In bed, there are many things that can go wrong if you are not up to the task , so it is essential to be focused on what you are doing to try to have the best time possible.
We know the repercussions that it has on an emotional level for men to finish before time in our sexual relationships, something that couples also suffer, although in a different way; That is why today we will try to give a series of tips to last longer in bed , which we hope will be useful.

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10 tips to last longer in bed that can help you
Both participants want to be up to the task in order to avoid any unforeseen event that could ruin that moment of intimacy. As each person has their tricks, we bring you a series of tips to last longer in bed that we encourage you to put into practice and tell us if they have helped you.

1. Entertain yourself with the preliminaries
For those men who finish too quickly (a real headache that can lead to serious self-esteem problems) or for those who have a hard time getting in the mood, regardless of their gender; preliminaries are the key, whether before, during or after intercourse.
If you see that you are about to finish, a tip to last longer that can come in handy is to interrupt the relationship to go through the preliminaries again. You can use your fingers or your tongue to stimulate their parts, so you don’t have to worry, your partner will continue to feel pleasure and you gain some breathing time to be able to continue later.

2. Stop to kiss
Careful, you are at that critical moment close to a point of no return… What can you do?
Stop and take a few seconds to caress and kiss. Romping in bed does not imply that, once inside, you have to be with the “in and out” constantly as if it were a marathon, on the contrary: kiss, caress, hug…Any possibility is good to last longer in bed and avoid tragedy.

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3. Avoid the mind
Some people have a special ability to put their minds blank and not worry about their daily worries to enjoy their relationships without problems. Others, on the other hand, are more meditative and are always turning their troubled heads .
Even when lying in bed with another person, they can’t help fearing that their nerves will play tricks on them at the most inopportune moment, so each develops their own techniques to prevent these intrusive thoughts from spoiling the evening.
Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your head off, in case you’re worried about finishing early without your partner getting ecstatic.

3.1. Reciting the Fibonacci Sequence
It may sound silly, but it’s a very useful tip for lasting longer in bed that helps divert attention if you’re worried about finishing early.
The Fibonacci sequence progresses by adding the two previous numbers in the series, starting with 0 and 1. So, it would be: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13… Until infinity. You don’t need to spend too much time on it , or recite this enumeration out loud, since the idea is that it helps you, not that your cursive partner runs away.

3.2. Shopping list
A doubly useful tactic: on the one hand, it can help you remember if there is something in the supermarket that you need; on the other, you delay the climax. We hope you have a good memory and that, for the sake of your partner, you don’t get out of bed to write down on a piece of paper what has occurred to you .

3.3. Review the lineup of a soccer or basketball team

Sports fans have a thousand different ways to come up with a technique that helps them in this regard. What was the line-up of your favorite team two years ago
? Would you be able to remember, one by one, the names and surnames of the players this season
? Believe us when we tell you that this advice to last longer in bed works.

3.4. Filmography of a film director
If you are a movie buff to the core, you also have several resources to avoid the mind that will help you not to leave your partner “in the mood”.
Here are some good tips to last longer when you make love: review the filmography of a specific director , the movies you have yet to see this year or the dialogues of your favorite scenes. We repeat: mentally. The only thing that has to come out of your mouth will be your moans, gasps and some “yes!” sporadic.

3.5. Planning what we will do the next day
Whenever you fear that the fun may be coming to an end, you can think about the things you have pending to do in the next few hours,but without being overwhelmed, remember that the key is to enjoy yourself to the fullest. In this way, you can organize your agenda while contributing to the joy of your partner.

4. Alter the tempos
If you are one of the people who are not capable of reciting lists or reviewing activities and prefer to continue pushing, we give you a piece of advice so that you can last longer doing it: change the rhythm of the shakes.
In other words, do not behave like a rabbit during copulation or like a salmon that tails to return to the water and varies its speed. In addition to the fact that your partner can thank you in case your impetus is causing him more discomfort than joy, this advice will allow you to last longer, so keep that in mind.

5. Hot water
A high sensitivity in the penis can cause a man to climax prematurely. For this reason, a simple and very practical method that requires time to take effect is to wet the male member with hot water (but without it being harmful or painful).
This can be done every time you take a shower, a minute or two, give it a little hot water to reduce sensitivity (removing the skin that covers the glans). When this is done for a while, the sensitivity will decrease and it will be easier to control the final moment , thus lasting longer in bed.

6. The more relaxed, the longer we will last in bed
And this is something that will benefit the two of us, or three, or those of us who are present at this festival of love.
Being able to relax in bed only comes with experience and confidence. In general, those who tend to have the most anxiety are inexperienced people during their first intimate relationships, self-conscious people who are hesitant that others see them naked or those who are imposed by the act itself. However, although it may seem like a cliche, it has always been said that the more obsessed we are with something, the greater the anxiety generated.
In sex, as in everything, it’s about having a good time and focusing on giving our best so that our partner enjoys it to the fullest.It is when this happens that we can let go and fully enjoy the experience.

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