The boom in electronic cigarettes could not fail to bring with it controversy and discussions about possible damage to health. In fact, it’s natural to wonder how badly it hurts to vape rather than smoking a traditional cigarette. In truth, there are numerous studies that attest to the lower dangerousness of the electronic cigarette compared to the commercial one, whose combustion process releases a multiplicity of toxic substances for the body.

On the contrary, an e-cig works simply thanks to the insertion of a special liquid, whose composition is the main topic of this article, in order to understand that they are natural compounds, usually also used in other sectors.

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How is an electronic cigarette liquid composed?

A quality electronic cigarette liquid, as a rule, includes such substances:

  • Propylene glycol;
  • Vegetable glycerin;
  • Demineralized water;
  • Nicotine (with variable or absent percentages);
  • Aromas.

In the first case, we refer to that substance (glycol) which is responsible for giving density to the vapor released after overheating, thanks to the resistance of the liquid itself. Glycerin, on the other hand, is known for its use in the food sector.

Water is usually present in low concentrations, but it is essential to dampen any too strong aromas, but above all to keep the temperature of the electronic cigarette constant.

Finally, as regards nicotine, we have already specified that it can be taken in variable percentages. This does not exclude the possibility of directly purchasing liquids without nicotine. In both cases, it appears advantageous: it is the psychoactive substance to which the addiction to tobacco is due, the effects of which are unhealthy for our psychophysical well-being.

In fact, the effects of nicotine act not so much on a physical level, as on a psychological level: if you initially feel feelings of euphoria and pleasure, addiction will cause stress and even depression when the intake is stopped. Finally, the aromas are used exclusively to give flavor to the liquid and, usually, they are simple food additives. 

In general, precise information has not yet been provided that certifies the total harmlessness of e-cigarette liquids. However, numerous case studies have come to the conclusion that vaping is less harmful to one’s health.

Why buy an electronic cigarette?

The main reason why many people have chosen to buy an e-cigarette is the lower exposure to the damage caused by habitual tobacco consumption. As we have already understood, the presence of liquids to be vaporized eliminates the combustion process. This means protecting your lung health, avoiding to inhale substances such as tar (one of the carcinogenic components present in the traditional cigarette).

Furthermore, it seems that using an e-cig also causes fewer problems for your body: you can finally say goodbye to the feeling of fatigue as soon as you try to play sports and regain taste and smell , usually affected by frequent use of tobacco.

In truth, the benefits are greater, as it does not expose your skin to premature aging, causing wrinkles on the face, just as electronic cigarettes do not cause yellowing of teeth and nails. 

In addition, the released vapor is dispersed immediately, no longer posing the problem of passive smoking. However often it is overshadowed, it is a further problem that, unfortunately, has concrete negative impacts especially on children and teenagers.

Finally, it seems that buying an electronic cigarette is also advantageous from an economic point of view: despite the initial expense, after a while the purchase will bear fruit. Just like an investment, you have to wait, but the returns will be more than satisfactory.

How do I recognize a quality liquid?

To preserve your health, the first step is to rely on professionals who offer products in compliance with the imposed regulations. In fact, in 2010, the Ministry of Health issued specific decrees to regulate its sale.

First of all, liquids containing nicotine must absolutely report the percentage present on their packaging. Furthermore, you will notice symbols that recall the toxicity of the product if it is ingested: for safety, in fact, it is always better to keep it away from children. 

Anyone under the age of 16 will not be legally able to buy a liquid for electronic cigarettes, as we want to keep kids away from what we cannot but consider a bad habit for their lifestyle, such as smoking.

Of course, the products will be carefully sealed, with the list of ingredients displayed, so that you know the substances entered. Finally, the possible health risks of the constant use of an electronic cigarette must be indicated. This does not mean that they are harmful devices to stay away from, but it is natural that the best way to take care of yourself is not to smoke in any way.

However, for those who need to leave behind a habit like this, an electronic cigarette with liquids made in compliance with the regulations, could prove to be the right ally to quit smoking permanently. Or, it can turn out to be the least harmful weapon with which to indulge in a moment of relaxation, vaping liquids to which we have added our favorite aromas.