The world of Harry Potter also influences fashion

Over the years , the fashion of Harry Potter has developed many followers and is currently in all cinemas the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , inspired by the book of the same name by the famous British author JK Rowling , the first spin-off of the film series inspired by the world of Harry Potter. Needless to tell you how much the film is making and how much this magical world is now known by everyone.

The stories and settings created by Rowling’s imagination, as a popular phenomenon, have also left their traces in the world of fashion. I am not referring only to inspired merchandising, available on the Internet, but to real style influences. Someone might think “What’s so trendy about wands, owls, glasses, brooms, uniforms?”

Here are some demonstrations …

Harry Potter fashion on the catwalk

In 2007, the designer Paul Smith launched a collection out of the usual fashion canons, made up of extravagant items with a soft fit combined with cute round glasses, very similar to those worn by a boy wizard. He later confessed that he was deeply inspired by the literary saga.

 Uniforms, what a passion!

The uniforms worn by young wizards are inspired by those normally worn by British school students and somehow helped make way for the collegiate style, better known as preppy. Classic trousers for him, pleated skirt for her. All strictly black and combined with cardigan and sweater with under shirt with tie that varies according to the colors of the “house” to which you belong. Without forgetting the capes and quiddtch uniforms, worn only by the students of Hogwarts.

 “All-round” fashion and magic

I don’t know if you noticed, but among the new models of eyeglass frames, the round and classic lenses have returned, just like those worn by Harry Potter.

This type of frame is not only loved by nerds and fans of the saga, but, listen hear, also by stylish hipsters , among the first to fall victim to the trend.

But unfortunately this type of frame is not suitable for all types of faces, so before you decide to buy a pair, check that they fit well.

Fashion Icon in quel di Hogwarts

Not only uniforms for wizards, but also a lot of fashion. Yes, because perhaps not everyone knows that some of the clothes worn by the actors of the saga on the set bear the names of brands such as Burberry.

I personally liked Emma Watson ‘s style very much . Impeccable on the red carpet and in everyday life, even in the role of the pedantic wizard Hermione she has been able to show off a simple look but with an innate class. Among the many dresses and outfits worn, I personally preferred the red dress worn on the occasion of Bill and Fleur’s wedding, in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1.

Another style that stands out for its extravagance and eccentricity is that of Luna Lovegood (played by Evanna Lynch). Her strange and particular look has an  ethnic and boho chic touch .

The magical 20s

In the new film now in the cinema, which opens a new saga, we take a journey through time: we go back to 1926 and this time we are in New York. The characters have changed but the magic and spells are still the same.

We are therefore in the 1920s, years that have never passed for fashion and that given the great success of the film are even more ready to return to the limelight. The fashion of the time somehow has something in common with the preppy style and with the magical atmospheres. It is an era of transition and rebirth: one came out of the war with greater awareness of one’s life and an unconscious carpe diem before the bursting of a second one shortly thereafter.

These are “magical” years for fashion,  it is enough to say that names like Coco Chanel and  Mary Jane are starting to be heard.

Not only a great pen, but also a great taste

Last, but not least, JK Rowling herself, author of this magical world, which we have all come to know and love, is a true style icon. Besides being one of the best and most famous writers of contemporary literature, she is also a beautiful English woman with a classy style and bearing, capable of wearing even the simplest dress with great elegance.

Well, at this point she really doesn’t miss anything!

What do you think of the world created by Rowling, her books and her films? Are you a fan of her? Were you also inspired by the style of the characters? I await your comments and impressions on the article and on the topic.

Greetings and see you next time from your Ludo!