Every woman who grew up between the 80s and 90s fell in love with these actors at least once. The television series they starred in were cult series for the nineties generation and ranged from sentimental ones, like Dawson’s creek , to hilarious and funny ones like Friends .

Not only TV series, even at the cinema in those years the productions boasted a high rate of fascinating actors who made women’s hearts melt like butter. In fact, all the girls were anxiously awaiting the release of a movie, or the broadcast of an episode.Unfortunately, the golden years of Baywatch , Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place are over and with the passing of the years even the leading actors have changed .

It is so natural to ask: but after 20 years how will they have become the most loved movie and TV series stars?

Let’s find out together in the following pages the transformation (at times decidedly radical) of the most beautiful actors of the 80s and 90s :

1) Kevin Sorbo

Born in 1958, before entering the world of cinema, the American actor and producer was a model for magazines and televisions . Kevin Sorbo has a thriving career, he has been the protagonist and interpreter of many characters.

For Italian viewers, Kevin Sorbo is the face of Hercules . In fact, the actor has achieved celebrity by playing the lead character in this television series. Later he also made a few appearances in other series such as The OC . , Two and a Half Men and Life According to Jim . But the actor has also been the protagonist of many films such as Kull The Conqueror , Soul Serfer , 3ciento – Who has it hard… the wins and The Extendable s.

Kevin Sorbo

2) Winona Ryder

Winona Laura Horowitz, better known as Winona Ryder, is an American actress born on October 29, 1971, in the town of Winona. Ryder’s parents were political activists and writers, as well as cinephiles, and they used to organize screenings in the barn: it was during these screenings that  Lei Winona, at the age of eight, decided she wanted to become an actress

What made her  famous all over the world was the role of Kim Boggs in  Edward Scissorhands , one of Tim Burton’s earliest masterpieces. And it is thanks to this part of her that she received her  first Golden Globe nomination . On the set she also met  Johnny Depp: between the two I start a love story  full of passion that lasted only a few years, but which led Johnny to tattoo the words “Winona Forever” on his right bicep. 

This was just the beginning: his  roles as a whimsical teenager in films such as  Beetlejuice  and  Splinters of Madness were very famous .

3) Pamela Anderson

In 1989 during a football game in Vancouver  she is framed by the giant screen of the stadium, wearing a Labatt beer t-shirt : the spectators went into raptures. This reaction prompted  the beer company to offer her a testimonial contract . In the same year,  she will appear on the cover of Playboy! 

From then on she had  various experiences as a model and actress , until her definitive consecration in  Baywatch . With the role of CJ Parker, Pamela was part of the television series for five seasons, from 1992 to 1997, becoming one of the longest-lived cast members. 

Later, after  racking up 14 Playboy covers , he appeared in several television shows. She also worked hard as  an animal rights activist after becoming a vegetarian in her teens. 

4) Patrick Dempsey

Born in Lewiston on January 13, 1966, Patrick Dempsey became world famous for playing Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy . However, few people know that as a child he suffered from dyslexia. In fact, he had many problems at school, which led him to engage in sports. He became an excellent professional skier, even winning the slalom championship in high school. The successes in the field of youth sport led him to approach theater acting, a great passion of him since he was a child. After receiving his diploma, at 17, he was called up for an audition in New York, which will lead to his first appearance in the 1985 comedy Catholic Boys .

In 2017 and the following year he was cast for two TV series, respectively The truth about the Harry Quebert case, a drama, and Devils, a thriller.

5) Chuck Norris

Carlos Ray was born to Ryan on March 10, 1940. Considering the image that everyone has of him, it will surprise you to know that as a child he was the exact opposite: shy, not very good at school and really not athletic at all , Carlos made an important journey of growth. The character that made him famous practically all over the world and that of Cordell Walker in the television series Walker Texas Ranger , which aired from 1993 to 2001. The nickname Chuck was given to him during his military service in South Korea.

Before starting his career as an actor, he tried martial arts, which he learned in South Korea; after having dealt with school-age bullies several times, she realized that his desire was to be able to defend himself. In 1990 he too was the first Westerner to be appointed eighth grade black belt grandmaster of Tae Kwon Do.

6) Katie Holmes

Born in Toledo on December 18, 1978, Katie developed a passion for acting since she was a teenager, also participating in some school musicals, despite her father’s desire to see her become a doctor. So it was that  in 1996 she took part in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition in New York . Having become a model,  she makes her big screen debut  with Ang Lee’s drama  Ice Storm  , in which she plays the love of the very young Tobey Maguire. 

In 1998 she was  cast for the role of Joey Potter  in the teen drama  Dawson’s Creek , the famous American television series that made the actress very famous, just under 20 years old.  

In 2005 Holmes began a  relationship with Tom Cruise . A year later, her daughter Suri is born; the two then decide to get married on November 18, 2006 in Italy, according to the Scientology rite. In 2012 the couple separated, a month after the divorce she abandons Scientology to return to the Catholic religion. In 2017 she enrolled at Harvard University to take a course in Entertainment, Media and Sports. 

7) Tom Welling

Tom Welling, born Thomas Joseph Welling, was born on April 26, 1977 in New York. American model, actor, director and television producer, now known all over the world for his part of Superman-Clark Kent in the famous American television series Smallville , which aired between 2001 and 2011.

After graduating, Tom Welling starts working in the construction industry, but in 1998 he is spotted by a talent seeker , who suggests he try a career as a model. Following a national selection, in 2001 he was chosen for the role of Clark Kent in Smallville , the very successful television series that gave him international fame and popularity. Few people know that he twice rejects the part , not considering himself up to par.

8) Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields, famous in Italy for having shot, at the age of 15, the film that made her famous: Blue Lagoon , in which she appeared in nude scenes with actor Christopher Atkins. In the years that followed, she still had a few successful films ( Amore senza fine ) and then many jobs as a model and testimonial for big magazines or brands like Calvin Klein. In the 1990s, she set aside her film career to graduate in French literature at Princeton University . She later participated in some television shows and music productions, where she also won awards.

9) Jennie Garth

Who does not remember the beautiful  Kelly Taylor of Beverly Hills 90210 ? Played by the very young Jennie Garth, she made millions of Americans fall in love, and not only … After her first success, her career continued floridly, appearing in many films and TV series. She also had some experiences in Italy . In the 90s, in fact, she moved to our country, where she launched a clothing line, she participated in a famous photo novel for the magazine Cioe and took part in television broadcasts on Canale 5 and Rai 1.

10) Phoebe Cates

The beautiful Phoebe was already turning heads around the world at the tender age of 19. She is famous for topless scenes in the cult film Out of Head and Paradise , in which  she achieved enormous success. After the two great exploits, you act in several films and comedies, which however did not meet the same success. In ’89 she married Kevin Kline , Oscar-winning actor, with whom she has 3 children. The two will work together in some films, including “the princess of intrigue”. In the 2000s, Cates completely changed jobs, opening a boutique in New York.

11) Matt LeBlanc

The American actor worked in some commercials and music videos before finding success with the character of the charming, slightly dumb but huge hearted,  Joey Tribbiani in the cult television series Friends . The series ran for 10 years , but in 2004 six months after the end of Friends , he became the star of the spin-off Joey .

12) Jason Priestley

And the actor who made millions of girls fall in love with his character, Brandon Walsh , in the 90s teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 . Romantic and honest, Brandon represented the classic “boy next door”. Despite the passing of time, however, Jason has always remained fascinating and his blue eyes  of him would still make any woman fall in love with him.

13) James Van der Beek

How to forget the sweet protagonist of the Dawson’s Creek series ? James, on the Dawson Leery series, played this role for all 6 seasons of the most popular teen drama of the late 1990s. After the end of Dawson’s Creek and appeared in a few episodes of other series such as How I Met Your Mother , Ugly Betty and Don’t Trust the Bitch of Interior 23 .

14) David Boreanaz

The American actor is best remembered for his role as the charming vampire Angel with whom Buffy, the protagonist of Buffy The Vampire Slayer , falls madly in love. Given the enormous success of his character, a spin-off called Angel was created , which sees his character as the protagonist. Also, since 2005 , he plays the role of Seeley Booth in the hit series Bones .

15) Timothy Dalton

It is impossible to forget one of the most famous faces of Jamed Bond . Thimothy Dalton, famous English actor, has in fact interpreted the role of the most famous secret agent of the cinema twice, the first in 007 – Danger Zone , and the second in 007 – Private Vendetta . Of course, beyond 60, the charm of a spy is lost a little but Dalton remains one of the undisputed sex symbols of those years.

16) Matthew Broderick

Who doesn’t remember the young Broderick from A Crazy Day Off ? Not only that, between the 80s and 90s he took part in many films and TV series, many also as a leading role . Always great productions, alongside big names , such as John Hughes, Denzel Washington, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman and many others. Matthew will have a long-lived and successful career, in fact his last appearances in the cinema are in 2016, with Manchester by the Sea  and The exception to the rule . As for his private life, in 1997 he married Sarah Jessica Parker , with whom he later had three children and with whom he is still happily married.

17) Tobias Moretti

It is impossible to forget the famous Austrian actor who played Commissioner Richard Moser in the cult series Commissioner Rex . He remained in the series for 4 seasons , alongside his trusty police dog, and then devoted himself to other roles on television, avoiding the risk of being imprisoned in the character of the series that made him famous.

18) David Duchovny

The American actor became famous for playing the glamorous and cursed writer  Hank Moody in the Californication series , and detective Fox Mulder in the sci-fi television series The  X-Files . Thanks to his iconic interpretation of the detective, David also played the same role in the new season of The X-Files released in 2016 .

19) Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd, or rather the bewitching Betsy of Taxi Driver , a film that consecrated her as a sex symbol of the ’80s , then had a career of ups and downs. She was attacked a lot by critics, especially for her private life, and she was therefore left in the “oblivion”. She tries to relaunch with The Mystery of the Missing Lady alongside Angela Lansbury, but it didn’t have the desired effect. The opportunity then came from TV, in fact, in 1985, she plays Miss Madelyn Hayes with great success in the TV series Moonlighting . Alongside an almost unknown Bruce Willis , this part of her earned her two Golden Globes and theconsecration as a Hollywood star. Cybill’s career continues with ups and downs, alternating successes with bad disappointments . Now, after two marriages, she finds herself in the beautiful “role” of mother of three children. 

20) Christopher Atkins

We talked about the Blue Lagoon with the very young couple Atkins-Shields, so we can’t forget the handsome Christopher. What will it have become, more than 30 years later? Launched with the aforementioned film and  became a star with the role of Frederic in The Pirate Movie , Christopher had a long and successful career, working until 2012, ending his film career with the Blue Lagoon remake .