Manhattan (1967). The roles followed one another, the skill could be seen but success did not come. In 1971 he was discarded for the role of Sonny in The Godfather, but luck awaited him in 1973 : the co-star role in Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets introduces him to the whole world.

The overwhelming success

Thanks to that masterful interpretation, De Niro hits Francis Ford Coppola who had rejected him for the first Godfather film. But he wants him as “young Vito Corleone” in the Godfather Part II. And from here on and a continuous consecration that begins with the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor . Followed by the blockbuster Novecento, Taxi Driver, Gli Ultimi Fuochi, New York New York, Raging Bull (which earned him the second Oscar, this time as a Protagonist).

Great protagonist of the film Once upon a time in America (by Sergio Leone), however, he easily adapts to dozens of other parts and can become a romantic man ( Falling in love ), a grim murderer ( The Untouchables ), a brilliant comic performer ( Not we are angels, Meet mine, Meet yours, Therapy and Bullets ). He never stopped and ushered in the new millennium also as a director , directing the films Bronx and The Good Shepherd .

He recently returned to the big screen as an actor in the Netflix film The Irishman by Martin Scorsese, which brings him back to his roots, interpreting the life of an Irish man who works in the Italian-American underworld. This film and starred together with two other giants of American cinema, such as Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, also receiving ten Oscar nominations.

Movie Robert De Niro

Here are all the films in which Robert De Niro has participated, as an actor, director, producer.


  1. Three Rooms in Manhattan (Trois chambres in Manhattan), by Marcel Carne (1965) – uncredited
  2. The Young Wolves (Les Jeunes Loups), directed by Marcel Carne (1968) – uncredited
  3. Hello America! (Greetings), directed by Brian De Palma (1968)
  4. Oggi sposi (The Wedding Party), directed by Brian De Palma, Wilford Leach and Cynthia Munroe (1969)
  5. Sam’s Song, regia di John Broderick e John Shade (1969)
  6. Bloody Mama, directed by Roger Corman (1970)
  7. Hi, Mom!, regia di Brian De Palma (1970)
  8. I cursed children of flowers (Jennifer on My Mind), by Noel Black (1971)
  9. Born to Win, directed by Ivan Passer (1971)
  10. The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, directed by James Goldstone (1971)
  11. Bang the Drum Slowly, directed by John D. Hancock (1973)
  12. Mean Streets – Sunday in church, Monday in hell (Mean Streets), directed by Martin Scorsese (1973)
  13. The Godfather Part II (The Godfather Part II), directed by Francis Ford Coppola (1974)
  14. Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese (1976)
  15. Novecento, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci (1976)
  16. The Last Tycoon, directed by Elia Kazan (1976)
  17. New York, New York, by Martin Scorsese (1977)
  18. The Deer Hunter, by Michael Cimino (1978)
  19. Raging Bull, by Martin Scorsese (1980)
  20. True Confessions, directed by Ulu Grosbard (1981)
  21. The King of Comedy, by Martin Scorsese (1982)
  22. Once Upon a Time in America, directed by Sergio Leone (1984)
  23. Falling in Love, by Ulu Grosbard (1984)
  24. Brazil, directed by Terry Gilliam (1985)
  25. Mission (The Mission), regia di Roland Joffe (1986)
  26. Angel Heart – Lift to Hell (Angel Heart), directed by Alan Parker (1987)
  27. The Untouchables – Gli untouchables (The Untouchables), directed by Brian De Palma (1987)
  28. Midnight Run, directed by Martin Brest (1988)
  29. Jacknife – Jack the Knife (Jacknife), directed by David Hugh Jones (1989)
  30. We’re No Angels, by Neil Jordan (1989)
  31. Love Letters (Stanley & Iris), directed by Martin Ritt (1990)
  32. Goodfellas, by Martin Scorsese (1990)
  33. Awakenings, by Penny Marshall (1990)
  34. Guilt by Suspicion, directed by Irwin Winkler (1991)
  35. Backdraft, by Ron Howard (1991)
  36. Cape Fear – Cape Fear, directed by Martin Scorsese (1991)
  37. Lovers, Primalwomen (Mistress), by Barry Primus (1992)
  38. Night and the City, directed by Irwin Winkler (1992)
  39. Mad Dog and Glory, by John McNaughton (1993)
  40. This Boy’s Life, directed by Michael Caton-Jones (1993)
  41. Bronx (A Bronx Tale), directed by Robert De Niro (1993)
  42. Frankenstein di Mary Shelley (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), regia di Kenneth Branagh (1994)
  43. Cento e una notte (The Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinema), regia di Agnes Varda (1995)
  44. Casino (Casino), directed by Martin Scorsese (1995)
  45. Heat – The Challenge (Heat), directed by Michael Mann (1995)
  46. The Fan – Il mito (The Fan), directed by Tony Scott (1996)
  47. Sleepers, by Barry Levinson (1996)
  48. Marvin’s Room, by Jerry Zaks (1996)
  49. Cop Land, directed by James Mangold (1997)
  50. Sex & Power (Wag the Dog), by Barry Levinson (1997)
  51. Jackie Brown, by Quentin Tarantino (1997)
  52. Paradiso perduto (Great Expectations), regia di Alfonso Cuaron (1998)
  53. Ronin, directed by John Frankenheimer (1998)
  54. Therapy and Bullets (Analyze This), by Harold Ramis (1999)
  55. Flawless – Flawless, directed by Joel Schumacher (1999)
  56. The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, directed by Des McAnuff (2000)
  57. Men of Honor, by George Tillman Jr. (2000)
  58. Meet the Parents, directed by Jay Roach (2000)
  59. 15 Minutes – Murderous Madness in New York (15 Minutes), directed by John Herzfeld (2001)
  60. The Score, regia di Frank Oz (2001)
  61. Showtime, Tom Day (2002)
  62. Guilty of Murder (City by the Sea), directed by Michael Caton-Jones (2002)
  63. A boss under stress (Analyze That), by Harold Ramis (2002)
  64. Godsend – Evil is Reborn (Godsend), directed by Nick Hamm (2004)
  65. Will you introduce me to yours? (Meet the Fockers), directed by Jay Roach (2004)
  66. The Bridge of San Luis Rey (The Bridge of San Luis Rey), directed by Mary McGuckian (2004)
  67. Fahrenheit 9/11, directed by Michael Moore – documentary (2004)
  68. Hide and Seek, directed by John Polson (2005)
  69. The Good Shepherd – The Shadow of Power (The Good Shepherd), directed by Robert De Niro (2006)
  70. Stardust, regia di Matthew Vaughn (2007)
  71. Disastro a Hollywood (What Just Happened?), regia di Barry Levinson (2008)
  72. Righteous Kill, directed by Jon Avnet (2008)
  73. Everybody’s Fine – Everybody’s Fine (Everybody’s Fine), by Kirk Jones (2009)
  74. I Knew It Was You, regia di Richard Shepard – documentario (2009)
  75. Machete, directed by Robert Rodriguez (2010)
  76. Stone, by John Curran (2010)
  77. Meet Our (Little Fockers), by Paul Weitz (2010)
  78. Manual of love 3, directed by Giovanni Veronesi (2011)
  79. Limitless, by Neil Burger (2011)
  80. Killer Elite, regia di Gary McKendry (2011)
  81. New Year’s Eve, directed by Garry Marshall (2011)
  82. Red Lights, directed by Rodrigo Cortes (2012)
  83. Being Flynn, directed by Paul Weitz (2012)
  84. Freelancers, by Jessy Terrero (2012)
  85. The Positive Side – Silver Linings Playbook (Silver Linings Playbook), directed by David O. Russell (2012)
  86. Big Wedding (The Big Wedding), regia di Justin Zackham (2013)
  87. Killing Season, regia di Mark Steven Johnson (2013)
  88. Things our – Malavita (The Family), directed by Luc Besson (2013)
  89. Last Vegas, directed by Jon Turtletaub (2013)
  90. American Hustle (American Hustle), directed by David O. Russell (2013)
  91. Il grande match (Grudge Match), directed by Peter Segal (2013)
  92. Motel (The Bag Man), regia di David Grovic (2014)
  93. The Intern, directed by Nancy Meyers (2015)
  94. Bus 657 (Heist), regia di Scott Mann (2015)
  95. Joy, regia at David O. Russell (2015)
  96. Dirty Grandpa, directed by Dan Mazer (2016)
  97. Hands of Stone, regia di Jonathan Jakubowicz (2016)
  98. The Comedian, regia di Taylor Hackford (2016)
  99. Joker, by Todd Phillips (2019)
  100. The Irishman, regia di Martin Scorsese (2019)


  1. Extras – TV series, 2×06 (2006)
  2. 30 Rock – serie TV, 5×12 (2011)
  3. The Wizard of Lies, regia di Barry Levinson – film TV (2017)

Short films

  1. Encounter, regia di Norman C. Chaitin (1965)
  2. Ellis, regia at JR (2015)
  3. The Audition, directed by Martin Scorsese (2015)

Voice actor

  1. Shark Tale, by Bibo Bergeron and Vicky Jenson (2004)
  2. Massimo Troisi in The Postman, directed by Michael Radford and Massimo Troisi (1994) (American version)


  1. Bronx (A Bronx Tale) (1993)
  2. The Good Shepherd – L’ombra del potere (The Good Shepherd) (2006)


  1. We’re No Angels, by Neil Jordan (1990)
  2. Cape Fear – Cape Fear, directed by Martin Scorsese (1991)
  3. Thunderheart, directed by Michael Apted (1992)
  4. Lovers, Primalwomen (Mistress), by Barry Primus (1992)
  5. Bronx (A Bronx Tale), directed by Robert De Niro (1993)
  6. Frankenstein di Mary Shelley (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), regia di Kenneth Branagh (1994)
  7. Panther, by Mario Van Peebles (1995)
  8. Faithful, by Paul Mazursky (1996)
  9. Marvin’s Room, by Jerry Zaks (1996)
  10. Sex & Power (Wag the Dog), by Barry Levinson (1997)
  11. Entropy, directed by Phil Joanou (1999)
  12. Flawless – Flawless, directed by Joel Schumacher (1999)
  13. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle), directed by Des McAnuff (2000)
  14. Meet the Parents, directed by Jay Roach (2000)
  15. About a Boy – About a Boy, by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz (2002)
  16. Stage Beauty, regia di Richard Eyre (2004)
  17. Will you introduce me to yours? (Meet the Fockers), directed by Jay Roach (2004)
  18. Rent, royal di Chris Columbus (2004)
  19. The Good Shepherd – The Shadow of Power (The Good Shepherd), directed by Robert De Niro (2006)
  20. Disastro a Hollywood (What Just Happened), regia di Barry Levinson (2008)
  21. Public Enemy – Public Enemies (Public Enemies), directed by Michael Mann (2009)
  22. Meet Our (Little Fockers), by Paul Weitz (2010)
  23. 36 Quai des Orfevres, directed by Olivier Marchal (2010)
  24. NYC 22 (2012)
  25. About a Boy, (2014-2015)
  26. The Wizard of Lies, regia di Barry Levinson (2017)
  27. The Irishman, regia di Martin Scorsese (2019)

Italian citizen

De Niro had many women and six children, including one adopted, by six different mothers. His eventful private life is yet harmonious in his family ties. He has not lost contact even with his relatives from Molise and in 2006 he officially received the Italian Citizenship which allows him to return often and freely to our country. The pride in his “Italianness” has shown this several times, even jokingly naming Leonardo Di Caprio as his “cinematographic heir, because of his surname!”