Sometimes with just a few words it is not enough to say everything you feel and you need to express it in another way, with more meaning, because your love cannot be explained in a short space. Love is a beautiful feeling that fills us with life and makes us very happy, therefore, so that you continue to be happy and also make the other person happy , we have prepared a selection of the best long love phrases for you to know. dedicate them to the person you love the most, be it your boyfriend, your girlfriend or you want to conquer someone.

With these messages you will not fail and you will be able to tell him everything you think in just a few lines. You can take the phrase you want and upload it to Facebook, or you can even write it on a piece of paper and give it to him in a note, it will be much more romantic with a little of your cologne on top so that it always smells of you.

Long phrases of love to fall in love

  • Since our paths crossed, it has already rained a lot, but even so I am surprised, because time passes and I cannot understand how every second that passes I am more in love with you.
  • What an exaggeration you may think, but the truth is that I am not lying when I tell you that all my love for you is immortal. Every time you look at me you melt me ​​and I feel like the most important and fortunate person, thank you for how you make me feel, this would not be possible if you were not here.
  • Every time I see you, a new emotion is born in me, a feeling that confirms that what I feel for you is true and I will love you all my life.
  • From this moment, everything that is mine is yours, I give you from my heart and my being, you have bewitched me with your gaze and I can only love you and give you my heart.
  • In addition to being pretty, you are affectionate, smiling, close, cheerful, attentive and kind. The time will not come when I get tired of reminding you over and over again of how much you mean in my life, how important you are to me and how much I love you. I’m a very lucky fool.
  • My dear, every day I stop to think about what life I would not have had if we had not met, and I really tell you, I am sure that I would not be even 1% as happy as I am with you. Thanks to you I am better, I have been able to grow as a person and that is why I can only tell you that I love you and we will always be united.
  • The best things happen when you least expect them. I no longer believed in love, I was sad, without any hope of finding the perfect woman to be with me, to whom I could give myself body and soul, trust my innermost secrets and love above all else… And all of a sudden you came, giving me the biggest surprise they could have given me.
  • I never thought that there could be a girl like you, so perfect, you are everything to me, my queen.
  • It makes my heart skip a beat, just thinking about what my life would be like if we hadn’t met on that wonderful day. I think I wouldn’t be happy without you.
  • I don’t like lies, and that’s why I confess that the day we started dating I was sure we wouldn’t last, but as I got to know you more and more, I realized that you are the perfect person for me and you deserve everything.
  • They told me how you were when they introduced us that day, I knew practically everything about you, and despite that, I had no doubts when you asked me out. Today I am proud of that decision I made, I am your girlfriend and I will be your wife in the future with all the consequences.
  • There have been bad times, but looking back, I am sure that the story we are currently living is worth it, and that I will continue to be happy if I can wake up one more day by your side.
  • You are my better half, my darling, the best thing that has happened to me in life, my soulmate, my other self, my other half, my eternal love.
  • If one day sadness invades you, you feel like crying or you do not remember how in love I am with you, write this in your mind: “Without you, this world would not be so wonderful”, never forget that for me it is your imperfections that that make you perfect
  • Before I met you I had my feet on the ground, I believed in limitations and I considered myself to some extent a realistic person. I even thought that love at first sight did not exist, it was nothing more than a mirage, but since you appeared in my life you have turned my whole being upside down, now I believe in fantasy stories and that, if you chase your dreams , you will get everything you propose.
  • I just wanted to tell you, my love, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • Look, I’ve met people, but I never thought someone as perfect as you existed.
  • You are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, but you are also attentive, loving, a good person, you have everything. I will never get tired of reminding you how incredible you are to me and how much I love you, thanks for staying by this fool’s side.
  • It’s funny how love comes to you when you’re least looking for it. I was depressed and sad thinking that I would never find a woman who loved me, someone to confide my secrets to and to love above all else and just at that moment you arrived, from that moment I believe in love.
  • I’m going to be honest, when I met you I didn’t think we would last more than three days, I thought that ours was something for just one night, but little by little I fell in love with you and that you deserve everything good that life can offer you.
  • When I listen to a romantic song, I can’t stop thinking about you, because you are the woman who always makes me happy. It is so, when I surround you with my arms, I am the happiest being in the world. For this, I thank you for being that unique woman, who I was waiting for so long.
  • I want to be that person who wakes up next to you in bed, every morning of your life; and the one who kisses you and makes you happy. You are my Love; And I just want to make you happy. In this way, every time I read a message from you on my mobile, I am happy as a child; and it is because you are my queen, the only one worthy of my love.
  • My happiness would be full, if I spent most of my day by your side. However, I am happy to see you even for a moment each day, because that small moment makes my life happy. It is you who gives me the strength to continue fighting, and the one who with her love makes me better. And it is that, without you, everything is different; because without your love there is nothing.

Long and beautiful love phrases to dedicate

What would we be without love? I hope you liked the long love phrases that we have brought for you. We know that they are very important, since with them you can declare yourself to the person you love, or dedicate it to your boyfriend or girlfriend on your anniversary. If you feel this great love, the best thing is to share it , tell the world how happy you are and there is nothing better than doing it with a message of love like the ones we offer you. Similarly, if what you want is to write a status message on WhatsApp, you can try our short phrases section, they are ideal to add to this application, or even to post on Twitter or other social networks. You choose what you like most to convey your feelings.