Here is a somewhat different list than usual. Let’s dispel the myth of skin and bones models! You will see how beautiful and fascinating  curvy women can be , and that being successful models does not necessarily imply having to enter a size 36, quite the contrary.

Too often we see rankings in which women do not even have one kg too much and we forget that beauty is not an absolute value .

A woman’s strength is incredible , but it is often overshadowed by the definition of ‘beauty’. I want to show that we are not only strong, but that our differences also make us beautiful. After all, a rainbow would be uninteresting if it had only one color “. This is what one of the splendid protagonists in this ranking said, and she is absolutely right, don’t you think?

So here are 15 women, famous in the world of fashion but not only, who will show you how you can be beautiful even if plump! The article continues on the next page:

15) Ashley Graham

The 29-year-old American is known for being one of  the most famous curvy underwear models . We always find her in magazines like Elle , Vogue and Glamor . Ashley Graham is known for her shapes, but also for being an inspiration to numerous young women and models. She and she, in fact, she is the queen of extra-large supermodels .

14) Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is an American curvy blogger and model who has been talked about a lot on the occasion of her marriage to Drew, personal trainer and even called “Mister Abdominals”. In fact, many have dared to ask her how she manages to have such a beautiful husband, underlining their evident physical diversity. Her answer? Mythic: “ This man has hugged every curve, every pound and every pimple for the past decade and he has always reminded me that I’m beautiful, even when I felt insecure. Yes, I have thighs touching, big arms and cellulite, but I chose a man who can handle all of this . I am much more than my body, and so is it, and so are all of you. Love doesn’t look at sizes “.

13) Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine is the new curvy model of the fashion world. And she became an international celebrity by posing for the 2015 Pirelli calendar . Her measurements are generous: 97 cm of abdominal circumference, 85 of waistline and 112 cm of hips. The young woman opened up to Vanity Fair : “ When I got to the photo studio, I almost cried. And a big change to hire a girl with my physique! But we are going through an era in which everything changes and evolves, so aesthetic standards and society want a softer femininity “.

12) Ivory May

Ivory May was born in the city of Omaha (Nebraska) but grew up in Hilo, in the Hawaiian Islands. She and she the granddaughter of NBC presenter and star Floyd Kalber . At the age of 9, visiting her grandparents who live in Chicago, Ivory had her first approach to the world of fashion. In fact, the girl was noticed by an agency. Going down this road alone was however impossible and I was unable to enter the agency. Despite that first failed approach, she Ivory still want to be a model! Today her dream has come true and she is now an established professional!

11) Kelsey Olson

If this sweet face is not unknown to you, it could be because Kelsey Olson is present in the magazines of the great clothing sites such as Torrid , not particularly famous in Italy. It is difficult to obtain information on the private life of this curvy model, we only know that she was born in California. As for her body, we know her measurements: 105-99.90-119.38 cm by 1.78 cm in height. Ice eyes and an angelic face .

10) Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn is a curvy model who breaks the mold . From the moment she joined the fashion world to supplement her salary, the 27-year-old American has been super in demand. After participating in the Curves Ahead shooting  for the New York magazine V , the beautiful brunette was the face of the cover of Elle : the magazine sold 600,000 copies, double the usual.

9) Christina Rene Hendricks

“Sculptural”, “buxom”, “voluptuous”… after her appearance in 2007 on the hit TV series Mad Men , flattering comments poured in for Christina Hendricks who plays intelligent and ultra-sexy secretary Joan Holloway . Always brightly dressed and following the fashion of the 60s, Joan, the fiery redhead, embodies femininity in person .

8) Fluvia Lacerda

Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, Fluvia Lacerda, size 52, is the ultimate representation of South American beauty . Discovered by a fashion reporter on a bus in Manhattan, the model’s fame seems to grow more and more. In fact, you have posed for the major brands in circulation. Here we see her posing no less than on one of the Vogue sets .

7) Denise Bidot

Proud of her love handles and her other “imperfections” , the 29-year-old American made headlines last year thanks to a campaign for a swimwear line, where she appears without being retouched . And she is the first curvy model to have walked the runway for two different brands during New York Fashion Week in 2014. Today, Denise Bidot, wants to send a message to all women: “ To be beautiful you have to stay yourself “.

6) Rebel Wilson

Rebel Elizabeth Wilson is an Australian actress , screenwriter and humorist born on February 3, 1986, in Sydney. She famous for her role in the Pizza series , she has starred in films such as Pitch Perfect , The Wedding Party , and Single but not too much . The actress considers her forms of her as a comic element: ” I saw how my weight could be an advantage as so many women see it as an inconvenience  she said about it.

5) Beyonce Knowles

Pop icon celebrated all over the world, Beyonce is a real diva. Strong and determined, she has always highlighted her curves , becoming one of the emblems of irrepressible and sensual femininity. An all-round artist, Beyonce also married rapper Jay-Z with whom she had three children.

4) Anita Marshall

Anita Marshall is a 24-year-old American from Boston . Before becoming a model, the young woman was a professional make-up artist , but she secretly dreamed of another type of career (the one in the fashion world). Today Anita Marshall made her dream come true! She is 1.80 cm tall, she wears a size 44-46 and has very large breasts. Her The turn of her waist of her and hers of 85 cm and her hips of 119 cm.

3) Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez is a Mexican actress of television, cinema and theater, born on August 31, 1975 in Mazatlan. She and she best known for her role as Callie Torres in the series Grey’s Anatomy . Ramirez is also a songwriter and composer. In 2005, she won a Tony Awards for playing The Lady of the Lake .

2) Adele

We couldn’t forget about Adele. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a British singer who needs no introduction. With Skyfall , the soundtrack of the 23rd chapter of the James Bond film series, she won the Oscar for the best song of 2014 . Recently, she left the entertainment world to take care of the family.

1) Toccara Jones

Toccara Jones has made a career in television and in the fashion world. She is also an actress and singer, but only occasionally. She participated in the third season of America’s Next Top Model and finished seventh. After her, she signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models as an extra large model.