They were famous, indeed very famous, but you know, sometimes the world of entertainment is not forever and these characters who have disappeared from the small screen know it well . In fact, after very long careers and leading roles in Italian TV, they have moved away from the limelight!

So, the time has come to answer the question: “ What happened to them? “. Someone has completely changed their life to immerse themselves in nature, while someone else has faced really difficult times.

Of any television period we are talking about, it is clear to everyone that for a long time we have been able to admire our idols and then see them disappear from the scene or reappear after years in the cinema or in the theater.

Can’t forget the beauty and sweetness of Alessandra Martines , you have no more news about the very nice Mrs. Coriandoli ? Here’s what these actors away from TV do today.

Let ‘s find out what 10 famous people who have disappeared from the small screen do today:

1) Natalia Estrada

Natalia Estrada was born in Spain, in Gijon, on September 3, 1972, and was one of the most popular showgirls on the small screen, especially in the nineties. Despite her great success, she has abandoned TV since 2006. Today, with her husband Andrea Mischianti, she has a riding school in the province of Asti, in Cortazzone . In a letter to DiPiu she said: “ I don’t have a TV at home, I don’t go to town to have aperitifs or go shopping. I live in the countryside with dogs, horses and cattle and I don’t need holidays because I try to enjoy every day the satisfactions that my choice of life offers me. On weekends, my husband and I travel around Italy taking riding courses and working with livestock ”.

2) Alessandra Martines

The actress I play Fantaghiro, Alessandra Martines , born in 1963, after the miniseries dedicates herself to both TV and cinema. Currently she too has moved away from the entertainment world. Just in the period of greatest professional success, Alessandra was romantically linked to the French director Cloude Lelouc , thirty years older, with whom she had a daughter, Stella. After 16 years of marriage, in 2008, they divorced and Martines met the actor Cyril Descours , twenty years younger, with whom she had their son Hugo. Currently Alessandra Martines is single and is dedicated to motherhood and a quiet life .

3) Emilio Solfrizzi

Born in Bari on April 5, 1962, Emilio Solfrizzi also moved away from the small screen , although in 2017 he starred in Amore pensaci tu , a series broadcast on Canale 5 . In recent years, however, the actor has preferred to devote himself more to cinema and theater . In the latter he made his debut in 2015, with Sarto per Signora by Georges Feydeau, and in 2017 he faced Moliere in Il borghese gentiluomo directed by Armando Pugliese.

4) Gaia De Laurentiis

Born in 1970, Gaia De Laurentiis entered the world of entertainment very young and since then she has held many roles in TV miniseries, conquering audiences and critics with her skill and her contagious smile. Back on TV, in Come to Me , Gaia said that after her graduation, undecided whether to become a doctor or an actress, it was her father who encouraged her in her future profession . She currently dedicates herself to her family and her 4 children, and to the theater .

5) Alessandro Partexano

The actor Alessandro Partexano , born on November 16, 1955, in Syracuse, is a VIP who preferred to retire from the world of entertainment . In fact, after the success of the television series Carabinieri , in which, from 2002 to 2008, he played the brigadier Antonio Mura , and of A Doctor in the Family in 2011, Alessandro preferred to go away.

6) Anita Zagaria

The career of the Italian actress, born in Naples on June 27, 1954, has been more prolific on television, as an interpreter of series that have had a notable following. Among her most famous is A Doctor in the Family , in which she played the role of Nilde Martini . Despite the great success given by the small screen, the actress in an interview in 2013 had declared: “ I prefer not to talk about my curriculum, I would say that in broad terms cinema is better than television , because you can express yourself more freely. Cinema for me is more… intimate! “.

7) Maurizio Ferrini

Maurizio Ferrini, who played the very famous and very nice character of Signora Coriandoli , revealed to Libero that he had faced a really difficult moment. After Vanzina ‘s California Dream , the actor decided to step away from the spotlight: “ Since then I’ve spent almost all the money I had. I got to the point of having evenings for 300 euros, almost begging for alms. I had entered into depression… “. Only recently, thanks to the return from Venier to Domenica In , his recovery has begun .

8) Fabio Traversa

The list is also enriched with the name of Fabio Traversa . At the Rome Film Fest the actor recalled his role in the film Compagni di Scuola by Carlo Verdone, in the part of Fabris . A character with a marginal role who appears in the first part of the film, but who has remained in the hearts of many. Away from the spotlight, Traversa, who has almost always starred in cinema , seems to have disappeared from the big screen since 2010.

9) Eleonora Giorgi

Despite her turbulent past, marked by drug addiction, and a life in the spotlight, Eleonora appears on TV only for a few evenings, especially as a guest of Barbara D’Urso , although a few years ago she returned as a competitor to Dancing with the stars and to Big Brother Vip . Today she still lives in Rome , but she often moves away from the chaos of the city to isolate herself and relax in the mountains. More than anything else, she wants to have grandchildren and become a grandmother .

10) Giusi Cataldo

Our gallery of actors ends with Giusi Cataldo . The actress and director, is also famous for the role of Matilda in the soap Centovetrine . Perhaps not everyone remembers that, in view of the Sicilian regional elections in 2012, Italia dei Valori asked her to run as a regional deputy , but it seems that she was forced to give it up for reasons unknown to us .