Just a week ago, the youtuber and political disseminator Un Tio Blanco Hetero, one of the most controversial figures in Spanish politics in recent times, showed his face to his thousands of followers in an interview with Yobana Carril, a lawyer who defends men in cases of gender violence. But… who is a White Straight Guy

1. Who is a White Straight Guy
2. A White Straight Guy shows his face
3. A White Straight Guy on Twitter
4. Controversies of a White Straight Guy

Who is a White Guy Hetero
Un Tio Blanco Hetero is a youtuber who has been recording and uploading his videos to the platform for just over a year. In themcomments on the political and social news of the country (mainly) and the world . The reason for her leap to the public scene was the rise of the feminist movement in our country that clearly crystallized on March 8, 2018. Two months earlier, Un Tio Blanco Hetero opened her account.
At a time marked by the polarization of political discourse when dealing with any issue, the polemics about feminist ideology have been some of the hottest in recent times, such as the Gender Violence Law or the wage gap; but UTBH has also commented on the policies of support for racial minorities, the LGTBI question, etc.
The name chosen to carry out this YouTube account responds ironically to those who defend identity policies for minorities, since many of these have the theory that ” A guy (male), white and heterosexual (CIS) “He cannot understand the problems of these oppressed groups as he is privileged , so he should stay out of the political debate in this regard. Heterosexual white men would be the great force of oppression of all these groups, and in some cases they become the targets for their attacks.
A Straight White Guy comes out dressed in a white tights that only allows him to see his mouth, sunglasses and a black hoodie. In the first place to protect his privacy (something we assume he has to do to preserve his freedom of expression), and secondly to become the prototype of a heterosexual white male on whom attacks from ideologically opposed sectors are directed, but also to become in a symbol in the fight against the most radical feminism and other identity politics. Which he has achieved: in just over a year he has already accumulated more than 230,000 subscribers and more than 21 million views on his account.
This popularity has led him to become a benchmark for a generation of white men (and women, to a lesser extent) disenchanted with the direction that society is “taking” and even to make a living from his activity as a YouTuber.

A Straight White Guy Shows His Face
But as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, A Straight White Guy (UTBH) showed his face to the public a week ago in a video interview with Yobana Carril .
He has done it because information about him had already been leaked in different forums and word of mouth was spreading about the social networks of the person behind the mask. According to A Straight White Guy, the newspaper El Mundo had the information and they were hesitating whether to break the news about his identity.
The Youtuber was ahead of the media and I guess he decided that for someone to profit at his expense, he would do it. So UTBH showed his face and said his name (Sergio)to his thousands of followers who were watching him live.

Un Tio Blanco Hetero on Twitter
The activity carried out by Un Tio Blanco Hetero on YouTube is complementary to that carried out on his social networks, especially on Twitter, which we already know is the most propitious social network for controversy and commentary .