Oscar Wilde’s phrases are common on social networks, but very few know who the author is. This Irish writer was a standard-bearer of aestheticism (art for art’s sake) in 19th-century London society , and is remembered for his extensive play and his only but well-known novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.
In this collection of phrases we will know the artist’s thoughts on universal themes such as love, beauty or family and we will give some details of his biography.

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41 phrases of Oscar Wilde to frame
These are the most surprising phrases that Oscar Wilde reflected in his work.

1. Be yourself, the rest of the papers are already taken.
For Wilde, life was a great play that could only be represented in one way: by living it.

2. Children begin life loving their parents; as they get older, they judge them, and sometimes forgive them.
However, the author owes his love of letters to his mother: the poetess Jane Wilde , who wrote under the pseudonym Speranza.

3. There is no man rich enough to buy his past.
Wilde highlights the value of intangible assets and things that money cannot buy.

4. Things of which one is completely sure are never true. That is the fate of faith and the lesson of romanticism.
Despite this phrase, Oscar Wilde converted to Catholicism on his deathbed, according to various writings.

5. The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.
It refers to the youth of spirit.

6. Questions are never indiscreet. The answers, yes.
Answering awkward questions is an option.

7. Punctuality is the thief of time.
One of the phrases taken from his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, a best-seller turned classic.

8. Naturalness is the most difficult of the poses.
He doesn’t lack reason. Being yourself is more difficult than pretending to be someone else.

9. Work is the refuge of those who have nothing to do.
Surprising phrase from Oscar Wilde, considering that he was a strong defender of the working class .

10. To test reality, we have to see it on the tightrope. When truths become acrobats we can judge them.
One more sample of the preciousness and aestheticism in the work of this author, who chose words masterfully.

11. A good friend is always going to stab you in the front.

Oscar Wilde’s best-known friendship was Lord Alfred Douglas , although some claim there was more to it.

12. Women have been made to be loved, not to be understood.
Despite his obvious literary legacy, Oscar Wilde left behind a series of rather unfortunate and macho phrases . We include them because they are key to understanding his thinking.

13. These days people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Money is another of the universal topics on which the Irishman dared to speak on many occasions.

14. The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it.
One of the writer’s most famous quotes about passion and love.

15. Youth smiles for no reason. It is one of the greatest charms of him.
In many stages of his life, Wilde refers to the innocence of youthand the inexorable passage of time.

16. We all carry heaven and hell inside.
The duality between good and evil. Sometimes the line is not as defined as we would like.

17. The artist is a creator of beauty.
Beauty” is one of those words that usually appears when we talk about Wilde.

18. Nothing worthwhile can be taught.
One of the few statements of his with which we do not agree.

19. Whenever a man does something perfectly stupid, he does it for the noblest of reasons.
What the writer was referring to is that, in general, such stupidities are committed for love .

20. Two rules for writing: have something to say and say it.
However, Oscar Wilde said things in a very special way. That has led him to be one of the most quoted writers in history .

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21. The least frequent thing in this world is to live. Most people exist, that’s all.
A phrase from which we can extract a valuable lesson: carpe diem.

22. Who, being loved, is poor
Another thing is to love and not be reciprocated.

23. Beauty is far superior to genius. It doesn’t need an explanation.
For him, beauty was one of the most valuable attributes of the human being.

24. Sometimes I think that God creating man slightly overestimated his ability.
He died in Paris in communion with the Catholic Church, although throughout his life he did not give too much importance to religion .

25. It is quite difficult not to be unfair to what one loves.
In the field of love, the writer had a rather turbulent life. His first courtship was with Florence Balcombe , who eventually married Bram Stoker.

26. Excuse me, I had not recognized you: I have changed a lot.
One of his best known and shared quotes on the network.

27. As a bad person, I am a complete disaster.
Most historians agree that the author was a fairly peaceful guy .

28. The only advantage of playing with fire is that you learn not to get burned.
A sentence about the experience.

29. Forgive your enemy. Nothing infuriates him more.
A maxim that Oscar Wilde applied with some of his detractors.

30. Ambition is the last refuge of failure.
However, it is true that without failure there is no success.
Doodles on the tomb of Oscar Wilde, one of the most visited. | Image by: Denis Doukhan.

31. When he is in love, one begins by deceiving himself and ends up deceiving others.
Wilde married Constance Lloyd , but after several scandals and rumors about his sexuality, they ended up drifting apart.

32. I have long conversations with myself, and I’m so smart that sometimes I don’t understand a word I say.
Geniuses think more than is convenient to be happy.

33. Music is the closest thing to tears and memories.
Apparently, writing was not the only art present in the life of the writer born in Dublin.

34. If you want to know what a woman is really saying, look at her, don’t listen to her.
Another of the reflections that help us understand the peculiar perception that Wilde had about women .

35. There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
One of his greatest fears was falling into oblivion, as can be deduced from this quote.

36. Loving yourself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime.
To love others you must first love yourself.

37. Sometimes we can spend years without living at all, and suddenly our whole life is concentrated in a single moment.
Life is not measured by the number of moments we live, but by their quality.

38. Beauty needs no explanation, it is superior to genius.
Another example of the importance that this genius gave to beauty.

39. If you want to anger your enemy, forgive him.
Oscar Wilde made a few enemies throughout his life, including the Marquess of Queensberry, who accused him of being a “sodomite . ”

40. Advising the poor on economics is like advising a hungry person to eat less.
Join your many sentences by him on the working class of the 19th century . It should be noted that the writer did not spend great economic hardship.

41. The only thing that consoles men for the stupidities committed, is the pride of doing them.
We close this collection of Oscar Wilde quotes with a brilliant quote about pride and human stupidity.

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