As the calendar goes by, the desire for the sea returns . And if the “costume fitting” went well, what is missing right now is … the costume! If you don’t want to settle for the usual bikini, or if you want to put yourself to the test by wrapping yourself up in a classy one-piece swimsuit, don’t rely on any shop and any brand. Women’s swimwear must be chosen according to certain criteria, one of which is quality.

So look for the best and look for it among the best brands. Because a nice swimsuit is forever. And if it values ​​you and endures over time, the extra expense you will make is also worth it. Now there is only one doubt: which is the most beautiful model, one- piece swimsuit or bikini ? Perhaps it amazes you to know that they will win you both. Especially if they are produced by some of the most famous brands .

So let’s see in the following lines which are the most famous and purchased brands of women’s swimwear in our latest post dedicated to the latest summer fashion trends!


Famous for socks and underwear, Calzedonia is also one of the leaders in the production and sale of swimwear for women. Particular and original are above all the bikinis, but this year also the whole swimsuits will be in fashion. Finally, particular is the bikini with push-up band.

Looking at the brand, the Calzedonia Group was born in Vallese di Oppeano , in the province of Verona, in 1987, founded by Sandro Veronesi, a former employee of Golden Lady.


Gucci, the luxury brand founded many years ago by Guccio Gucci, is also part of the field of women’s and men’s swimwear. It does so by designing and producing very elegant costumes suited to the fashions of the moment.

Your Gucci women’s costume for 2020 will be in a leopard pattern , perhaps one-shoulder or the so-called “trikini”, consisting of three pieces. The hallmark? Obviously the name Gucci printed in plain sight, which always looks glamorous.


A pride of Made in Italy, this young swimwear brand is famous for its glitter decorations on the elastics and bright colors.

She launched her products through social media such as Instagram and success came when Chiara Ferragni wore them and made her known to the whole world.

The name of the Oseree brand comes from the French oser , which means to dare.

But choosing this swimwear brand means choosing among the top of the swimwear sector.


As a brand it is somewhat classic, but for this very reason it is always appreciated by women of all ages and tastes.

Triumph swimwear are discreet, elegant, sober, but certainly comfortable and practical. 

This company, born in the 1950s in a corset factory in Swabia, is one of the leading underwear brands producing lingerie in the world and since its origins it has focused on internationalization, as its motto ” Think global, act local “.

Solid & Striped

Born in 2012 in New York (but soon on the crest of the wave also in Europe and Japan), Solid & Striped produces two-piece or one-piece swimsuits made with refined fabrics.

The materials come from all over the world, according to a careful choice that guarantees a safe quality of the product.

The two watchwords of the brand are: elegance and simplicity.


The world famous Spanish brand for women’s underwear and one of the largest producers of ladies’ costumes in the world.

Oysho, created in 2001, is now present in over 44 countries and with over 600 stores around the world and has become the reference point for every woman’s shopping. S.

Always attentive to the fashions of the moment, he knows how to shape himself when necessary and this year he launched himself in the “three pieces” in bright colors.

Hunza G

Known worldwide for its seductive knitted swimsuits, Hunza G offers bikinis and one-pieces in delicate colors, embellished with small interesting details, such as a belt, a scarf.

Born as Hunza in 1984 under the direction of Peter Meadows, the label has been a huge success with its unique crinkled stretch fabric. The Hunza brand became an iconic piece in the 1980s when Julia Roberts wore it in Pretty Woman.

Thirty years later, creative director Georgiana Huddart teamed up with Peter Meadows to relaunch the brand as Hunza G. All pieces are still made in London, consistent with the brand’s British roots.


Historic swimwear and underwear brand, it never misses an opportunity to be at the forefront with the beauty of its fabrics, designs and prints.

This year the animal pattern dominates and the bands are the masters for bikinis.

Born in 2001 from an idea of ​​Gianluigi Cimmino, today together with another historic Italian fashion brand, Carpisa, it has formed one of the strongest holding companies in Italy with over 1,000 stores and as many employees.

Queen Olga

Very Italian brand with an international flavor, Reina Olga is among the best brands of women’s swimwear , especially for the colors and patterns that she knows how to combine with every costume.

The Cleps sisters conceived the Reina Olga brand. Isolde, a model student, works in fashion before quitting her job and moving to Geneva to work as a philanthropist. Guia, on the other hand, does not like to study and changes 6 schools. However, she becomes the Commercial Director of a French haute couture brand.

In 2014, the sisters decide to become members and create Reina Olga, born of their love for Brazilian bikinis.

Thanks to their presence on social media, today the brand gains a lot of visibility and activates various collaborations and crowdfunding campaigns to become stronger and stronger.


Anjuna is also Italian, famous for her swimwear and coordinated accessories.

Manuela Corvo, creative director of the Anjuna Collection Brand, offers her highly creative dresses, caftans and swimwear that transform the concept of Beachwear into a more sophisticated concept of Summerwear. In fact, they are adaptable to any moment of a woman’s summer day: from the sea to the aperitif, the Anjuna collections are designed to make the most of femininity.

The most renowned models of the brand are bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, long and mini dresses, and even skirts and kaftans, also worn by numerous stars, such as Naomi Campbell, Valeria Mazza up to the most popular fashion bloggers and influencers of the moment.