When you share love with your partner, everything is fantastic, it is precious and you feel that your life is taking on more meaning than it previously had. Love is a feeling that makes you fly with your feet on the ground, just that it is your soul and heart that takes off and makes you feel good and happy. If these are the emotions you have towards a person, you can dedicate one of our love phrases to your boyfriend or girlfriend, since they are all precious and very pretty, and you can send them one every day of the week so that they wake up with a phrase of love of your partner, as you can also write a letter in which you have everything written and when you read it make her cry with happiness and love.

The phrases of love for the couple will make you see how beautiful love is and how good it feels both inside and out, because when we fall in love our eyes shine in a way that they don’t usually do. Share these phrases with that important person and fall in love every day.

Love phrases for my partner

  • Whisper to me, put your hand on my chest and watch my heartbeat soar.
  • I love you from the beginning of your life, until the end of your story.
  • You leave me speechless, that’s not enough for you and you take my breath away.
  • Your eyes are the river in which I want to die.
  • When you see me shut up, look me in the eye, because my look will tell you everything.
  • You are that moment that lasts an eternity in my soul.
  • I don’t love you with my heart because the heart stops. I love you with the soul, because the soul is eternal.
  • I promised never to fall in love, until I met you.
  • When I mention you in conversations with my friends, my mouth fills with “she is beautiful”, “she is perfect” and “I love her with all my soul”.
  • Ask the Moon, she has seen me whole nights thinking about you, until you came as Sun into my life.
  • I do not despair, but do not forget that I am waiting for you here.
  • Travel to the Moon or to the corner store, but with you.
  • How can I not look for you if I miss you? How am I not going to dream of you if I think about you all day? How can I not kiss you if I love you…
  • Your caresses fell asleep on my skin and your kisses fell asleep here in my mouth.
  • The smile is mine, but the reason is you.
  • If they gave me a choice, I would stay with you to live.
  • The fault lies with both of us, for looking for each other so much, at the same time getting tired, missing each other, not supporting each other and starting over.
  • Sometimes I miss you, sometimes… too.
  • Your kisses are like gold nuggets for me, without great value, but precious, because they indicate to me that there is a mine nearby.
  • There is no better melody than your smile.
  • I want to stop waking up, because in my dreams you are with me all the time.
  • The best coffee for my insomnia is in your eyes!
  • As much as I dream of you, I don’t know if I have you in my mind, in my life or in my heart.
  • You are what gives meaning to my life. Don’t ever go away.
  • In this of love there is no logic, mathematics, sanity, reasoning or brain. I love you madly, without thinking, with all my soul and my heart.
  • What I want with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
  • Crashing into your mouth would be a serious accident, but I accept the consequences with great pleasure.
  • If the world ended in two days, I would only ask for one thing, to spend them with you.
  • I don’t know if this is whim or love, but what I am sure of is that every moment that I am by your side is perfect.
  • Sorry for being faithful, giving all of me, loving you like no one, talking about you with everyone and thinking about you so much.
  • You are what I think about the most day and night, because my strongest feelings already bear your name.
  • You will always remain in my memory.
  • I dream of you so much that my bed already knows who you are. In fact, every night he asks me about you.
  • You meet thousands of people and they have no effect on you and you meet one person and it changes your life.
  • The smile that I lack here today, is there hanging from your mouth.
  • How does it feel to be the most perfect person in the Universe?
  • Since you told me “I love you”, my heart beats faster and time has stopped.
  • How could I forget you if I touched the sky with you!
  • For me there is no better hobby than thinking about you, nor a better occupation than loving you.
  • The only thing I want in this life is to earn a place in your heart.

beautiful love phrases

As you have seen, not only will you have the privilege of sending a phrase of love to your partner, but also, to make your job easier, you will be able to download the images with phrases that we have prepared for you for free, in order to that you use them either for WhatsApp status or for Instagram or even Facebook. Tag the person you love in these images and you will see how they thank you with a huge kiss or a hug. Love becomes greater the more you share it and especially when you tell that person how important it is to you. If you don’t have any love phrasewhat to tell him since it does not occur to you, do not hesitate to use any of the ones that we provide you above, since you will be able to conquer your boyfriend or girlfriend daily so that the relationship continues to go as well as in the first days. We hope that you liked these beautiful love phrases and if so, do not forget to share them so that other lovers can express their love in an original and very beautiful way.