After the desire for absolute freedom of the past two years, the goes to the extreme and invites you to show your body “freely” too . The woman of this year’s spring will be elegant even with a super mini, or charming even with a coat that shows under her… the nude. Also this year the revolution of “no rules” is pursued , and therefore the code of elegance adapts to everyone’s tastes.

What is surprising is that to revolutionize the world with the new one uses the old , transformed and made ultra-modern. The 2000s style is back, the mini 80s are back, certain 60s touches are back but you will hardly notice the difference. Because everything mixes in a brand new 2022 style. Ready to understand how?

Spring outfits for her: jackets on bikinis

The girls’ spring, in , wants many colors and many strange combinations. The jackets, coats, sweatshirts will “pretend” a body that instead wants to show itself as much as possible. An elegant, “city” bikini opens up under the comfortable and wide jacket.

The suit jacket, the work jacket, the casual jacket, on the other hand, can be combined with a super tight mini jacket , to be completed perhaps with jewel-belts and ankle boots. A “little girl 2000” style which, however, will suit everyone next season.

The colors will be vivid, bright, visible . They will have to bring out and emphasize what needs to be seen (or pretend not to see). Green light to electric blue, acid green, reds, oranges, multicolor patterns. In particular, the suits will show off colors very far from the delicate pastel of the past. Even to go to work!

Pants and blazer

If the man wears the skirt , the women will wear cargo pants, those of a desert explorer, those of an adventurer. Large, comfortable, resistant, sporty, full of pockets , buckles, laces. Borrowed from the military world, now set aside by boys, the girls’ trousers will have both the classic and neutral colors of the typical garment, and the more feminine ones (pink, fuchsia, light green…).

Staying on the subject of men’s loans, she ‘ll be wearing the blazer this spring . Much larger than one’s size, very very masculine. But maybe just to deceive what is underneath … that is a bikini, a top, a onesie … or even nothing!

Jumpsuits and fringes are back in the spring outfit for her

As mentioned, we go back to the past. Some sixties suits, eighties skirts, fringes so fashionable in the seventies and eighties. But they will not only be on jackets and trousers: fringes will also be found on the hems of blouses, on bags or as a complement to skirts and blouses. 

Spring 2022 will also be the season of tight-fitting onesie , preferably with provocative cuts and slits. Bright colors to emphasize shapes and curves even more, the one-piece suits will end in the form of trendy trousers. And they will be combined with trench coats and ankle boots , but also with sandals if the weather permits. The game of provocation marries simplicity and lets the body itself do everything by itself, without tricks or inventions.

On the other hand, on the other hand, to be ready to face the recurring heat and to show off your legs after the long winter, there are shorts, short, if not very short.

Shoulders and back exposed

Spring women ‘s fashion trends then reveal shoulders and back . The short sleeves of the t-shirts become minimal, and the gilet also appears in women’s wardrobes and no longer just the prerogative of men’s outfits.

The must-have of the spring season, in terms of women’s fashion, is the black dress with a neckline on the back, with a vintage flavor. As with the divas of the sixties and seventies, the dress with this type of neckline is the most sensual garment presented on the catwalks this year; the necklines are even extreme and resting on the buttocks.

The jackets – shirt

We know that mid-season is a period that always makes it difficult to get dressed. The constant temperature change, in a sometimes unpredictable climate, has always pushed to choose very versatile garments .

For this comes the shacket, a jacket – shirt, which responds to the needs dictated by the spring weather.

As comfortable as a shirt, created with the materials suitable for a jacket, it combines practicality and style. 

Suede garments

Suede had not appeared on the catwalk for a few years, but it is now in time for the summer. The designers showed off skirts, jackets and the inevitable wide ankle-length trousers in soft fabric, both in the classic neutral beige and colored tones .


Off the laces, the moccasins are back

Spring women’s fashion, like that for men, brings the moccasin back to the trend , directly from the preppy style, which combines chic with sportswear . The suede fabric also finds space in the shoe cabinet, but it is not a must to choose this material.

A timeless design that emphasizes an elegant style, while the absence of laces marries comfort. 

Loafers accompany almost every garment: from trousers to skirts, to the dress with a flared cut. 

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Our post dedicated to women’s fashion spring outfits ends here. See you next time with style tips on the latest women’s fashion trends, by our portal!