We could say that ‘Ghostbusters’ became one of the most emblematic sagas of the 1980s. After the arrival in theaters in our country of the first part on Wednesday, December 5, 1984, and the second part on December 1, 1989, its director Ivan Reitman says goodbye to the fearsome and comical ghosts.

Jason Reitman , his son, seems to have followed in his father’s footsteps, directing films like ‘The Candidate’, ‘Up in the air’ or ‘Juno’, among others. And, it seems, this filmmaker would have been secretly preparing a continuation of ‘Ghostbusters’ .
It is true that both the remakes and the continuations of titles of recognized success of the decade of both the 80s and 90s continue to happen, so that from time to time we know the launch of new editions that, in many cases, can come to surprise us. .
However, you probably remember that the saga itself already had a kind of ‘reboot’, which was released in 2016, was directed by Paul Feig and starred Melissa McCarthy , and was not very well accepted by the critical or box office.

Release date and official name of the new movie
It seems that the new continuation would be titled under the name of ‘ Ghostbusters 2020‘, and Sony Pictures has placed the summer of next year as a possible release date, specifically it would be scheduled for July 10, 2020 . Although it is expected that filming could start in the coming weeks.
In fact, as you can see right at the beginning of this section, just the same day that this sensational news was released, ‘Entertainment Weekly’ published a teaser trailer on its official YouTube channel, where it was already possible to see a little About the movie.

What do we know about the synopsis of the new ‘Ghostbusters 2020’
Reitman Jr. will resume the story left by his father, so the new installment will become a true continuation of the one that premiered in 1989, and that ultimately became the last of the saga. As expected, the reboot released in 2016 will be skipped.
In Reitman’s own words, this new film will follow the path of the original film , although he feels and has a lot of respect for what Paul Feig created in 2016, with those actresses who he considers as “brilliant”.
As far as the synopsis is concerned, according to the first sources that have already made something public about it, the film will feature two teenage girls and two teenage boys .
Specifically, a 13-year-old conspiracy theorist with a passion for science fiction and fantasy, a 12-year-old girl with trouble relating to others on a national level and difficulty understanding feelings, a 12-year-old boy slender and pale, very prodigious and brilliant, and a 13-year-old girl who loves fun, and who, it seems, would be the “airhead” of the group.
Protagonists of ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984) | Sony Pictures
If so, as we see, it seems that these characters could have a great resemblance to the original protagonists of the two previous films directed by Ivan Reitman: the first boy with the character of Ray ( Dan Aykroyd ), the first girl with Egon ( Harold Ramis), and finally, the last girl to Venkan ( Bill Murray ).
In this way, it seems that these guys could very well be the grandchildren of the original 1984 ghostbusters . Although it is evident that, for the moment, we tend to wait to see if something else is published to know if we are right or not.
According to what has been known about the plot, it will focus on a family that moves to a small town. In it they will discover more about not only themselves, but the secrets it hides. And, although the first two sagas were considered rather comic science fiction movies, on this occasion Reitman has pointed out that “the new movie could be scary”, although at the moment we do not know to what extent it will be horror, or if tend to be a bit comical in part.

Who will participate in the cast
Regarding the cast that will be in this new version, it seems that Sigourney Weaver (‘Alien’, ‘Gorillas in the Fog’, ‘Copycat’ or ‘Avatar’, among others) would have already confirmed that she will be present, while Reitman himself has commented that the original actors from 1984 and 1989 would also be, although it is not known if they will be well present throughout the new story, or if they will only appear in the form of cameos.
We have also learned that Logan Kim and Celeste O’Connor (‘Selah and the Spades’) will participate in the cast, although it is unknown at the moment what the roles of these two small actors will be.

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