It is said that they are the universal expression that we human beings use to show affection to those we care about. Although this statement is true, it is important to clarify that there are different types of kisses, each one with different connotations and that are performed in a variety of ways.

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The 17 types of kisses you can give your partner
Tender, ephemeral, intense or incredibly fiery. Here are some examples with varieties of kisses.

1. Butterfly kiss
We begin with one of those displays of affection that are given at a young age, when a special bond with someone begins to develop for the first time. It is about the “butterfly kiss”, which occurs in the following way: the two involved must put their faces together and try to touch the eyelashes, one with the other . When they are in contact, one of the two opens and closes his eyelids, caressing the companion’s eyelashes. Then he has to turn the tables.

2. Side kiss
It is typical in the kiss in the mouth that each one twists the head to one side opposite to the other, in the purest Hollywood style.
Funny is the moment in which the passion is such that by mistake both tilt their heads in the same direction, having to agree and correct the position so that this kiss can take place well. For greater comfort (and to give it a movie touch, which always comes in handy), you can vary the direction of the head and complement it with a big hug .

3. Kiss of the angel
This is one of the most tender types of kisses that we find. Its execution does not have too much secret: one of the two must close his eyes, while the couple is going to kiss him gently on one or both eyelids. It is usually a classic in intimate couple relationships and conveys a desire for protection on the part of the person who gives it , along with the desire to make that person feel safe that we are by their side.

4. Kiss on the cheek
It is probably one of the kisses with the most feeling that can be given. It is the kiss that we usually give to relatives, friends and to any person minimally close, without there being sexual attraction in between (at first). Usually they are innocent kisses thatthey are given when we meet someone, we say goodbye or as a sign of trust .
However, this is one of the types of kisses that can serve as a double-edged sword, especially if we want to show that we like that person: performed intensely and soundly or near the corner of the lips, we are indicating that there is something more than a simple friendship…

5. Kiss on the corners of the lips
As we said: a classic among kisses, ideal to light the boiler. When we want to show someone that we are attracted to them and that we desire them sexually, this formula is ideal: just kiss the corners of their lips . If the technique works, what will come next is known to all…

6. Eskimo kiss
Another kiss that is not made with the lips. Known by all is the Eskimo or “Filipino” kiss, which involves the nose of each of the kissers. We have to bring our heads closer to each other and caress the tip of our nose with that of the other person . It can be the prelude to something magical.

7. Contact kiss
How good are you at imitating a snake
? Because you’re going to have to do something similar: open your mouth slightly and stick out your tongue. With it, caress your lover’s mouth, walk it over hers, brush her teeth, gently insert it … Add soft caresses and we guarantee that it is one of the perfect types of kisses to start a passionate romp.

8. French or screw
The famous kiss with tongue, hence the “screw”. Especially intense is that first kiss that two lovers give each other, totally dedicated to the other, savoring the moment and wanting it to go on.
Likewise, these types of kisses are not reserved only for lovers whose mouths meet for the first time ; also those couples who have been together for a while have these moments of passion in which they are still able to show that they want each other.

9. Vampire kiss
That kisses can occur in areas beyond the mouth is something we have seen and experienced several times. The ‘vampire kiss’ consists of soft bites on the neck, combined with a somewhat playful tongue and lips that gently kiss between small bites.

10. Estrella
When we give way to our wildest side, it is when the exchanges of saliva and the movements of the tongue come into play. It is usually one of the types of kisses that prepare more for action.

11. El pico
In addition to being the title of a famous movie from the 80s, ‘el pico’ is that tender kiss that is given by squeezing the lips and projecting them outwards , to join them with those of another person. In couples, it is the usual way of greeting or saying goodbye, in addition to one of the most tender and intimate types of kisses for times when the support of that special someone is needed.

12. Top kiss
To give this kiss properly, uNeither of them must hold the upper lip of his lover with his teeth , while the second does the same with the lower lip of his partner.

13. Nibbling
Gently nibbling the lips or the neck are signs of affection that denote that we feel comfortable with the other person . In the first case, this type of kiss implies desire and passion; while, in the second, it can also be a gesture of complicity.

14. Pressure kiss
Sometimes there are types of kisses that are short but deep. This is the case of the one baptized as ‘pressure kiss’, which is done by pressing the lips and projecting them outwards, to give a resounding kiss on the other person’s mouth, which, unlike the beak, is not returned.Oh, let them hear it in China if necessary!

15. Kiss on the temple
If there are types of kisses that arouse tenderness, those are those that occur on the temples. They are ideal for waking up our partner in the sweetest way possible , so as not to have to resort to other less pleasant methods. Kisses can be given on both temples or also on the forehead.

16. Explorer kiss
If we forget the mouth for a moment, we can put into practice the ‘explorer kiss’, which basically consists of going over all the parts of the other person’s body with the lips , so that they can get as excited as possible .
It is one of the most popular types of kisses, due to its degree of intimacy and how pleasant it is both to give it and to receive it.

17. Kiss unleashed
It does not have its own characteristics that distinguish it from other types of kisses that we have seen, it is more its intensity that makes it special. It is a passionate kiss where the tongue and teeth come into play, in which we will literally “eat the mouth” of the other person (avoiding drooling, that is).

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