Many times our internet connection does not meet the minimum standards that are expected of it, and although the internet is much better, those of us who like to play video games do not let a mishap like this stop us. For this reason, we bring you a list of the 12 best games that do not need internet for PC.
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Although multiplayer games are often the ones that have the most impact or media coverage, you don’t need internet to be able to play many hours on your PC and enjoy them. At a time when games are increasingly moving towards massive multiplayer, and leaving aside the exciting stories they have told for so many years, we celebrate that games with deep and intricate stories are still being produced, allowing us to get into them. as the best of novels.
Here we leave you our selection of the 12 best games that do not need internet for PC, so that you can enjoy alone or accompanied, of the best stories of the video game industry. 12. Planescape Storm
When you wake up in the middle of a field, with no memories of the night before and with a general numbness, you can imagine what happened, right?
Well, not in this installment, because even though you wake up like this, you are an immortal, who has lost all his memories and that he has some annotations tattooed on his skull, with some clue of what he once was.
From here, in a pure and simple RPG style, we must discover clues that reveal our origin. One of the best options for lovers of strategy games who do not have an internet connection.
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Assassin’s Creed is one of the most renowned sagas in the video game world of all, and rightly so , since Ubisoft has been in charge of moving us to all continents and eras to fight as Assassin for power. Spectacular gameplay and mechanics have earned it a spot on our list.
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One of the best strategy games in history takes us to ancient Rome, where at the controls of the Roman army we fight against different empires to gain control of the world. A classic that stood out in its day for its playability and the depth of the controls and the story. It can not fail for anyone who wants a game that does not need internet, guaranteeing many hours of fun.
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The best shooter in history will be fifteen years old in 2019, and even so, it continues to stand the test of time in a spectacular way. V alve spent more than 40 million in the production of the title , at a time when the video game industry was not as important as it is now. A spectacular title that you should try even if you don’t like shooters, simply because of the innovation it brought in 2004.
At that time, online multiplayer was not common, so you can be sure that you will be able to squeeze all the potential out of this game without no kind of problem.
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One of the most important revolutions in the video game industry came from the hand of Portal, a puzzle and platform game with very good mechanics for the time and a lot of humor. The game offers you a series of challenges ,inside the Aperture laboratories , in which you have a gun with orange and blue portals, which connect to each other, to advance by overcoming ingenious tests. A very good purchase for those who do not have an internet connection.
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The continuation of Civilization brought us the same mechanics as in previous deliveries in Alpha Centauri, since before reaching the new planet the ship’s crew is divided into 7 factions , each with different ideas of how to live on the new planet. With a much more refined style, our goal is going to be to gain control of the planet and establish our point of view. It should be noted that the game does not need internet at any time.
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Cuphead is a game that you are going to love and hate at the same time. In an endless sequence of jump shots and enemies, the game progresses on the premise that you must defeat the god of hell. With an aesthetic that reminds us of the cartoons of the 40s , and with the addition that the entire game has been drawn by hand, frame by frame.
The game is one of the infallible in a library of the best offline games for PC, and is rated by many as one of the most difficult games on the market, one of the reasons why it has been liked so much.
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From the hand of Bethesda came to us in 2012 one of the best games in history, which also does not need internet. The game takes us to a steampunk world in which we get into the skin of Corvo, the defender of the empress, who serves as a scapegoat for the real murderers.
To execute his revenge and rescue the queen’s daughter, we can decide whether to kill everyone or do it stealthily, since the final results of the game and the evolution that it will have will depend on our actions, going from a darker finish to a softer one . Although it is available for various platforms, this is one of the best offline games for PC.
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Undertale is a masterpiece, and considered by many to be the best turn-based RPG ever created. Its wacky humor and various alternate endings provide a seemingly endless variety of ways to play the game. A game that doesn’t have the best graphics but it doesn’t need it either , because its depth and its large cast of characters more than cover it. It cannot be missing in your library whether you have an internet connection or not.
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The proclaimed best game of the century, picks up the story based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, to transport us to a pseudo-medieval era where monsters and magic are the order of the day. Our goal will be to prevent the completion of the prophecy of The Wild Hunt, which aims to destroy the universe . Superb gameplay and the ability to enjoy it offline make it a great game to add to your library.
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