The horror genre is not for everyone . There are cold-blooded enthusiasts who undergo impassive, sometimes even amused, scenes of torture, exorcisms and heinous murders; others, on the other hand, cannot even look at movie posters, without feeling a shiver go up their spine. What attracts us or scares us so much?

Horror brings out the most hidden fears as it brings to the stage the unknown, that which we do not know, that we do not understand, that is beyond our control. Demonic possessions , the existence of terrible and bloodthirsty monsters such as vampires and zombies, the neuroses that make an ordinary man an unscrupulous killer are the favorite subjects of the public: you can’t miss them but then you cover your eyes with your hands , in a mixture of attraction and repulsion.

Whether you are a fan of the genre or you avoid it like the flu during the summer holidays, this Gallery is for you anyway!

The protagonists of some of the scariest horror films in cinema are, in reality, beautiful : they have become your worst nightmares but after seeing them without stage tricks you will change your mind because … They are a dream!

10) Kyra Collins from The Sixth Sense – Misha Barton

Little Cole can see her, the others can’t. The sixth sense represents one of the pillars of the horror genre and the beautiful Misha Barton plays the haunting ghost of Kyra Collins . Cole sees her for the first time in her room: pale and emaciated, the ghost child, obviously ill , needs the help of the protagonist to reveal a terrible secret and save the life of her sister. It turns out that Kyra was poisoned to death by her stepmother, suffering from Munchausen syndrome.

9) Emily Rose from The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter made her big screen debut in 2005 with an incredible portrayal of the demonic student from The Exorcism of Emily Rose . Distressing and dark , the film is based on the testimony of Father Richard Moore, a priest accused of leading 19-year-old Emily to death. The priest, dealing with the girl’s “illness” declares: “I don’t care about my reputation, what I care about is telling the story of Emily Rose”. Voices from beyond the grave , distorted and disturbing visions, twisted limbsand unexplained events, all fundamental elements of a horror bordering on metaphysics. For this role, US actress Jennifer Carpenter received only the nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Saturn Awards in 2005, the award for the most terrifying performance and the nomination for Best Breakthrough Performance at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards . notoriety reached it, however, thanks to the role of police officer Debra Morgan in the TV series Dexter .

8) Lilith Sullivan of Case 39 – Jodelle Ferland

Lilith, or rather, Lily, is rescued by social worker Emily Jenkins (Academy Award winner Renee Zellweger) and detective Mike Barron (Ian McShane) before being killed by her parents. The girl is found a victim of mistreatment and abuse and Emily gets temporary foster care. His fearful eyes of hers, her long brown hair, the defenseless attitude of those who cannot understand the wickedness of the world deceive both the audience in the hall and the poor social worker. Lily hides within herself a very powerful demonthat subjugates the will of those around her and makes them do horrible things. The very young Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland is very good at confusing the viewer who, convinced of her little girl’s innocence, cannot believe her eyes in seeing her unscathed from the fire that should have killed her.

7) Esther in Orphan – Isabelle Fuhrman

Isabelle Fuhrman is a very young American actress: her mother is a journalist from Moscow while her father was president of the Republican Party of Dane County, Wisconsin. Isabelle has an ethereal beauty that makes her look like a porcelain doll: she is however known to the general public in 2009 as the terrible Esther in Orphan . The film is about a couple who, following the trauma of an abortion, decide to adopt their third child. A generous choice that will cost the whole family the serenity: the two parents in fact immediately get in tune with Esther, a “different” girl, lonely, lover of painting. With the arrival of the orphan in the house, the nightmare will begin. The ending will reveal the shocking truth: this is not the usual possession of the evil one but … The moral of the film seems to be: not all orphans are children.

6) Abby di Blood Story – Chloe Grace Moretz

She recently moved to the town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, she only goes out at night, walks around barefoot and is always hungry. Her name is Abby and, in addition to being a vampire , she is one of the protagonists of the American reinterpretation of the Swedish film Let me in , based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Chloe Grace Moretz instead has starred in numerous successful films, including Dark Shadows , Kick Ass , Hugo Cabret .

5) Lily in V/H/S – Hannah Fierman

V / H / S is a tribute to those who love old videotapes. And it is with the blue screen typical of the phantom VHS that this thrilling adventure begins. The film consists of 6 episodes : the story-frame concerns a group of vandals who are hired by a mysterious client to steal a video in a villa. The other 5 shorts are the same videotapes that the characters have to see to find what they are there for. Really scary and Hannah Fierman who in the second episode, entitled Amateur Night , turns into a hideous harpy , bloodthirsty winged monster.

4) Jennifer Check in Jennifer’s body – Megan Fox

Who could play the most desired girl of the school who, in addition, possessed by the devil, eats unsuspecting suitors , if not the beautiful Megan Fox? Among the boys, there is not one who has not seen it, not even those who do not appreciate the horror genre. Who knows why.

3) Kayako Saeki di The Grudge – Takako Fuji

Kayako is merciless and leaves no way out. This character draws its origins from Japanese folklore : it is in fact an onryo that is the ghost , mainly female, of those who return to Earth to seek revenge .

2) Samara Morgan di The Ring – Daveigh Chase

In 2002 , nobody wanted to watch any videotape anymore and nobody answered the phone anymore, terrified to hear the famous and unfortunate words: “ Seven days… “. Thanks to this interpretation, Daveigh Chase, unrecognizable as the disturbing Samara, became famous and also won the Best Villain Award at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003.

1) Regan McNeil from L’esorcista – Linda Blair

Regan McNeil needs no introduction. The film he stars in, The Exorcist (winner of 2 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes ), from 1973 , will forever be one of the most popular and famous horror films in the history of cinema. Less known is the life of the leading actress, Linda Blair: at just 14  she plays the shocking part of Regan and then always dedicates herself to the roles of difficult girls, alcoholics or victims of abuse. Since 1977 she and she have disappeared from the world of entertainment due to drug problems .