Giving a silver bracelet is always an elegant detail, but being able to engrave it gives us the opportunity to make this gift something more personal. The best thing about silver bracelets is that they are very versatile and it is impossible for them not to combine with something, which is why they have become an ideal complement for all kinds of situations. If you are thinking of giving a silver bracelet and want to make that gift something more special, recording a phrase that makes the other person remember you is always a good idea.

Even with everything, if you are not very clear about which phrase is the most appropriate to engrave on such a beautiful bracelet, here I bring you 25 phrases to engrave on a silver bracelet. I have no doubt that in some of them you will find the inspiration you need to know which is the best message to give, and it is impossible to fail if you decide to personalize such an elegant accessory.

The best inspiration to engrave a message on a silver bracelet

The possibilities that open up before you when it comes to expressing a message are many more than you think. When people think of giving a silver bracelet, they usually think of some romantic detail, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Part of the versatility of these bracelets, as they explain to us at, is that they are a perfect gift for couples as well as for friends or family, so the engraved message may vary. It doesn’t have to be a declaration of love, it can also be a nice daily reminder so that the person smiles every time they read it, or a message of encouragement so that they can face each day with more enthusiasm. In this list I have managed to gather 25 different phrases so that you can choose the one that best suits the person to whom you are going to give such a nice detail.

If you have a dream,  go for it

It is a very nice message that encourages the person receiving the gift to face each day with a smile. Sometimes we forget why we do what we do, and we lose sight of the goal, but this message can help you set her destiny every day.

We always have  tomorrow

You are  the  best thing  that has happened to me

You should know that this  too shall pass

This is a very nice phrase because it refers to a story in which a king constantly changes his mind depending on his mood, and this message helps him to cool down his opinions and make better decisions. It seems to me a precious daily reminder that your partner or friend will value more than you think.

you are my other  half

my life begins  with you

Live, that will be my greatest  adventure

This well-known phrase belongs to the story of Peter Pan, in which he realizes that growing up can’t be so bad because it’s a real adventure. A beautiful phrase to keep in mind every day.

hakuna matata

you are something  unexpected

It won’t be easy, but it’s worth a  try .


Sometimes, with a single word you can express much more than you think. Recording something as simple as this message can be reassuring on a very stressful day, and often the success is in simplicity.

one step  at a time

Love  exists  and it’s you

Yesterday,  today  and always

you make me  fall in love  every day

i love you  3000

This phrase has become popular thanks to a well-known saga of movies, and the truth is that it has become one of the most beautiful messages in recent years. If you know that he will understand the reference, it is a phrase with which you cannot fail.

you are  extraordinary

The sun only rises  when you smile

The  essential  is invisible to the eye

One of the best known phrases of  The Little Prince , and something that deserves to be remembered daily. If the person to whom you are going to give this bracelet is a true fan of famous dates, you cannot miss the opportunity to opt for this message.

Fight  to achieve your dreams

To  infinity  and beyond

the world is  yours

we are  infinite

If you can  sound it, you can do it

listen to your  heart

Every day we are faced with decisions, although they may seem superficial. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to what our hearts tell us, and this message is perfect for the person to whom you give it to remember to keep in mind what they really want.