The end of the saga ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019), means leaving the way open for DC Comics to do everything possible to fill the gap left by Marvel, with the intention of Warner Bros to get ahead of Disney; and it is that the DC Universe is giving enough joys and surprises to the company.

The 7 DC premieres until 2022
The undoubted successes, already mentioned in other articles in this section, of ‘Wonder Woman’ (2017), ‘Aquaman’ (2018) and ‘Shazam!’ (2019), have led Warner to allow himself the luxury to encourage DC Entertainment to publish what will be its catalog-decalogue of superhero films between now and 2022.
Without further delay… Here they go!

According to the official calendar, the order would give priority to‘Joker’, by Todd Philips (‘Gun Game’, ‘R3sacon’, ‘Salados de Cuentas’), probably one of the most anticipated of this year and which takes as a reference the DC comic written by Alan Moore, ‘The Joke assassin’, from 1988.
The film is conceived to be released in October 2019.

Birds of Prey
It is followed by ‘Birds of Prey (And The Fabulous Emantipation of one Harley Quinn), a film halfway between the spin-off of ‘Suicide Squad ‘ (2016), and as a sequel also to confer independence to the character of Harley Quinn, ex-girlfriend of the Joker, and who will once again be played by Oscar Nominee Margot Robbie (‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’, ‘Maria, queen of Scotland’, ‘I, Tonya’) .
The film is scheduled to premiere on February 7.

Wonder Woman 1984
Quite separate from this would be the already mentioned ‘Wonder Woman, 1984’, also directed by Patty Jenkins, although we already mentioned that it was initially planned for this summer, due to production problems it had to be delayed.
It has its release date conceived for June 5, 2020 .
First images of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. | DC Universe.

The Batman
A year later, and practically, and almost in unison, that same month the premieres of ‘Super Pets’ would follow for June 21, 2020, and the new and long-awaited, ‘The Batman’ , by Matt Reeves, with Robert Patinson dealing with giving life to Bruce Wayne.
For himJune 25, 2020.

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Reboot of ‘The Suicide Squad’
In August 2021, the reboot of ‘Suicide Squad’ will be released, by James Gunn (‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’), who will be in charge of giving new life to the band of villains most hooligans of the DC Universe. It will therefore be a busy summer season in 2021.
It is expected to see the light in August 2021 .

The Flash: Flashpoint
Already in a more indefinite way and throughout that year the premiere dates will be confirmed (very sure for 2021) of both the movie of the fastest superheroes in the DC Universe, ‘The Flash: Flashpoint’, of the first that they announced themselves alone from the fast superhero, which has been delayed over time due to the company’s tight schedule. The other novelty of that year will be ‘Batgirl’.

Aquaman 2
The culmination of what seems to be 2022, will come in the month of December, specifically on the 16th, a week before Christmas, Jason Momoa (‘Dune’, ‘Carnal Love’, ‘Game of Thrones’) will return from the seven seas to bring us the sequel to ‘Aquaman’.

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