Vegan dinners: what to prepare tasty this summer

Summer is approaching and our desire to prepare tasty vegan dinners in the company of friends and relatives is growing more and more. This year we want to recommend something tasty but at the same time healthy and in line with the latest trends: a nice vegan dinner !

Vegan dinners are those, as the word itself says, whose dishes are of vegetable origin: no to meat and meat derivatives, such as eggs and cheeses. Everything that is prepared must have fruit and vegetables as ingredients.

So how do you prepare your vegan dinner? What to prepare? We give you some tips!

Vegan dinner: appetizers

As starters, our recommendations, taken from various specialized magazines, are:

  • Olive pate and okara: prepared with bread, they allow you to start the evening in the best possible way. Specifically, okara is a cream prepared with the waste of vegetable milk preparation that can be spread on bread;
  • Bruschetta with oil and tomato: a classic but timeless;
  • Pear and vegetable cheese canapes:  for a fresh and light appetizer, waiting for the main courses;


Vegan prices: and receive

It’s time for the main course: the first course! What is it made of?

Here are our possible recommendations:

  • Pasta al pomodoro: nothing more vegan than a nice plate of pasta to start off well and delight friends and relatives with a simple, good and vegan dish, the flagship of our Mediterranean diet;
  • Gnocchi in vegan rocket sauce: if we want something different but tasty at the same time, we choose this recipe whose sauce is prepared with dried fruit, blanched tofu, rocket, salt and pepper, which blended together with a creamy mixture (to which to add extra virgin olive oil) to be applied to potato or chickpea gnocchi;
  • Risotto with saffron and chickpeas: saffron risotto is one of the tastiest recipes of our local cuisine, which revisited in a vegan key can be enriched with the chickpea component, so as to add that touch of taste that doesn’t hurt;


Vegan main courses

As a second course we have the following dishes for you:

  • Vegan meatballs: meatballs with artichokes, dried tomatoes and tofu, chickpeas or lentils, provide the right compromise between taste and health, as well as being prepared in many variations: baked, fried or even with tomato. The important thing is that they are vegan, therefore free of meat and derivatives;
  • Potato tacos stuffed with chickpeas, seitan and caramelized onions: from the site, a site specializing in vegan recipes, we have borrowed this recipe, which can also be offered as an appetizer. This dish is prepared with homemade potato-based discs. The chickpeas are in the form of cream, while the seitan is filleted and sauteed in a pan to make it brown and smoke, then adding the caramelized onions;

  • Seitan stew with apples and peanuts: another Vegolosi recipe, this is prepared with a base of stewed vegetables and diced seitan: you can decide the size according to your personal taste. Put the seitan in a pan with the stewed vegetables, mix and add the apple, which you will have cut together with the seitan;

For dessert , to round off the evening on a high note, in hot summers, we recommend a nice vegan panna cotta with vanilla and chocolate flavor Alternatively, even a vegan ice cream cup can only sweeten our palate.

What vegan recipes do you recommend? Let’s talk together!